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Venom is the name of a drug that features in DC Comics.




It was a potent variant of Miraclo that was developed by Bannerman Pharmaceuticals. (JSA Classified v1 #17)

President Luthor managed to easily synthesize Venom and laced it with liquid Kryptonite which he injected into his own body. It made him stronger but also caused him to become psychologically unstable and delusional. (Superman/Batman v1 #6) A new Venom mix later began to be distributed on the streets of Gotham with this version being stronger and more addictive than earlier versions. It was being created on Santa Prisca by Bane where he was seeking to distribute it through his estate there through the criminal underworld but was stopped by an empowered-Batman. (Superman/Batman v1 #54)

Scarecrow used a diluted form of Venom in a pump system to transform the kidnapped boy Colin Wilkes into the much larger Abuse who was sent to fight Batman. (Detective Comics v1 #848)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

With the Venom, Strange used it as part of a formula that created a breed of Monster Men that were unleashed on Gotham City. (Batman v3 #8) After the Night of the Monster Men, A.R.G.U.S. was deployed at the remains of each of the Monster Men to attempt to safely dispose of the corpses as even small samples could mutate anyone. As a result, the area was placed under quarantine with some referring to the region as Monster Town. Dr. Victoria October operated as a consultant for A.R.G.U.S. during this time as there fears that terrorist forces were attempting to steal samples of the Monster Venom for use. (Detective Comics v1 #948) Monster Venom was later being sold on the black market with some of the world's most dangerous organizations looking to get exclusive control over it. (Detective Comics v1 #949)


Variants of Venom included:

  • Monster Venom : variant created by Hugo Strange that utilised the substance to create a super-steroid that powered monster cells by way of massive bioelectric surges. (Batman v3 #8)
  • Super Venom : noted for being a super-charged steroid cocktail that could give an individual superpowers.(The Flash v5 #64)

On the pain of withdrawal, it was said by addicts that leaving Venom was like having their souls leaving their bodies with it feeling like it scraped its way out from the body with a rusted knife. (Batman v3 #16)


  • Bane :
  • Bronze Tiger :
  • Colin Wilkes :


  • Venom was created by Dennis O'Neil, Trevor von Eeden and Russell Braun where it made its first appearance in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #16 (March, 1991).

In other media


  • In Batman Beyond, Venom was shown in th episode "The Winning Edge" set in 2030 reveals that Bane's constant reliance on Venom crippled his body leaving him forced to get care. As his mind degraded, he revealed to his carer Jackson Chappell the Venom formula and he began using it to sell the steroid as a slapper drug to teenagers and atheletes until stopped by Terry McGinnis.
  • In Young Justice, it features in the episode "Drop-Zone" where its being produced on Santa Prisca island under the direction of Bane. However, the operation is taken over by the Kobra Cult who mixed it with the Blockbuster formula to create a more dangerous and permanent drug called Kobra-Venom This was with the purpose of selling the super steroid to the Light's agent, Sportsmaster but the deal was interrupted by the Young Justice Team.
  • In Gotham, the drug made an appearance in the episode "Viper" where an earlier version of Venom was shown that was named Viper. It was created by Stan Potolsky who worked for WellZyn Laboratories that was a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. Viper was created with a high level of sophistication as part of a weaponized pharmaceutical program to create combat drugs for soldiers that activated unused parts of human DNA. Once inhaled, the green gas imparted users with super-strength through a process that redistributed the calcium stores in the body to the muscles. However, this caused the user to seek out replacement for their depleted stores of calcium by consuming lots of milk and cheese. When unable to find such food, the users body began to rapidly atrophy that began wasting away until every bone in the body's skeletal system collapsed causing immediate death. It would prove to be a failure and a second improved version was created known as Venom though the program was scrapped until the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne whereupon it was revived by WellZyn. This act would enrage Potolsky and those that agreed with his views whereupon he sought to get revenge against Wayne Enterprises. GCPD Detectives James Gordon would confront Potolsky on the rooftop of a building held by Wayne Enterprises where he shot a canister of Viper releasing the substance on Stan Potolsky's face. This caused a high degree of exposure to Viper leading to him to willingly stagger off the building but warned that Warehouse 39 contained more of the drug but the two detectives would find the place empty during their investigation.


  • In Batman & Robin, Venom was shown in the 1997 live-action film where it was revealed to be based on snake venom injected into plants by Pamela Isley in order to imbue the flora with defensive traits similar to those in animals. Samples were stolen by her colleague Dr. Jason Woodrue who used it to create the Venom drug that would be used to create a supersoldier army with Bane as the prototype. Venom was partly responsible for the transformation of Isley into her villainous persona of Poison Ivy.
  • In Batman Unlimited: Mech Vs. Mutants, Venom was mentioned in the direct to video animated film. It was said that it enlarged those injected with it and was used by Bane to give him his great strength. Mr. Freeze used it along with Chemo's chemical makeup and Clayface shapeshifting material to form a mutagen that turned people into giant mutants.

Video games

  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, a much altered version of Venom called Titan that was a formula engineered by Dr. Penelope Young. Its purpose was to imbue greater strength in prisoners at Arkham Asylum to allow them to survive the stress treatments. When the Joker learnt of it, he secretly funded Dr. Young's experiments under the alias as Jack White and saw Bane transferred to Arkham where Venom was drained from his blood for the Titan project.
  • In DC Universe Online, Venom was described as a meta-steroid that increased strength but ravaged the body and was noted for an awful smell. Bane's gang trafficked in the spread of Venom in Gotham City where numerous criminals had use of injectors to increase their strength. A new supply of Venom was said to had been created and that Bane himself after being off the drug had resumed using it.
  • In Injustice 2, Venom was referenced in dialogue and in gear items in the fighting video game.


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