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Moloids attack the Thing in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes v2 #23.

The Moloids are a species that feature in Marvel Comics.



Matt Murdock vs. Moloids in Daredevil v3 #9.

The Moloids were a race of yellow skinned humanoids that lived deep beneath the surface of the planet Earth in an underground region known as Subterranea. Their origins were traced to the ancient Deviant empire that once ruled the Earth until the Great Cataclysm that sunk their capital of Lemuria. In the aftermath, the Deviants fled into Subterranea and conducted genetic experiments on their surviving human slaves to breed servants for them. These experiments led to the creation of the Subterranean species that rebelled against their masters. Afterwards, the Deviants sought to create a more docile and weaker slave race leading to the birth of the Moloids. The Moloids were dispatched to attack the Subterranean Gortokians but were defeated despite outnumbering their foes. This led to the Deviants abandoning many of their underground cities to escape the Gortokian army with the Moloids becoming abandoned and lacking direction as they required a strong leader to guide them. (Avengers Annual v1 #20) Another account held that the Moloids were created by unknown parties to serve as a living virus against the Apocalypse Beast with Monster Island designed as a giant syringe to inject them into the creatures flesh. (Fantastic Four & Iron Man: Big in Japan v1 #4) In the early 20th century, a tribe of Moloids was discovered by the Inhuman Phaeder who came to use them as tireless workers with these operating in caverns beneath Wundagore Mountain. During the 1930's, Phaeder approached Herbert Wyndam after imparting with his with knowledge of genetics and showed him the cavern of Moloids that he showed to be invaluable workers that could build his Citadel of Science. (Silver Surfer Annual v1 #1)

The Moloids came to be afflicted with a deadly disease that came from toxic waste from the surface polluting the rocks into their underground homes. This caused the death of hundreds with the Mole Man looking for a cure for them as they found temporary alleviation by using a apparatus to break down pure ore that could be entered into their systems. (Fantastic Four: Unplugged v1 #4)

A group of Moloids found the abandoned City of the High Evolutionary that contained an ascension engine with its effects evolving them into a more intelligent and human form. These Moloids established themselves in the city where their offspring were shown to be highly intelligent. (Fantastic Four v1 #575)

An aggressive tribe of Morlock began waging a conflict underground with the kingdom of the Mole Man. To combat these marauders, the Moloids bred a larger beast of Subterranean to aid them in battle. One of the Morlocks began killing people from the surface leading to offices from the NYPD, Wolverine and Spider-Man entering the Morlock Tunnel to stop the bloodshed. After an initial confrontation with the Moloids, the Mole Man emerged and revealed the true perpetrator of the crimes. (Wolverine v2 #157)

When Banner was split from the Hulk, the Green Goliath simply wanted to be left alone and journeyed underground where he came upon a tribe of Moloids who accepted him in their village. Though he resided with them, he kept his distance but helped in hunting beasts and bringing food for the tribe. This was until their peaceful existence was interrupted by Amanda von Doom who was sent by the U.S. government to get the Hulk's aid against the now insane Bruce Banner. (Incredible Hulk v3 #1)

From the uber-depths, the aggressive Molans led by Ra'ktar emerged into Subterranea where they toppled the rule of the Mole Man. This caused the Moloids to flee to the surface of New York City with them looking for a new leader to protect them. (Avenging Spider-Man v1 #2)

Following a conflict with the X-Men, Mister Sinister sought to establish a new base of operations which he made underground. Essex cloned an entire species from his genetic material that were clones of him and with them he found a Moloid cavern in Subterranea where he killed the inhabitants in order to establish the underground city of Sinister London. Despite purging the cavern, there were a number of encounters with Moloids that Sinister ruthlessly exterminated. (Uncanny X-Men v2 #14) When the Intelligencia captured Kid Kaiju, the Moloids who respected Elsa Bloodstone aided her in saving him from the team of supervillains. (Monsters Unleashed v3 #5) A Moloid was attacked and killed by an underground hybrid dinosaur tribe who wanted to eat meat leading to a hostility between the two sides with Venom seeking to bring about a peaceful conclusion. (Venom v1 #155)

A community of Moloids resides for centuries beneath the land that came to be occupied by the Native Americans of the Keewazi tribe. Their underground hone was disturbed by a Roxxon mining operation leading to attack the surface dwellers but the two sides settled their differences. This saw the Moloids being adopted by the Keewazi with this coming to the intention of the Mole Man. He was angered at his subjects leaving his domain and demanded their return. However, the Keewazi refused as the Moloids were considered fellow tribesman. The Mole Man then threatened to return and use force to bring his former subjects back to his kingdom leading to Wyatt Wingfoot calling the Fantastic Four for aid. The Human Torch and his soul mate Sky responded where they helped defeat the Mole Man. The Mole Man then decided to leave that community of Moloids rather than have news of his defeat revealed to the world. (FantasticFour v6 #20)


It was said that they were an offshoot of humanity but one that limited intelligence. (Silver Surfer Annual v1 #1) For sustenance, it was said that they derived nutrition from the mineral ore that existed deep underground. (Fantastic Four: Unplugged v1 #4) It was said that they were fiercely protective of their young. (Avenging Spider-Man v1 #2) Moloids were said never to be alone and attacked in numbers. (Venom v1 #155) It was also said that they were nightmarishly difficult to wipe out entirely. (Uncanny X-Men v2 #14)

A race of larger rock-skinned Subterraneans were grown by the Moloids to help them battle from attacks from the surface. These beasts were simple minded but powerful allowing them to fight enemies in a physical confrontation. (Wolverine v2 #157)

Certain tribes of Moloids were known to believe in beings known as the Rock Gods. (Incredible Hulk v3 #1)


  • Val-Or : a male primitive Moloid who was a Mutant telepath. (X-Factor Annual v1 #3)
  • Mik :
  • Korr :
  • Turg :
  • Tong :


  • The Moloids were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #22 (January, 1964).

Alternate Versions

  • In Wolverine v3 #67 (2008), an alternate version of the Moloids were shown to inhabit the world of Old Man Logan that was designated as Earth-807128. They lived on an Earth that was dominated by supervillains who were organised by the Red Skull where they killed numerous heroes. The Moloids inhabited the wastelands of the planet with it said that they were supposedly the immune system of the world.
  • In Extraordinary X-Men v1 #9 (2016), an alternate future set in A.D. 3549 called Omega World which was a reality where Apocalypse ruled the remnants of the world. By this future, various races were pitted against one another with only the fittest could survive. The Mole Men were among the races that managed to survive into this era.

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, 'mole people' were mentioned in the animated series episode "Yellowjacket" where a throng of them were spilling onto Madison Square Garden.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, various classes of Moloids appeared as antagonists in the game.


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