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Raditz was the first son of Bardock and older brother of Goku, one of the few survivors of the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He was a tall Saiyan with long black hair who searched for his brother Goku, in order to recruit him as a warrior for Frieza to work with the remaining Saiyans.

Raditz crashlanded on Earth on a farmer's property. After killing the luckless bumpkin, he flew off and located his long-lost brother. He told Goku of his past, and tried to persuade him to wipe out the life on Earth and come back to space with him. When Goku flatly refused and asked him to leave, Raditz kidnapped his own nephew Gohan and told Goku if he did not destroy all intelligent life on Earth in three days, he would never see his son again.

Instead of complying, Goku took off on Kintoun (Flying Nimbus) and, accompanied by Piccolo, followed Raditz to his pod. Raditz locked young Gohan in the space pod and prepared to battle the two challengers, after detecting their approach with his scouter. Raditz was more than a match for the two, easily beating them down, until Goku got the idea to grab his brother's tail, which he knew to be a weakness among his kind. Desperately Raditz begged him to stop, and promised to leave Earth if he let go, but Piccolo detected that the Saiyan is lying through his teeth.

Goku let him go despite Piccolo's warning, and Raditz simply kicked Goku down and continued to beat him up until Gohan's anger finally exploded. The boy burst out of the space pod, and attacked Raditz, and spears his uncle in the chest, breaking his armor and seriously injuring him. Raditz greatly underestimated the potential power of both Piccolo and Gohan (especially Gohan). In a rage, Raditz punched Gohan and knocked him out, but Goku grabbed Raditz in a bear hug around the shoulders and held him there, allowing Piccolo to charge a second Special Beam Cannon (Makankosappo). Because he was weakened from Gohan's attack, Raditz could not escape from Goku's hold, and the deadly attack went through both of the Saiyans entirely.

Before Raditz died, Piccolo jeered at him that they can wish Goku back with the Dragon Balls, and he proceeded to tell him about the seven magic balls that can grant any wish desired. Unfortunately for Piccolo, Raditz wisely recorded every event and every word spoken with his scouter, and he sent the information directly to his Saiyan allies Vegeta and Nappa. When the two Saiyans hear of the seven magic balls, Raditz told Piccolo, they will come searching for them and eventually kill all life on Earth. Raditz then laughed in his face, and in a rage Piccolo blasted him for a final time, killing the Saiyan shortly before he would have died anyway.

Raditz was never shown in Other World, although King Yemma has told Goku and Kami that he caused a fuss in his check-in station. But King Yemma used his strength to cast him in Hell. Raditz was never seen in Hell, especially when the other villians observe through the giant crystal ball watching Goku fighting Majin Buu. He wasn't seen escaped from Hell, when Janemba wrecked havoc and when Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu joined forces and tear a hole to Earth.


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