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The Worlogog is an artifact that features in DC Comics.




The Worlogog was a powerful artifact that was linked to the New Gods of the Fourth World who referred to it as the "Hourglass of the Gods". It was actually an exact working model of the entire-space time continuum allowing to bend the fabric of the timestream. This miniature time-spanning engine contained a map of all events ranging frmo the Big Bang to the Omega Point. According to the New God Metron, the Worlogog was a fraction of the Source itself and that its native home was the planet Earth which was to be the cradle for the Fifth World. At some unknown point, the Worlogog was encased in a crystal structure and became known as the Philosopher's Stone on Earth where it was lost for over four thousand years. At some point, the New God Metrno used the Worlogog to transport members of the Justice League and other supervillains from Apokolips through several other dimensions whereupon they were teleported to Earth.

During the 20th Century, the Worlogog was unearthed in Colombia by a local warlord who was uanware of its power and began using it as a paperweight. This was until LexCorp's "acquisitions team" discovered it and "liberated" it from its owner. The team later delivered the artifact to their boss Lex Luthor who managed to discern the actual device within the crystal. He also learnt that the alien relic resonated at the same frequency as the captured being known as Jemm and thus used the Philosopher's Stone to control the alien. At the time, he intended to use the powerful cosmic artifact to defeat the Justice League with the aid of his own Injustice League. To accomplish this, he used the Stone's power to create various threats and incidents to keep the Justice League strategically divided. In the mean time, he used the Worlogog's power to create a fake fascimile of Metron which sent Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern through time. During this moment, Kyle Rayner met Hourman III in the 853rd Century who told him of the Philosopher's Stone being used in his local time as well as its power over both time and space. The three displaced Justice League members were returned back to the 20th Century where they joined their comrades in taking the artifact away from first Luthor and later the Joker. After which, the League gave the device to the real Metron who departed with the artifact from Earth.

In one possible future, the Worlogog was destroyed during the events of "Rock of Ages" which allowed Darkseid to conquer the Earth.

Afterwards, Metron used the Worlogog to travel through the timestream with ease for over a millennia until he reached the 853rd Century. There, he recruited the android known as Hourman who was a member of the Justice Legion Alpha and began training him to be Metron's replacement. When the New God felt he was ready, he gave the android the Worlogog in order to use it to repair a coming breach within the timestream. Following that point, the Superman of the 853rd Century approached Hourman in order to prepare for deep time travel. Hourman used the Worlogog to transport the Justice Legion Alpha from their native time to the 20th Century and bring the Justice League into the 853rd Century. However, both teams of superheroes were ambushed by Solaris and Vandal Savage. Unknown to Hourman, he was infected by the Hourman Virus by Solaris and led loose on 20th Century Earth. Both Justice League's were responsible for defeating the virus and removing it from the Earth. This left a guilty Hourman to use the Worlogog to return the Justice Legion to their own timeline but he remained behind with the time manipulating artifact. This was because he felt that whilst his mentor Metron taught him everything about time and space - he did not teach him anything about having a soul.

Following this incident, Hourman remained in the 20th Century and he grew worried by the inherent power of the Worlogog to the point that he scattered it across various time eras. At some point, he battled the android Amazo who had acquired part of its power until Hourman regained the artifacts full might. However, Metron later told Hourman to recreate the device which he only moderately succeeded in accmoplishing. Creating an imperfect Worlogog, he gave the artifact to Metron who wanted to complete the device.

After escaping the Vanishing Point, Extant attacked Metron to use his Mobius Chair in an attempt to find the scattered pieces of the Worlogog in order to reassemble it. He intended to use the cosmic relic as part of an effort to reshape creation. To do this, he intended to travel to the end of time at the exact moment the universe collapsed on itself whereupon he intended to use the Worlogog to begin existence again but according to his design. (JSA v1 #13)

Extant's actions caused powerful disturbances in the timestream during the events known as Zero Hour. His plans to retrieve the device failed due to the intervention of Hourman, Metron and the Justice Society of America. After Extant's defeat, Metron succeeded in remaking the Worlogog but by this point he no longer trusted his protege Hourman with the artifact and thus decided to keep it within his own possession. It later temporarily fell into the hands of Vera Black who used its power to create a mental copy of Manchester Black but incidently caused the destruction of Manchester until Vera managed to regain control of it as well as restored the lives of the dead lost in the incident.


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was said to had been shattered and reformed but pieces of it remained scattered across space-time. One such shard was the Splinter of Destiny that contained such incredible power and led to Granny Goodness seeking it out. A renegade Female Fury] by the name of Petite Tina found the shard and kept it with herself to deny it falling into the hands of Apokolips. She was discovered by Granny Goodness who dispatched her new recruit Hammer Harleen with recovering the relic which she intended to use to power the Subjukator on behalf of her master Darkseid. (Harley Quinn v3 #45)


The "Hourglass of the Gods" was noted for being an object of great power and reacted to thoughts with the ability to alter reality itself. This was because it served as a map of the universe in four dimensions thus giving it a certain degree of control over both time and space. As such, it was a perfect mirror of the cosmos in miniature form and it was believed that that a fraction of the Source's power resided within it.

In the language of New Genesis, the Worlogog translated to mean, the Houseglass of the Gods. It was a miniature mirror of the universe that was an exacting working model of the entire space-time continuum from the Big Bang to Omega Point. Deep within it, all events were present and could be seen. As a map of time and space, a fraction of the Source was said to reveal itself in the Worlogog with even that fraction being sufficient to blind the intellect. It was thought-controlled and simply thinking was enough to operate it. (JLA v1 #15)


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  • The Worlogog was created by Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Super Powers v1 #5 (1984).

In other media


  • In Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, the Worlogog featured in the setting of the 2019 animated film. It was shown to inhabit each version of the Multiverse and could allow the user to open doorways between them. Trigon used one in his guise as the 'Master of Games to cause two versions of the Teen Titans to battle one another so that he could drain Raven of her demonic side to fuel the rebirth of his counterpart from another world. The Teen Titans later acquired another reality's Worlogog which they used to pursue the two Trigon's and later summoned all versions of their time from the Multiverse to battle the demonic supervillain.


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