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The demon Atrocitus.

Atrocitus is a male supervillain and antihero who features in DC Comics.



Early life

Escapee from Ysmault in Green Lantern v4 #34.

Atrocitus was an alien inhabitant from the world of Ryut located in Space Sector 666. Thousands of years ago, he was known as Atros where he lived among his people as a husband with a wife and daughter. At some point, that Sector was attacked by the robotic enforcers of the Guardians of the Universe known as the Manhunters. These machines suffered from a programming malfunction that led to them exterminating all life within that region of space in what became known as the Massacre of Sector 666. Ryut itself was attacked by the mechanical Manhunters who kill all the planet's inhabitants leaving a maimed Atros the only survivor. With his wife and daughter dead, Atros in his grief vowed eternal vengeance on the ones responsible for the deed namely the Guardians of Oa as well as any who served them. During that time, he encountered four other survivors from Space Sector 666 with these being powerful demonic entities. These beings had formed a cabal that sought to oppose the Guardians and inducted Atros into their ranks where he was given the name of Atrocitus. As a result, the quintet of beings became known as the Five Inversions that waged a war against the Guardians of the Universe. In time, they would forge the demonic Empire of Tears that ruled three galaxies which was centered around their throneworld of Ysmault. To further his powers, Atrocitus sought to learn the Blood Magic of the Inversions and courted fellow member Roxeaume for her knowledge. Thus, he managed to learn some of the magic and through it he managed to divine the Blackest Night prophecy in the future where he witnessed the death of the other Inversions and himself harnessing the power of rage in the Emotional Spectrum. The Empire of Tears was ultimately defeated by the Guardians of the Universe with the Inversions themselves being chained to Ysmault that became their prison. Atrocitus would be among them where he was trapped for centuries on the planet.

An unknown number of years later, after the formation of the Green Lantern Corps, Abin Sur arrived on Ysmault in order to find the surviviors of a crash despite the planet being forbidden to the Green Lanterns. He went before the imprisoned demons in order to seek their assistance which Atrocitus refused but his comrade Qull offered him the answer to three questions. These were; the location of the survivors, the fate of Abin Sur and the prophecy of the Blackest Night. When Abin Sur returned to the Guardians, he informed them of the divinations of the demons and the Oans decided that the Five Inversions were to remain imprisoned on their world rather then be transferred to Oan sciencells. Thus, Atrocitus and his comrades were chained for many more years due to Qull's answers. [Green Lantern: Secret Origin]


Despite being imprisoned, Abin Sur continued to come the the Five Inversions in order to learn more about the Blackest Night prophecy in order to find a means of stopping it. As part of his attempts, he released Atrocitus from Ysmault and asked for him to lead him to the place where the "the black" would be born that would end the universe. Caged in Abin Sur's ship, Atrocitus instilled fear in the Green Lantern which allowed the yellow impurity to seep into his willpower constructs thus weakening him enough to allow Atrocitus to escape. Freed from his cell, the demon mortally wounded Abin Sur by slashing him across the chest whereupon the leader of the Five Inversions forced a jump point to Earth in order to escape the failing vessel.

Now on Earth, the demon continued his violent rampage across the planet where he killed a number of Air Force troopers. Using their blood, he recited an oath and crafted a magical spell to find the herald of the Blackest Night which led him to determine that the Human Willian Hand would bring about the downfall of all life. Atrocitus then constructed a device from gun parts in order to form a cosmic divining rod which he used to find Hand. Finding the Human, he sought to slay him and take his innards back to Ysmault but was stopped by Green Lantern Sinestro and rookie Green Lantern Hal Jordan who sought to stop him. William Hand managed to escape in the confusion and thus the being that would play a part in the Blackest Night managed to continue his destiny. Atrocitus in the mean time continued fighting the two Green Lanterns and through his cosmic divining rod, he sapped their power rings of their power leaving the two to use their wits to escape the demons wrath. Sinestro eventually recharged the rings with his power battery but still the demon had the upper hand and almost killed Sinestro before Hal Jordan used his ring to blow up a yellow vehicle. This action shocked Atrocitus who believed that the green light was unable to harm anything yellow and was thus defeated.

Captured now by Sinestro, the leader of the Five Inversions was taken to Oa for trial whereupon it was decided that the demon continue his imprisonment on Ysmault. Left on his prison world once more, Atrocitus and the other Inversions imparted another prophecy. They stated that rebellion would engulf Sinestro's home planet of Korugar but the Korugan did not believe them; stating that their lies would not end him as it did Abin Sur for he would not fall to fear.


A Red Lantern Battery annointed by the blood of Qull.

After the Sinestro Corps War, Atrocitus began to make steps to continue his plans once more. He decided to create a Corps that would enact his plans of revenge against the "Greatest Green Lantern" of all; Sinestro himself. To that end, he killed his comrade Qull for his actions in leading to their continued imprisonment on Ysmault and through his blood, he forged and christened a Red Lantern Power Battery. He then became the first member of his new Red Lantern Corps. With the recent war, he found himself in no shortage of recruits many of whom were determined to enact revenge on Sinestro or the Sinestro Corps.

Sinestro at the time had been captured by the Green Lanterns and was being transferred to his home world for execution. In transit, they were attacked by the Sinestro Corps who sought to free their leader. The battle eventually turned into a three way conflict when the Red Lanterns emerged who indiscriminately killed Lanterns from either side whereupon they captured Sinestro and took him to Ysmault. Similar to how Qull was nailed onto a cross, Atrocitus performs a similar act on Sinestro but rather then kill him outright, he sought to make him suffer by taking away everything he cared about. This included his homeworld of Korugar and his previously unknown and hidden daughter through which Atrocitus learnt of through his blood magic prophecies. Atrocitus was also forced to fight against members of his own Corps who were consumed by rage and sought to kill the leader of the Sinestro Corps.

Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps.

Before he could continue his plans, Atrocitus was attacked by Green Lantern survivor and guard of Sinestro Hal Jordan and two members of the Blue Lantern Corps. In the struggle, the demon revealed to Jordan another prophecy which stated that the Guardians would take away his greatest love. He also showed that the Blue Lanterns power of hope had no effect on them and even claimed to know their weakness. During the struggle, the Lanterns manage to rescue Sinestro but before leaving, Jordan attempts to take Laira with them as she was a former Green Lantern who had been turned into a Red Lantern. However, its learnt that by removing the ring, a person ends up killing the wielder and in order to expediate matters, Sinestro ends up killing Laira. Jordan is outraged by this and prepares to kill Sinestro against the wishes of the Blue Lanterns. His anger and rage sends Laira's Red Power Ring into his hand turning him into a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Attacking his former allies and Sinestro, Jordan is stopped when Saint Walker manages to get a Blue Power Ring onto his finger which ultimately negates the effect of the red ring. Restored, Jordan causes the red ring to explode which wounds Atrocitus who flees from the scene with his Corps.

He later begins attempts at deciphering the location of the Blue Lantern Corps home world of Odym.

War of Light

Atrocitus was later discovered on Ysmault by members of the Lost Lanterns with Boodikka fighting against the Red Lanterns and manages to kill several of their number. This forced the demon to attack her but their battle was interrupted when several Black Lantern power rings arrive which resurrect the dead Red Lanterns, the slain members of the Five Inversions and even Laira herself who are all brought back as undead Black Lanterns. [Green Lantern #45]

Whilst the Black Lantern Laira attacks her former comrades, the undead Five Inversions confront Atrocitus and tell him that he betrayed their ancient pact of seeking to destroy the Guardians as well as their servants the Green Lantern Corps. Instead, he killed the Five Inversions and used them to create the Red Lantern Central Power Battery but now they saw things much clearer after which they ask him if his rage had diminished. Atrocitus replies by simplying stating "No" whereupon the Black Lantern Five Inversions rip out his heart seemingly killing the Red Lantern leader. Just as a Black Lantern power ring arrived in order to claim the body, Atrocitus returned to life as his heart was replaced by his power ring. In rage, he attacks the undead Black Lanterns and telling them that whilst they might be able to defeat the other corps, the Red Lanterns would not fall so easily.

After this chain of events, Atrocitus later finds the fleeing Larfleeze who was attempting to escape Black Lanterns. Destroying his pursuers, the Red Lantern leader angrily demands that Larfleeze hand over his Central Power Battery. [Green Lantern #47]

Red Lanterns

Attacking Earth in Red Lanterns Annual v1 #1.

Red Dawn


Personality and attributes

After being returned to Ysmault, Atrocitus was consumed with thoughts of revenge against the Greatest Green Lantern of all which was Sinestro himself. However, he did not wish to simply execute Sinestro but make him suffer painfully and slowly. To accomplish this, Atrocitus sought to destroy everything that Sinestro cared about which included his hidden daughter.

The demon ultimately believed that the power of rage was all powerful and consuming compared to the other aspects of the emotional spectrum.

Powers and abilities

Commanding the Butcher in Red Lanterns v1 #23.

His natural alien biology provides Atrocitus with superhuman levels of strength and durability. Even without a power ring, he is shown to be powerful enough to toss a construction digger at enemies. He has also proven to be quite durable to the point that he can withstand bullets being shot at him. In addition to this, Atrocitus has gained a great deal of knowledge on shamanistic magics. This allowed him to forge the Red Lantern Power Battery. Furthermore, through these magic, he was able to divine prophecies of the future through the use of a persons blood. This allowed him to discern the location of William Hand and learn about Sinestro's daughter who was unknown to everyone else as well as determine the future. His knowledge also allowed him to develop a cosmic divining rod through simple Earth technology which allowed him to sap away the power of a power ring.

With the Red Power Ring, Atrocitus gained many powers similar to that of a Green Lantern though his energy was powered by rage itself rather than willpower. The full extent of these abilities is unknown but its shown that the red light acts as a heart which pumps tainted blood out from their mouth. This blood has the power to corrupt the auras of other power rings and burn them as if it were acid. Furthermore, its possible that the corrupted blood alters the Lanterns capacity to make use of their abilities. Unlike the other members of the Red Lantern Corps, who descend into mindless raging beasts after wearing their rings, Atrocitus is shown to retain all his mental faculties whilst wearing his ring. This suggests that he is not affected in the same way as the others.

Atrocitus also gained a unique ability to resist the attacks of the Black Lanterns who typically ripped their targets hearts out after they observe the individual in the emotional spectrum. After having his heart ripped out, Atrocitus returned to life momemnts later as his heart was long replaced by his Red Lantern power ring. [Green Lantern #47]

His knowledge of Blood Magic allowed him to control the blood on Ysmault as it was his own allowing him to shape it according to his will.


  • Atrocitus was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver where he made his first appearance in Green Lantern v4 #25 (December 2007).

Alternate Versions

  • In Green Lantern/Star Trek: The Spectrum War v1 (2015), Atrocitus was present during the cross over between the two universes. This version of Atrocitus survived the destruction of their universe at the hands of Nekron by Ganthet initiating the Last Light protocol. The act transported a member of each of the various Corps into the Star Trek universe. Once there, Atrocitus found one of his red rings had chosen the Gorn Glucon as its user and he forced the repilitian to serve him.

In other media


  • In Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the character appeared as a villain who was voiced by Jonathan Adams. His appearance was done through CGI with it being altered to give him a somewhat more simplified body with a smooth organic look and a scar on the side of his face. Atrocitus's backstory showed him as an inhabitant of the Forgotten Zone when his home in Space Sector 666 was targeted by the rogue Manhunters that were creations of the Guardians of the Unicerse. As one of the few survivors of the massacre, he vows vengeance against both the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps. He created his Red Lantern Corps as his army and intended to deploy an armada for Oa by using his planet destroying Liberators to break through the asteroids separating the Forgotten Zone from Guardian space. Among his activities also including instigating war on Razors homeworld and killing his wife Alana in secret in order to make him into a Red Lantern. In "Larfleeze", it was mentioned that the Orange Lanterns fought Atrocitus to a standstill and that he never succeeded in conquering them.
  • In Justice League Action, Atrocitus appeared as a character in the animated television series in the episode "Rage of the Red Lanterns" with him being voiced by actor Michael Dorn.


  • In the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights animated film, the character made an appearance in one of the short stories where he was voiced by actor Bruce Thomas. He was shown in the backstory of Abin Sur where it was revealed afterwards that he was an enemy of the Guardians of the Universe that was imprisoned on Ysmault for his crimes. Atrocitus would free himself and trail the Green Lantern Abin Sur who he attacked on the world of Ungara. The villain would seek to use Sur's Power Battery as a makeshift bomb to destroy the Ungaran people as part of his revenge against the Guardians. Ultimately, he was defeated and Abin Sur would take the defeated Atrocitus back to his prison on Ysmault. Whilst being placed in his cell once more, Atrocitus gave a prophecy about his death when his power ring would fail him. He also stated that Sinestro who was Abin Sur's friend would betray the Green Lantern Corps. This vision of the future showed Sinestro finding the yellow element and using it to form the Sinestro Corps that he would use to decimate the Green Lanterns. Abin Sur would refuse to believe Atrocitus's words stating that Sinestro would never betray his oath and instead left the villain within his prison cell on Ysmault.

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, he made an appearance as an antagonist where he and his Red Lanterns attacked Ferris Aircraft after being introduced into the MMORPG in the DLC.
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Atrocitus appeared as a non-speaking background character on the arena and in a S.T.A.R. Labs mission.
  • In Infinite Crisis, the character made an appearance in the MOBA where he was an enforcer type Champion for players.
  • In DC: Legends, Atrocitus appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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