Plasma Energy Chamber

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The Plasma Energy Chamber.

The Plasma Energy Chamber was a powerful energy source that was apparently the place where the original Transformers were forged on Cybertron. However, the energy was unstable, and could inflict damage on any technology or robot exposed to it. Galvatron attempted to tap into the Chamber in 2007, using its Key (stolen from Autobot City), but his troops (and a number of Autobots) discovered its instability when the energies flung them across the galaxy to Nebulos. Galvatron decided instead to use the damaging effects to his advantage, pushing Cybertron near Earth and planning to open the Chamber there (destroying both Autobot-dominated Cybertron and the planet that had given him so much grief). However, his plan was foiled by the Nebulons and Spike Witwicky, who diverted the plasma energy to Vector Sigma (on Optimus Prime's suggestion). Cybertron was recharged, while a stray arc of energy flung Scorponok- with the Decepticons aboard- to the far reaches of the galaxy.

The Chamber lay dormant for hundreds of years, until a deceived Optimus Primal tried to use it as a mad last resort to purge Cybertron of Megatron, his Vehicons, and the planet-wide effects of the Key to Vector Sigma. Primal came to his senses just in time to prevent his mistake from destroying Cybertron entirely, absorbing the energies into his own body.

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