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Ratchet was the medic on the Ark, devoted to the repair and maintenance of all his fellow Autobots (Cybertrons). His alternate mode on Earth was an ambulance.


U.S. Animated, Japan

Ratchet was slain by Megatron (wielded by Starscream in gun mode) in 2005 en route to Autobot City (Cybertron City).

Marvel U.S.

Ratchet found himself the last remaining free Autobot on Earth after Shockwave took over the Ark. He was forced to make a deal with Megatron to find the Dinobots to defeat Shockwave- a deal Megatron didn't plan to honor. Ratchet outmaneuvered him by siccing the Dinobots on Megatron, and the Decepticon fell off a cliff to defeat. Ratchet then busied himself with restoring his fallen comrades.

Over the following years, the stress of his job began to wear on him. He was unable to save Optimus Prime, some of his equipment was stolen by the Mechanic, and eventually, he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when dealing with the massive casualties inflicted by an Underbase-empowered Starscream. At that point, he was kidnapped by Megatron, who planned to use his expertise to revive Starscream as a Pretender- but in the end, Ratchet and Megatron were blown into Unspace and fused together.

Floating in the void for months, they were retrieved by Nightbeat. However, fused together, they rampaged through the Ark, until defeated by Optimus Prime. Fixit was able to separate them and put them in stasis, but their minds remained linked. Revived by nucleon, Ratchet awoke on an Ark stolen by Starscream and Shockwave (with Galvatron stowing away). Determined to stop them all from getting to Earth, Ratchet caused the Ark to crashland in Canada, sacrificing his life in a final heroic act.

Marvel U.K.

In 2006, Ratchet was slain by Megatron (wielded by Starscream in gun mode) en route to Autobot City.


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