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A member of the Ginyu Force, Jeice had long, wild white hair and bright orange skin. He resembled a punk rocker with low intelligence. Jeice's specialty is his combination of speed and powerful energy attacks, and he can perform a powerful combination attack called the Purple Comet Crash with his teammate Burter. A spineless coward, Jeice fled after Recoome and Burter were defeated by Goku and returned with Captain Ginyu. He hung around for a while after that, and was finally killed by a hand-blast to the face by Vegeta after a short brawl.

In the Other World, he joined up with the other expired members of the Ginyu Force to defeat King Yemma and go to King Kai's planet. There, they fought the Z Warriors slain by Vegeta and Nappa, who defeated them all and sent them down to Hell (HFIL). Jeice and the others teamed up briefly with King Cold, Frieza, and Cell to try to take over Hell, but they were stopped by Pikkon. He remains imprisoned there to this day.

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