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Scorponok is the leader of the Terrorcons.

Energon (Series)

Originally the commander of Planet Q's armies, destroyed by Unicron when he consumed the planet. Recreated by the Alpha Quintesson to lead the Terrorcons and gather energon, Scorponok also recruited several Decepticons to his side. When Megatron was resurrected and learned of this, he attacked Scorponok for presuming to lead his Decepticons, and used his new powers to brand him a Decepticon soldier.

Scorponok continued to work towards Alpha Q's goals, until Megatron discovered this and tried to kill him. Scorponok and Alpha Q allied with the Autobots, during which Ironhide came to admire him. Unfortunately, during the battle on Unicron, Megatron defeated him and turned him into a full, mentally altered Decepticon. Ironhide was unable to reach Scorponok's true personality again until the very end, after a pitched battle during Optimus Prime's fight with a Unicron-possessed Galvatron. Scorponok used the last of his energy to send Ironhide to Prime's side- supposedly to save Galvatron- before finally expiring.

A powerful warrior, Scorponok had three modes- robot, scorpion and spacecraft.

Energon (Comic)

A charismatic Decepticon leader and rival of Megatron, who favored direct assaults over tactics and strategy. After Megatron apparently died in the attack on Unicron, Scorponok founded the Terrorcons to revive the Decepticons' ideals. To that end, he made a deal with the Alpha Quintesson for enhanced power, in exchange for retrieving energon to revive Unicron. However, he was eventually slain by Megatron after his resurrection.

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