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The Angel Zauriel in Helmet of Fate: Zauiel v1 #1.

Zauriel is a comic angelic superhero that features in DC Comics.



Descending to Earth in JLA v1 #7.

A former guardian angel, Zauriel chose to live as a mortal after falling in love with one of his charges. However, he soon found himself a target of the Bull Host of angels, led by Asmodel, who believed he threatened their plans. He was assisted by the Justice League of America, and later fought alongside them when Asmodel attempted to conquer Heaven.

Following the defeat of Asmodel, Zauriel petitioned Heaven to operate as an Earthly superhero in order to spread the word of God and provide proof of His existence. The Pax Dei ultimately agreed and constructed for him the Aerie to serve as his headquarters in the mortal world with it flying high above Los Angeles. (JLA: Paradise Lost v1 #3)

Zauriel was rewarded by becoming the champion of Heaven on Earth, and soon joined the JLA following the crisis with the Injustice Gang. Zauriel remained with the team for some time afterwards, finally sacrificing his mortal existence when the Watchtower was destroyed. However, he still played an essential role in the battle with Mageddon when he was able to convince some of his fellow angels to help thwart the Anti-Sun's destructive plans. Zauriel later returned to assist Hawkgirl after she realized she was the reincarnation of her predecessor.

During Eclipso's rise, Zauriel was one of the heroes that battled the dark villain. (Justice League of America v2 #56)


Personality and attributes

As part of the Pax Dei, he was familiar with telepathy as it was a common aspect in the voiceless choir. (JLA v1 #6)

After being an Earth-based superhero, Zauriel commented that he settled in this life well and that it felt incredibly natural to him. (JLA: Paradise Lost v1 #3)

Powers and abilities

Zauriel could fly, emit a disintegrating sonic cry, and was armed with a flaming sword.

As an angel, he was always awake and had not slept since the dawn of creation. His consciousness was known as an over-mind or angel-mind that leaked into the thoughts of telepaths when he was excited. (JLA v1 #22)

A trick he learnt from his time in the Eagle Host was the sonic flash that disrupted the frequency of angelic vibrations with it taking years to re-stabilize. After being made mortal, he was allowed to keep this power though its use nearly ripped out his throat as it was not able to use the ability for long. (JLA v1 #6) The shatterscream could not be used underwater thus depriving him of a key power in such conditions. (JLA v1 #32)

He was able to part large bodies of water leaving a dry area in the middle in what he described as being the old Red Sea trick. (JLA v1 #6)

After becoming a superhero, Heaven's best engineers built him a prototype uniform to wear instead of his toga. (JLA: Paradise Lost v1 #3)

Whilst normally equipped with the sword, this was replaced with the Archangel's battle staff. This was said to hold even greater power far beyond those of the meager sword. (Shadowpact v1 #15)

Upon being assigned to Earth as its hero, the Pax Dei helped build him a mortal headquarters known as the Aerie that floated above Los Angeles. The construction material used to create it were naturally occurring elements but the technology used in its design was strictly divine inspiration. According to Zauriel, not even the Justice League had satellite or surveillance systems of this scale. (JLA: Paradise Lost v1 #3)


  • Zauriel was created by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Howard Porter and John Dell where he made his first appearance in JLA v1 #6 (June 1997).
  • The character was intended to be an angelic analogue of the late Hawkman.

Alternate Versions

  • In Supergirl: Wings (2001), an Elseworlds version of the character was shown where he was one of the Lindel that were Angels who planned out the lives of human beings before they were worn. This Zauriel was a friend of Matrix and attempted to help her to see the light.
  • In Justice League Unlimited v1 #6-14 (2005), a comic set in the DC Animated Universe showed a version of Zauriel residing in this universe. He was accompanied by a number of other mystical heroes such as Deadman and Doctor Occult.


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