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For other uses of this name, see Scorponok (disambiguation).

Scorponok is a powerful Decepticon Headmaster.


U.S. Animated

Giant Decepticon Headmaster, constructed by the Hive from their underground city. Lord Zarak was its head. It could transform to a base/spacecraft, or a giant scorpion. When last seen, it was thrown into deep space by the energies of the Plasma Energy Chamber.

Marvel U.S., Marvel U.K.

Decepticon commander, who led a strike force for the purpose of destroying an Autobot contingent, led by Fortress Maximus, that had landed on the planet Nebulos. However, they were confronted by the newly-created Autobot Headmasters, and were thoroughly defeated.

To help defeat the Autobots, they joined with a group led by Lord Zarak, who combined with the Decepticons to form the Decepticon Headmasters. Zarak became the head of Scorponok, and believed he could dominate the merger- but in the end, Scorponok overwhelmed Zarak's personality.

The Autobots left Nebulos, and Scorponok led the Decepticons in pursuit. The Earth Decepticons came under his command after Scorponok destroyed Ratbat during the Underbase crisis. This leadership hit some difficult times during a long period of inactivity following an attack by the resurrected Starscream, but upon the Autobot surrender around 1990, his "approval rating" (as it were) improved significantly.

He gained a respect for Optimus Prime during the times leading to Unicron's attack, and gave his life in battle to stop the Chaos-Bringer.


Decepticon commander who follows Fortress Maximus's troops to Nebulon and becomes a Headmaster, binary-bonded to Lord Zarak.

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