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A Zerg hydralisk.

The Zerg are an extraterrestrial species that features in StarCraft.



The Zerg were an alien species that were native to the planet Zerus that was located in the central regions of the galaxy. On this world, the early ancestors of the Zerg arose from the first primordial spawning pool that resembled a massive lake where one essence split into many as they devoured one another to become stronger. At the time, they were the most insignificant lifeform on the world when it was visited by another intelligence from beyond their planet. This was the Xel'Naga where a faction of the elder race arrived under the leadership of Amon arrived who were seeking to create a perfect being. Their earlier experiments had created the Protoss who were gifted with the purity of form with the Xel'Naga now seeking a being that was pure of essence. Upon arriving on Zerus, they became interest in the Zerg's ability to steal another species essence that they deemed as another component in creating a superior hybrid being. Thus, they engaged in proto-genetic manipulation on the native life forms to better survive the world's torrential firestorms allowing them to thrive. Thus, the Zerg prospered and became a parasitic race, absorbing other life forms and using their genes to add useful traits and abilities to themselves. They eventually developed armor-piercing spines, razor-sharp limbs, and ultra-dense carapaces. However, the species was deemed too independent and wanted to avoid their earlier mistakes within the Protoss thus leading to them deciding to bound the Zerg in a hive mind leading to the creation of the Overmind. This caused the race to diverge into two branches with one being the hive-minded Zerg Swarm and the other being their individually minded ancestors that were the Primal Zerg who went into hiding to preserve themselves. At this time, the rest of the Xel'Naga who resided on Ulnar learnt of Amon's nefarious plans to stop the Infinite Cycle and arrived on Zerus to stop him. A war erupted among the Xel'Naga with Amon unleashing the Zerg on his enemies leading to the Swarm massacring the Xel'Naga and stealing their knowledge. Through this, the Overmind learnt of the Protoss and received a directive to assimilate them in order to make the Swarm perfect. It came to realise though that this was a directive implanted within it and sought ways to circumvent this order from Amon. Afterwards, the Zerg Swarm departed Zerus in order to find the world of Aiur and assimilate the Protoss. In the mean time, the Primal Zerg remained behind and came to dominate their world once more.

The Zerg left Zerus, and began a war of conquest against the Protoss. During this time the Zerg took the planet Char as their main base. This war had many victories, but the Zerg were unable to counter the amazing psionic powers of the Protoss. However, humanity came onto the scene, a race that would soon develop their own formidable psionic abilities.

The Overmind saw humanity as a possible means by which the Zerg could assimilate the power to defeat the Protoss. Thus, the Overmind allowed a war to start between the humans and Protoss, and basically sat back to watch how it would unfold. The Zerg later joined that war, but the Overmind was destroyed thanks to a Terran invention known as the Psi Disruptor and the self-sacrificing actions of the Protoss commander Tassadar. Kerrigan, an Infested Terran Ghost, became the new Zerg ruler after defeating the various newly independent Cerebrates.


Known Zerg breeds included:


  • Overmind :
  • Kerrigan :
  • Abathur :
  • Izsha :
  • Zagara :
  • Dehaka :
  • Zurvan :


  • The Zerg were created by Blizzard Entertainment and featured in the StarCraft setting.


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