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Nikola Tesla is a vampire that features in Sanctuary.



Nikola Tesla was a young white skinned Human male born during the Victorian Era. His keen scientific mind and his knowledge of Abnormals meant that he was invited into a group called the Five. This group consisted of similar scientists which included Helen Magnus, John Druitt, Sir James Watson and Nigel Griffin. In order to test the limits of evolution and decided to inject themselves with pure Sanguine Vampiris blood which Magnus had managed to retrieve. Each member of the Five took an injection of the blood and were altered as they were each given different abilities.

Tesla's transformation was the most profound of the group as he had been transformed into a Vampire. However, he had vowed not to indulge in taking the bloods of Humans and instead devoted his life to exploration of the scientific world. His most noted accomplishment was the development of radio and he continued this line of work for over a century. One of his developments was a powerful death ray which he planned to sell to various nations but this simply provoked them into sending assassins to kill him. Calling upon the aid of Helen Magnus, she managed to fake his death and planned his funeral whilst Tesla remained hidden for decades.

He remained hidden from the world for countless decades where he made plans to create about a master race of vampires that would take over the world. His studies eventually attracted the attentions of the Cabalis Nocturnum who began an active search to destroy him as his plans threatened their own attempts at dominating the world. Tesla's research managed to produce feral vampires that served him but lacked intelligence thus he attempted to find the means to restore the race. To that end, he travelled to the Himalayas to enter the destroyed city of Bhalasaam in order to consult the great works of the vampire race. He also approached a badly wounded John Druitt and revived him in order to get his aid. When Druitt refused, Nikola tortured him but John managed to escape.

Thus, Nikola was forced to attempt to get the aid of another member of the Five which was Helen Magnus who was unaware of Tesla's plans of restoring the vampire race. He approached her and made her believe that a Cabal strike team had arrived in Rome to kill her. Unknown to her at the time, the Human strike team were actually there to kill Tesla and Nikola managed to flee with Magnus into the underground catacombs. It was there that he eventually revealed his plans to Magnus as his vampires slayed the Cabal team and asked for her aid in giving them intelligence. However, she refused and Tesla nearly killed her had John Druitt not arrived and seemingly killed the vampire lord.

However, Tesla survived and he waited in the shadows whilst he recovered. He had later on discovered the Cabal's plot to use the Lazarus bioweapon against the Abnormal populations and bring about a new world order with them in command of the world. As this threatened his own plans, Tesla waited in the ruined vampire city of Bhalasaam to await for his fellow Five members who had come to find the last sample of the source blood; the pure Sanguine Vampiris blood which Gregory Magnus had hidden away. Nikola had tried to retrieve the sample as part of his plans to recreate the vampire race but failed due to the number of traps present and the fact that Gregory Magnus had built the traps to test all the Five working together.

Meeting with the Five and Helen Magnus's friends, Tesla accompanied her in their trials and managed to successfully retrieve the sample of the source blood.


Personality and attributes

Whether it was always a part of his personality or a development after being turned into a vampire, Tesla began to yearn for the rebirth of the vampire race. He believed that they were immensely superior to ordinary Humans and that they would bring about a new era of peace on Earth despite the history of their tyranny. To that end, he secretly sought to recreate the species and make their race dominant on the Earth.

Powers and abilities

Being a vampire, Nikola was vastly superior to an ordinary Human in many ways. He had improved strength, better speed and faster reflexes as well as the capacity to grow large claws from his hands when turning into his feral form. His strength was sufficient enough for him to easily overpower a Human and lift them from the ground with a single hand.

One of his noted abilities was his enhanced endurance which made him resistant to most forms of injuries. Tesla was able to survive a powerful sonic shockwave that would pulverise normal Humans and even recover from being speared through the chest by a large wooden stake after being propelled into it by said shockwave. In addition, he also survived a teleporting punch through his stomach and recover easily even though it was believed he was killed.

A more dangerous ability of Nikola's was that of the Sanguine Vampiris blood within him. By feeding a few drops of his blood into a dead Human body and shocking the body with an electrical charge from specialist equipment; Tesla was able to turn dead Humans into vampires like himself. However, there was a notable problem with this transformation as the reborn Humans lacked any form of intelligence making them little more then powerful feral Abnormals. Their loyalty was to Nikola who directed their actions.


  • The character was adapted from the real world Nikola Tesla.


  • Sanctuary:

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