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Scourge was a creation of Unicron.


U.S. Animated, Japan

Scourge, accompanied by Sweeps, in robot mode (above) and spacecraft mode (below).

Forged in the fires of Unicron from the remains of the Decepticon (Destron) Thundercracker, Scourge was the master of the dreaded Sweeps and, along with Cyclonus, servant to the new Decepticon leader Galvatron.

After the destruction of Unicron, Scourge helped Cyclonus recover the now insane Galvatron who took command of the Decepticons to lead them against the Autobots (Cybertrons). Scourge took part in many schemes against the Autobots, and was himself possessed by the ghost of Starscream as part of a revenge campaign against Galvatron. Scourge later temporarily deposed Galvatron and Cyclonus by taking the Autobot Matrix of Leadership (Cybertron Matrix of Leadership) into himself, but it was soon recovered by Rodimus Prime (Rodimus Convoy).

U.S. Animated

Scourge later became a Targetmaster by binary-bonding his weapon to the Nebulon Fracas. He was later banished with Galvatron and has yet to be heard from.


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Marvel U.S., Marvel U.K.

In an alternate future, Scourge was forged in the fires of Unicron from the remains of the Decepticon Thundercracker. Scourge was the master of the dreaded Sweeps and, along with Cyclonus, servant to the new Decepticon leader Galvatron. Unicron successfully destroyed Cybertron. The Decepticons conquered the North American continent of Earth and Galvatron personally killed Rodimus Prime. However, Scourge was eventually destroyed in an Autobot ambush.

Marvel U.K.

Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge first appeared in 1986 when they time-traveled back in time to build a gigantic cannon to destroy Unicron and end their slavery to him. However, they were defeated and sent back to their time.

Later on, Scourge and Cyclonus became joint leaders of the Decepticons after, under Unicron's control, they and Death's Head destroyed Shockwave. However, in a subsequent battle, they were flung back in time, and came under the command of present-day Shockwave (following a stint working for Scorponok. Determined to return to their own time, they tried and failed to steal Galvatron's time-travel device.

Later, upon learning of his future death, Shockwave unleased a brainwashed Megatron on them, who destroyed Cyclonus. The death of Cyclonus started to destroy the time stream, and in the end Scourge threw himself into a time-storm shortly after it destroyed Galvatron.


Scourge was the alpha Sweep created by Unicron to locate Cybertron. He came upon Cybertron during the Great Shutdown and re-activated the Decepticon Shockwave. He later rescued Shockwave from a horde of Sharkticons, but was subdued and captured by the Decepticon. Through Scourge, Shockwave learned of the secret history of Transformers.

A second Scourge was spotted on Earth and captured by the Earth Defense Command after being blasted by Shockwave. Whether this is indeed the same Scourge, who may have managed to escape Shockwave, or another Sweep remains unknown.

Armada (Comic)

Preparing to destroy the Armada reality, Unicron sent Scourge as one of five heralds along with Galvatron, Thunderwing, Dirge and Bludgeon to prepare for their master's arrival. Like his comrades, Scourge was defeated.

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