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The Wrecking Crew are a comic supervillain team that features in Marvel Comics.



The Wrecking Crew were a team of humans that were linked to the supervillain known as the Wrecker.

Harrow decided to test the Power Dampener against the Avengers where he modified it so that the supervillains would be immune to its effects. This allowed the Wrecking Crew to ambush the New Avengers were crippled by the effects of the device. (New Avengers v1 #56) This was used by Jonas Harrow as a demonstration to Norman Osborn as the gang of allied supervillains wanted whatever deal he had made with the Hood. When Norman refused, Harrow turned the Power Dampener against the Dark Avengers stripping them of their power and leaving them powerless against the Wrecking Crew. (New Avengers v1 #57)



  • Wrecker :
  • Pile Driver :
  • Thunderball :
  • Bulldozer : Henry Camp
  • Bulldozer : Marci Camp was the daughter of Henry Camp and inherited her fathers abilities where she worked alongside him on missions.
  • Excavator :
  • Demolisher : a dark skinned brunette haired female who was armed with a wrecking ball. (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1 #34)


  • The Wrecking Crew were created by Len Wein and Sal Buscema where they made their first appearance in Defenders v1 #17 (November, 1974).

Alternate Versions

  • In Old Man Quill v1 #2 (2019), an alternate version of the Wrecking Crew appeared in the world designated as Earth-807128 that was home to Old Man Logan. Around 50 years ago, they participated in the massacre of the world's superheroes by its supervillains. Afterwards, they came to serve as enforcers with them operating for Emperor Doom from his territory of New Latveria with grandchildren of the original Wrecking Crew members operating on the team. They were send to collect tribute from a town that had fallen behind on its payments and when the people lacked the money they decided to teach them a lesson. However, the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived where they helped in killing the Wrecking Crew.

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Wrecking Crew made several appearances in the setting of the animated television series.


  • In Heroes United: Iron Man and Captain America, the Wrecking Crew were referenced but not shown in the 2014 animated film where it was said that Captain America had defeated them.

Video games


  • Defenders v1:
  • Amazing Spider-Man v1:
  • Secret Wars:
  • Civil War v1:
  • New Avengers v1:
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1:
  • Old Man Quill v1:

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