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The Indigo Tribe in Green Lantern v5 #7.

The Indigo Tribe are an organisation that features in DC Comics.



On Earth during Blackest Night in Green Lantern v4 #59.

The Indigo Tribe were an organisation of Emotional Spectrum users that harnessed the power of compassion. Their origins were traced to the planet Nok that came under attack from slavers that targeted the native inhabitants. These helpless people were taken to a slave centre to be shipped off-world. Such activities attracted the attention of the Green Lantern Corps with Abin Sur arriving on Nok. He would encounter one of the native inhabitants named Natromo and worked with him to defeat the slavers. During this time, they discovered the Indigo Light of Compassion from a natural wellspring deep within the planet. Coating it on weapons, they discovered that those slavers struck with them experienced deep feelings of remorse over their actions. After the slavers defeat, the people of Nok fled into the jungles with Natromo remaining behind as an ally to Abin Sur. The Ungaran had learnt of a prophecy of the far future stating that the Green Lanterns would face their greatest threat after the Blackest Night that stemmed from their greatest allies in the Guardians of the Universe. To combat this threat, Sur and Natromo harnessed the indigo light into a Power Ring after which the Green Lantern left only to return with the criminal Iroque. She was responsible for the death of Abin Surs child but after being given the indigo ring she became repentant and became known as Indigo-1. Thus, the Indigo Tribe was created with Natromo the keeper of their Central Power Battery. Abin Sur departed to return to his duties in the Green Lantern Corps whilst the Tribe recruited and grew in strength whilst waiting for the prophecised time when the Oans would become corrupted by their power leading to them becoming a threat to the universe. (Green Lantern v5 #9)

They aided the Lantern Corps and planets superhero population by bringing in reinforcements in the fight against Nekron. This proved instrumental and the battle was won when Hal Jordan tapped into the power of the life entity to restore Black Hand to the living thus removing Nekron's tether to Earth thus defeating him. During this time, Earths inhabitants and the various Lantern corps had not realised that the Tribe had left and taken William Hand with them where he had become inducted by the indigo light against his will. (Blackest Night v1 #8)

Following the disappearance of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro positioned his Sinestro Corps to replace them as the law enforcement group of the universe. To achieve that end, he decided to eliminate the other Lanterns and hired Lobo to first target the Indigo Tribe at Nok. (Lobo v3 #10)

During the Godhead, the New Gods of New Genesis saw the wielders of the Emotional Spectrum as being dangerous as they channelled the power of the Source. Thus, Highfather had his forces wage war against them in order to use the power to wield the Life Equation against Darkseid. As such, the Indigo Tribe was among the targets of the New Gods seemingly to take their rings and to remove their teleportation aid to the other Lantern Corps. However, Izaya managed to come to an agreement with Indigo-1 whereby she betrayed the other Lantern Corps in exchange from being spared further conflict. Indigo-1 agreed as she came to agree with Highfather's approach that the ring wielders were dangerous and needed to be controlled. After betraying her allies, Izaya returned the stolen indigo Power Ring to the Tribe and Indigo-1 was allowed to return back to her homeworld via Boom Tube. (Green Lantern Corps v3 #37)



  • Indigo-1 :
  • Munk :
  • Trinity : a female human looking being that joined Manchester Black's teenage Elite squad. (Teen Titans v5 #10)

In other media

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, the Indigo Tribe were introduced in the War of Light DLC in the MMORPG setting. They were led by Indigo-1 who attempted to help the player characters in ending the threat posed by the Black Lantern Corps that had emerged into the universe.


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