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Dragon Balls are mystical artifacts that feature in the Dragon Ball universe.



The Dragon Balls of Earth were round, magical items about the size of a fist created in groups of seven by aliens known as Namekians.


When all seven Dragon Balls are collected within close proximity of each other, a giant dragon - the Eternal Dragon - can be awakened, also created by the Namekians. The Dragon will then grant any one wish made by anyone in the vicinity: the first to make the wish gets it. After the wish is granted, the Dragon returns to its slumber. The seven Dragon Balls then turn to stone and spread to all corners of the world. There is a catch to the one wish, however: it must be within the power of the Namekian that created it, so the wish can not be used to destroy an enemy with more power than the Namekian, or bring a person back to life more than once.

The Dragon Balls' history on Earth goes back hundreds of years, to a Namekian whose ship crashed on Earth. With no idea of his heritage, sheer instinct drove him to create the Dragon Balls on his new homeworld. They were not commonly sought due to being sent around the world, until a young girl named Bulma and her traveling companion Goku started hunting for them: Bulma, to wish for a boyfriend, Goku just to see the Dragon Shenron. Ultimately, multiple evil powers kept trying to gather the dragonballs for evil purposes, including Emperor Pilaf, the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo and the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa. Goku and the Z Warriors have consistently prevented evil wishes from being made.

Eventually, the Namekian that made the Dragonballs, Kami, fused with his other half Piccolo, and with them, the Earth Dragon Balls ceased working. A young Namekian named Dende took up the job of caring for the Dragon and making it live again, and he then upgraded the Dragon's abilities so two wishes could be made at once.

On different occassions wishes granted by the dragon have included creating a pair of panties, bringing people back to life, teleporting people great distances, restoring a burned forest, granting eternal life, and restoring the entire planet Earth and its entire population.


Namekian Dragon Balls

The Namekian Dragon Balls were the originals that the Earth Dragon Balls were based on. Created by Guru, the Eldest Namek, the Namekian Dragon Balls were larger than the Earth versions, each about the size of a soccer ball. These Dragon Balls were sought out by Frieza, and he was kept from using them by Goku and his fellow warriors. They later travelled to Earth with the entire race of Namekians, and continued with them to New Namek.

The Namekian Dragon Balls differ from their Earth counterparts in several respects. First of all, all wishes on them must be made in the Namekian tongue. Second, they scatter for 130 days- a Namekian year- rather than an Earth year. They also grant three wishes instead of a single wish, but wishes to revive the dead must be done one at a time rather than in groups. However, a person can be revived unlimited times by the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Muuri later modified the Namekian Dragon Balls so that there were no limits on the number of people that could be revived in a single wish. Otherwise, it remained the same.

Blackstar Dragon Balls

The Black Star Dragon Balls were an earlier set of Dragon Balls, predecessors of the Earth Dragon Balls, created on Earth by Kami when he and King Piccolo were one being. Unlike the later Earth Dragon Balls, the Black Star Dragon Balls can grant any one wish without limit. However, the increased power has a catch- they spread across the entire galaxy after a wish is granted, and destroy the planet the wish was made on if they are not returned within a year.

The Black Star Dragon Balls were hidden in Kami's Lookout for many years, considered too dangerous to reveal. However, they were eventually discovered by Pilaf, who used them to transform Goku back into a child. Goku, Pan and Trunks were forced to travel the universe to bring them back. Unfortunately, Baby used them again to recreate Planet Tuffle, leading to the destruction of Earth.


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