Zuul and Vinz Clortho

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Zuul and Vinz Clortho stare at each other after finally reuniting

Zuul and Vinz Clortho were two loyal minions/pets of Gozer the Gozerian. They are both otherworldly beings classified as Terror Dogs. They were hairless quadrupeds with powerful dark-tinted bodies and horns protruding out of the sides of their heads. Zuul was thought to be female by many because her horns were shorter and because she was called the Gatekeeper. Both hellhounds had tails, glowing red eyes, and large demonic claws. They were lion-sized and looked and acted like nothing more than mindless beasts, but they were actually very intelligent, with the ability to possess human hosts and perform human-like acts. However, while possessing human forms, they still showed characteristics of their animalistic nature, with the ability to bark, roar, and shift their eye colors.

Both Terror Dogs possessed two tenants of the Shandor Building, with Zuul possessing Dana Barrett and Vinz Clortho possessing Louis Tully respectively. They both went on eventful journeys until they finally found
Zuul and Vinz Clortho share a ferocious kiss in Dana’s apartment
each other in Dana’s destroyed apartment, engaging in a passionate kiss. They then walked up to the building’s rooftop and proceeded to have sex as part of their satanic mating ritual. Once they awoke, both demons walked towards two opposite pedestals while in a trance-like state. They raised their arms to the sky and smiled as they knew that the time for the summoning of their master had come. They were then struck by two bolts of supernatural lightning, which they redirected towards the gates of the Temple of Gozer. The gates finally opened completely, revealing two pedestals, a staircase, and a translucent door. With the ritual almost complete, the lightning continued to strike the two demons, making them thrash wildly atop their pedestals. They both finally succumbed to the storm and got on all fours, transforming into their dog-like demon forms while engulfed in large bolts of supernatural lightning. Zuul emerged from the storm, now in her true, beastly, hellhound form. She wagged her tail, opened her blood-red eyes, and stared at her body. Next to her, Vinz sat up, also wagging his tail. He stared towards his mate before noticing the Ghostbusters, who arrived just in time to watch the completion of their transformation. When the supernatural electricity finally escaped their dog-like bodies, Vinz barked in the Ghostbusters direction and Zuul turned to notice. The demonic beasts then roared at them from afar.
Zuul and Vinz, about to transform into their dog forms
Strangely, they did not attack the Ghostbusters, as they only had one goal: to witness the coming of their master. Afterwards, they proceeded to leap from their pedestals up to the temple and lied down on two other pedestals next to the temple doors. Their master, Gozer, manifested beside them. Gozer then walked towards Vinz and pet him while they both purred demonically. The demon dogs witnessed the final battle but were eventually destroyed when the streams were crossed. Eventually, Dana and Louis emerged from their possessors burnt corpses, reverted back to humans.




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