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The Saiyans are a species that feature in Dragon Ball Z.



The Saiyans (サイヤ人じん Saiya-jin, lit. "People of the Saiya") were a humanoid race of extraterrestrial beings that were native to the Planet Sadala (サダラ Sadara) who had the natural ability to harness ki energy. In time, they developed into a race of warriors that had formidable combat skills and an innate proficiency in channelling their ki for battle. In time, a civil war erupted among the Saiyans that led to the destruction of their homeworld but their kind managed to flee the planet. They later travelled to a world known as Planet Plant that was home to a species known as the Tuffles. Once their, they conquered the world by exterminating its native people and then renamed as Planet Vegeta. Afterwards, they established themselves as interstellar mercenaries who were sent to worlds to conquer them whereupon they sold the planet to others for a profit. This was the case for many years until King Cold conquered the Saiyans and forced them to submit to him. He incorporated them into his empire as part of the Cold Force where they resented their status as minions but continued to serve by conquering planets to sell for profit for their new master. Such was the state for many years until King Cold declared his retirement and passing control of the Saiyans over to his son Frieza. On that day, Frieza provided the new scouters technology to the Saiyans who were to become part of his Frieza Force. They took advantage of their alliance with Frieza, exchanging technologies and shipping their weaker children to unknown planets, using them as advance forces for future conquests.

However, when Frieza realized that the Saiyans' growing strength could one day challenge him, he resolved to destroy the Saiyans. Despite the efforts of Vegeta's father King Vegeta and Goku's father Bardock, Frieza was able to use his Death Ball technique to obliterate Planet Vegeta. Of the entire race, only a handful remained, most in Frieza's employ: Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and Kakarot (Goku). A lie was spread that the planet was destroyed by a comet with the true cause of its destruction hidden.


Saiyans are typically aggressive and stubborn with an explosive short temper. They display an enjoyment for fighting and challenging opponents during battle, often letting their emotions get the better of them when aroused in stimulating situations, leading to rash decisions on their part. Saiyans and even hybrid Saiyans have large appetites eating much more than the average person, sometimes eating more than their body weight. They also lack sympathetic emotions towards each other or their offspring (with the exception of Goku, due to the head injury he received during infancy that erased his Saiyan aggression, not to mention Bardock, Goku's father showed little interest in seeing his son when asked about it after he was born), though they appear to be close to team members, since most have grown up and fought together. Vegeta and Nappa display a care-free attitude following Raditz's death, finding it amusing, referring to him as a "weakling". Likewise, Raditz did not hesistate in his attempt to kill his own brother and nephew, nor Vegeta when he killed Nappa.

Additionally, Saiyans come out of every battle stronger, especially after healing from grievous wounds. They also possess monkey-like tails, which enable them to transform into the mighty Oozaru beneath the rays of a full moon.

Within their bodies they contained S-Cells that were microscopic cells found in most of their kind. It was claimed that those with more gentle spirits had greater amount of these cells. However, those of their kind that increased in battle power faced a similar increase of S-Cells in their body. It was shown that the presence of S-Cells were a factor for the individual to become a Super Saiyan.

Saiyans display a wide array of special abilities, possessing incredible natural strength, ki energy manipulation, superhuman agility and reflexes, heightened sensitivity to smell, hearing, and vision, and all are naturally born to fight.

The children of low-class warriors were often dispatched in pods after their birth and sent to other planets to conquer them.

On their homeworld, newborn Saiyans were kept within nursery capsules whilst their bodies went through development. These were pod chambers filled with fluids and life support given over to the child to ensure their growth.


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  • The Saiyans were created by Akira Toriyama and featured in the setting of Dragon Ball Z.
  • As an in-joke, Toriyama based all the Saiyans' names on various vegetables, and the species name comes from an anagram of "yasai," Japanese for vegetable.

Alternate Versions

  • In Universe 6, it was shown that the alternate universe that Planet Sadala was never destroyed and that whilst a warrior race the Saiyans were not a conquering race. Instead, they hired themselves out in order to fight injustice and were more peaceful by comparison.

In other media


Video games

  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Saiyans appeared as a playable race with the player making a custom character for the story mode.


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