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The Orange Lantern Corps.

The Orange Lantern Corps are an organization that featured in DC Green Lantern comics.



The Pact

The creation of the Orange Lantern Corps was charted to an unknown point in history over thousands of years ago and it was at a point that it was considered long ago even to ancient beings to remember. The Guardians of the Universe discovered the existence of the Orange Light of Avarice; one of the many aspects of the emotional spectrum in the universe. In order to secure a peace, they made a pact with those beings that served as the keepers of the Orange Light who resided in the Vega System. As part of the agreement, the Guardians and their agents were barred from entering into the system and in exchange the keepers of the Orange Light agreed to remain buried within their system. In later eras, the Guardians would hide behind an agreement with the Psions and the Spider Guild as being the reasons why the the Green Lantern Corps were not allowed into the Vega System.

In time, many of the keepers died leaving only a single members of their order; Larfleeze who remained in isolation and peace whilst the galaxy continued around him. This remained the case for thousands of years but events began to change after the destruction and rebirth of the Green Lantern Corps. In the course of events that followed, the Vega System faced incursions from the Guardians servants on two occasions; the first was to attack the Spider Guild that were planning to invade Oa and the second was to capture or kill the members of the Sinestro Corps after the devastating Sinestro Corps War. The Orange Light remained hidden despite these events but the rapidly changing events in the universe began a chain of events that would unleasht hem onto the galaxy.

Broken deal

An offshoot of the Oans called the Controllers sought to form their own law enforcement team. After the failures of their Darkstars organization and Effigy corps; they sought to mimic their Guardian brethren by having a corps that manipulated an aspect of the emotional spectrum. Their findings led them to discover the Orange Light of Avarice and with the Guardians distracted by the Zamarons experiments, the Controllers journeyed into the system in order to claim it for their own. Entering into the buried ruins, they were about to claim the Orange Lantern Battery but instead faced the Orange Lantern Corps created by Larfleeze. Angered for the breaking of the Guardian's promise, he quickly slayed the immortal beings and began to unleash his corps onto the galaxy.

An avatar of his form appeared before the Guardians and informed them to submit to his rule or face his wrath which led to the end of the agreement between the keepers of the Orange Light and the Oans as well as the Orange Lantern Corps being born during the War of Light.




  • Glomulus :
  • Brainiac 2.0. : a formerly deactivated Brainiac robot enslaved to Larfleeze to capture worlds or specimens for his hoard but after failing to stop the Lantern Corps he destroyed the machine and enslaved it by making it into an Orange Lantern. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps v1 #12)


  • The Orange Lantern Corps was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver where they were first referenced in Green Lantern v4 #25 (December, 2007) and made their first appearance in Green Lantern v4 #39 (April, 2009).

In media


  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the Orange Lantern Corps appeared in the animated series in the episode "Larfleeze". According to legends, they were a race of conquerors that managed to stop the Red Lanterns from taking over their sector until they one day they disappeared. This was due to the Orange Lantern Battery that cause avarice in anyone wielding it leading to Larfleeze being the last remaining Orange Lantern.


  • Green Lantern:
  • Threshold:
  • Larfleeze:
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps:

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