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Vulcan is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.



Son of Vulcan

Miguel "Mikey" Devante was a normal young aged Human boy born on the planet Earth of Latino descent in North America. He was orphaned after his parents died in a car crash leaving to him leaving in an orphanage in his hometown of Charlton's Point and he regularly received beatings from the head of the place. After enrolling at school, he met Sienna in the Sixth Grade and was in love with her though she was unaware of his true feelings. Instead, they two remained friends and when he was fifteen, he visited the Big Belly Burger fast food place to get a part-time job whilst he was accompanied by Sienna when it came under attack by the former member of the New Guardians known as the Floronic Man who had re-adopted a life of crime. His attack was meant to highlight the injustices mankind had pepetrated on plant-life and his anger at their actions. This led to the emergence of the current reigning Vulcan; Erich Thonius who were briefly overpowered by the supervillain had it not been for the assistance of Miguel Devante who picked up Vulcan's fallen sword and used it to slice the Floronic Man's arm off. The action brought the gratitude and attention of Thonius who sensed a potential within the child and later allowed the Department of Extranormal Operations to handle the Floronic Man's detention. Returning to the Forge via a Hotspot, he consulted with Praetor about the boy Miguel and believed him worthy to serve as an apprentice as well as a sidekick. Thus, he abducted Miguel whilst he was sleeping by the use of sleeping gas and later took him to the Forge where the android Pandora dressed him in a similar clothing as Thonius which included a weak practice sword. Devante learnt he was to serve as Erich's sidekick but before he could be trained - they learnt from Praetor that the Floronic Man had escaped. Travelling by Hotspot, they emerged as the scene where the supervillain was located where Miguel became suspicious as the Floronic Man seemingly had two arms now when his arm had been perviously been cut-off by Devante. Voicing this concern to Vulcan, the superhero immediately went on the defensive and created a wall of flame between him and this unknown foe. However, an energy bolt emerged which cut through Thonius and killed him. In his dying moments, Vulcan placed his hand on Devante's face and the metavirus that gave him his powers passed onto Miguel.

Learning that Erich had done something to him, he demanded the dead superhero to reveal what had happened but by this point Thonius's body disintegrated into dust leaving nothing behind but his clothes. The police also arrived and arrested Devante as they believed him to be a metahuman who's power had manifested. By this point, a Hotspot emerged which was intended to take Vulcan back to the Forge and Miguel quickly got loose of the police officer where he went through the dimensional portal to arrive at Thonius's lair. Stumbling onto Pandora, she stated that Vulcan had passed on the fire to him much to Miguel's confusion. Confused, he asked if someone could explain what had happened though Pandora departed through a Hotspot in order to find Vulcan. By this point, Miguel was feeligns the effects of the metavirus that was transferred to him causing him to feel nauseous and dizzy. Praetor, the artificial intelligence of the Forge, made numerous attempts to ascertain whether Devante actually was Vulcan by asking him to quote the various laws. This led to two failed attempts by Miguel who was unaware of what would happen if he failed the final question. During this time, Praetor took on a light based construct in order to help the young boy get acquainted with the Forge as well as the various facilities present within it. When Devante wanted to learn more, Praetor asked him to quote one of the laws to which Miguel failed once more. This final third failure led to Praetor activating its self defense program by activating an airlock to dispatch Devante whilst it scuttled the Forge. Pandora at this time arrived in order to reveal that Thonius was indeed dead when she learnt that the Forge was falling apart and she inquired about Miguel. When Praetor responded that he jettisoned him out the facility, she quickly moved to recover and saved him.

In the process, Miguel learnt that Pandora was not Human and in fact an android though she worked to save his life. She quickly directed him to recovering the armor of Vulcan and he went into the Scrying Room where he was attacked by animals in the Terrarium. Pandora later informed him on how to use his gauntlets; first using shields to fight the alien creatures and later opening up a Hotspot to send them to Earth. Moving to the Justice-Flier, Pandora moved to recover the Encyclopedaie Vulcanis and they attempted to escape in the vehicle. Before they were able to do so, Praetor manifested and disabled Pandora whilst taking back the tome as part of his programmed function. This allowed Miguel to escape the collapsing Forge and arrive on Earth but Pandora was no unresponsive due to the attack against her programming that was done so by Praetor. Feeling that his career as a superhero ended, Miguel went to a pawn ship that dealt with superhuman goods in order to sell the sword he carried. At this point, some young crooks arrived and beat Devante up as he was unable to use his powers or fight them. This led to him fleeing the scene and he later decided pay his respects to Erich Thonius with the funeral being held by the Justice League. As he arrived, he encounter a group of metahuman beings and learnt to his dismay that they were the rogues gallery of Thonius who immediately attacked Devante. He was saved by the timely arrival of Barney Baines; a former Son of Vulcan sidekick.

Together, they attempted to survive the attack of the Coalition of Crime with Baines getting Devante angry in order to trigger his flame based powers. Learning that he did not possess the sword of training, Barney decided to retreat and used a Hotspot Generator he had to flee the scene with Devante. Together, they teleported to various pawn ships in order to recover the sword and managed to find the one that Miguel went to where the owner returned the weapon. Taking the boy to a fast food place, he wanted to tell Devante about the history of the Vulcan legacy when Miguel had to use the toilets. Once there, he was ambushed and rendered unconscious by the White Martian A'Monn A'Mokk who took on his form. The Martian later used his telepathic abilities to cause a heart attack in Baines whilst he took Devante as his prisoner. Once within A'Monn's secret lair, he used his mental powers to try and twist Miguel's mind in order to cause a psychological fear of fire due to a past tragedy. However, Devante freed himself by sparking his anger and melted his restraints where he did battle with the White Martian. A'Monn attempted to use his shapeshifting to masquerade as Sienna - a love interest of Devante's but he managed to see through this disguise. Though initially overpowered, Miguel used his gauntlet shield to reflect a Martian Vision blast back at A'Mokk thus blinding him. By this point, however, he had fertilized several White Martian eggs using Human stem cells thus creating Martian/Human hybrids. He sent his offspring to eliminate Vulcan only for Miguel to fight them off with his flame based powers which caused them to flee in fear much to A'Mokk's anger who vowed to kill them as well as replace them as he believed being hybrids - they would be immune to the fear of fire. At this time, the White Martian attempted to use his telepathy but Vulcan had now equipped his helmet making him immune to that power.

During the fight, A'Mokk did battle with the new Vulcan and vowed to kill him. In close quarters, Miguel ignited his flames and incinerated the White Martian thus killing his mortal enemy. With the task complete, he decided to fully adopt the life of the superhero and restart the career of Vulcan by accepting his new role. He stated he would make a new Encyclopedia and took Pandora with him in order to get help in his new career by travelling to Titans Tower so that he could join the ranks of the Teen Titans. When asked who he was, he initially was going to give his own name but later replied as Vulcan. When Beast Boy replied "Vulcan who?", Miguel stated that he would get that question a lot from now on.

The Teen Titans

When the Spectre decided to wage a war against magic, Vulcan was among the many superheroes that were assembled to stop him. Afterwards, he became one of a number of unwilling participants in Roulette's metahuman fights. During this time, he fought against Bork and the Power Company before managing to ultimately flee from the area. Afterwards, Cyborg of the Teen Titans managed to reclaim Titans Island on the East River and thus decided to create an East Coast Titans team. When the elder Titan members refused to join this group, Cyborg set about creating a new group which included Hawk, Dove, Power Boy, Little Barda, Anima, Lagoon Boy and finally Vulcan. During a routinee training exercise, the group was ordered by Cyborg to take down Power Boy with Vulcan being among the many shock Titans to discover his burnt body hanging from a tree. Before they could react, they were attacked savagely by an unseen foe that was revealed to be Raven's demonic father Trigon. As a result of the attack, Vulcan was one of the many heroes that were left comatose as a result.


Personality and attributes

Devante was often known as Mikey to his friends. Being Latino by descent, he was fluent in both English and Spanish. He was known to be deeply in love with Sienna after he met her in the Sixth Grade though this was only a one sided attraction as she was unaware of his feelings. This allowed him to uncover A'Monn A'Mokk's deception when he took on her form to distract him.

According to Praetor, his inheritance of the Fire of Vulcan meant that he was now a steward to the Line of Fire. Following his defeat of his first White Martian, he decided to fully accept the role as Vulcan and claimed that as his superhero name. Furthermore, with the loss of the chronciles of past holders of the mantle, he decided he would write a new oen to continue that legacy.

Miguel also had access to the Encyclopediae Vulcanis which was a chronicle of Vulcan and the five governing laws. This was a large book with the symbol "V" engrained on its surface and contained everything needed to train the next Vulcan along with the history of those that bore the name as well as their mission. All laws were meant to be committed to memory. These laws included:

  • First Law : Be ever wary of those with powers beyond mortal man, for these are the glamours of the Pale Ones.
  • Second Law : Let not friendship, fraternity, nor familial bonds stay you from the path of fire.
  • Third Law : Even the smallest spark can kindle the flames of hope.
  • Fourth Law : Guard well the secrets of Vulcan, even on pain of death or threat of oblivion, for we are but keepers of the flame. And those who guard against the monsters who fear it."
  • Fifth Law : Pass on the secrets of the fire.

Originally, his predecessor had access to the Forge which was a Martian starship that floated in an extradimensional location known as Stillspace which allowed it to be hidden from Erich's enemies. The various different chambers were linked by portals onto Stillspace with the rooms including the Arsenal, the Scrying Chamber, Terrarium, Hall of Memory, Personal Quarters, Stables, Arena, Collectables, Rogues Gallery and finally the Eternal Flame. Stability of the Forge and its power was handled by a Gravity Furnace that was capable of being imploded as a self destruct sequence designed to destroy the facility in order to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. This involved removing the anchor into Stillspace as part of this destructive act which led to it losing interspatial integrity. Intruders were also expelled via airlock into the extradimensional void in order to eliminate them. The entire facility was governed by an artificial intelligence known as Praetor that was capable of manifesting itself as a photon based coherent light construct which was a blue hologram that interacted for ease of visitors. Praetor was able to randomise solidity allowing it to phase through objects or possess physical mass to hold onto items. Much of the technology used by Vulcan and located in the Forge prior to its destruction was based on advanced White Martian technology.

Powers and abilities

Ordinarily, Miguel had no abilities or superpowers and thus was a normal member of the Human race. This all changed when he encountered Erich Thonius and had the metavirus transmitted into his body which gave him metahuman level abilities.

After being touched by Vulcan, Devante became the possessor of the Fire of Vulcan which was the metavirus the White Martians created which passed the legacy of the Firemaker from one being to another. This initially manifested as a glowing hand on the face which was the point of contact between Vulcan and Miguel Devante. Initially, when exposed, Miguel suffered from fever and imblance which were asymphotomatic of infection that was the result of the virus in his system. This led to some deleterous effects with most of them being temporary. Following the initial exposure, his body was covered in flames which at times manifested under duress or heightened emotional response. However, primarily, it was used for both attack and defense allowing the user to project it across their body to strike against enemies. When angered, he was able to generate red flames but if he was enraged - the fire grew much stronger to the point it turned blue.

Another legacy afforded to Devante from his predecessor was a sword consisted of a light weight allow making it easy to carry and had a good balance. This served as a conduit for his powers as the temperature resistant material allowed the user to focus the Fire of Vulcan through the sword as a weapon. He was also equipped with gauntlets that was able to generate a blue shield by tapping onto the jewels. These circular blue shields were able to push back foes or even reflect energy blasts such as those generated by Martian Vision. One of these also held the controls for a Hotspot Generator that created an interdimensional portal that allowed travel from one site to another. This allowed not only for personal transportation but also to send enemies through the doorway. Lastly, the helmet itself had an important significance as it protected Vulcan from the telepathic attacks and abilities of a Martian. Much of this technology was constructed by the earliest Vulcans from White Martian equipment and designed to counter their abilities.


  • The Miguel Devante of of Vulcan was created by Scott Beatty and Keron Grant where he made his first appearance in Son of Vulcan v2 #1 (August, 2005).


  • Son of Vulcan v2:

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