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The Quintessence are a group that features in DC Comics.




The Quintessence was a was a group of five powerful entities- Ganthet (last of the Guardians of the Universe), Zeus, Highfather, the wizard Shazam, and a fifth alternately seen as the Phantom Stranger or the future son of Wonder Woman and Superman. The quintet chooses to observe the crucial events of the universe and, on occasion, choose to involve themselves at crucial junctures. The Quintessence has made errors, however, such as the creation of Gog.

They observed the events as the 5th Dimension erupted into a war on the Earth. (JLA v1 #29) They witnessed as the Justice League managed to stop the threat of Qwsp who intended to distort the third dimension and watched as his pawn Triumph was defeated. (JLA v1 #31) The Quintessence witnessed the events following the appointment of Hal Jordan as the new Spectre and wondered on the fate of Heaven following Asmodel's attempted rebellion. (Day of Judgement v1 #5)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

When Perpetua was freed, she set about re-ordering the Multiverse according to her vision with this seeing the defeat of the Justice League. She intended to kill the team of superheroes but they were saved by the intervention of the Quintessence (Justice League v4 #39)


Their ranks consisted of some of the most powerful beings in existence whose names inspired awe in mortals. (Justice League v4 #39)

They were able to protect people from more powerful cosmic beings by hiding them within the energy of the Quintessence thus cloaking their presence. (Justice League v4 #39)


  • Highfather :
  • Phantom Stranger :
  • Zeus :
  • Hera :
  • Ganthet :
  • Wizard :


  • The Quintessence were created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross where they made their first appearance in Kingdom Come v1 #3 (July, 1996).


  • Kingdom Come v1: (1996)
  • JLA v1:
  • Justice League v4: (2020)

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