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Red Arrow in Teen Titans v6 #30.

Emiko Queen is a female comic superhero who features in DC Comics.



Meeting her half-brother in Green Arrow: Broken.

Emiko Queen was a human woman born in the modern age as the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado thus making her the younger half-sister of Oliver Queen. (Green Arrow v5 #22)

She later came to Seattle to assist her brother against the crime lord Ricardo Diaz, Jr. where she was attempting to take the identity of Green Arrow as her new superhero identity despite Oliver's protests. Emiko stated that she was done being with the Outsiders and wanted to be Oliver's apprentice. (Green Arrow v5 #33)

Emiko was on the trail of the supervillain Onomatopoeia who was targeting her and intending to eliminate her with him creating a large tidal wave to draw her out in the open. During this time, she was approached by Robin Damian Wayne who wanted to recruit her for the Teen Titans with her refusing but getting their aid to stop the disaster hitting Star City. She thanked Damian and the Titans for their aid but stated that she would not join them at this point. (Teen Titans v6 #14)

She was approached by Damian Wayne about joining his new incarnation of the Teen Titans with Emiko refusing at first but she accepted when Robin offered to help her find the mysterious Other. (Teen Titans v6 #22)


Personality and attributes

She later began to take the name of Red Arrow as her superhero identity. (Green Arrow v6 #15)

Among her family, she saw Oliver as the only person that ever told her the truth as her mother, her biological father and her adoptive father had all lied to her. (Green Arrow v5 #33)

She was said to have had a crush on Nightwing. (Green Arrow Annual v6 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • Emiko Queen was created by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino where she made her first appearance in Green Arrow v5 #18 (May, 2013).
  • According to Teen Titans Annual v6 #1 (2019), the word Emiko translated to mean Superior.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Arrow, Emiko Queen appeared in the live-action television series seventh season set in the Arrowverse where she was portrayed by actor Sea Shimooka. Unlike her comic counterpart, this version was a young adult who was the daughter of Robert Queen and a woman of Japanese descent named Kazumi Adachi. She was the result of an affair between Robert Queen and Kazumi making Emiko the paternal half-sister of Oliver Queen.


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