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Grimlock is an Autobot warrior and member of the Dinobots.


U.S. Animated, Japan

Leader of the Dinobots, one of the original three constructed by Wheeljack in 1984. Grimlock eventually proved to be a commanding and powerful leader, if rebellious. On one occasion, he led the Dinobots to temporarily settle on Dinobot Island- on another, he led them to defect briefly after the other Transformers were stricken with a cybertonium breakdown.

By 2005, Grimlock (and the other Dinobots) had mellowed considerably. He respected Kup (Char) and Rodimus Prime (Rodimus Convoy), and even befriended the human Daniel Witwicky and the young Autobot Wheelie. On one occasion, anti-electrons granted Grimlock a vast intellect, that he later passed on to his creation, Computron (Computicon).

With his powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex mode, Grimlock was the strongest Dinobot.


Grimlock was transferred to an alternate body (which transformed into a Ford Mustang GT) in 2003 after his original body was destroyed by Destron-spread cosmic rust. Obviously he was restored to his dinosaur body by 2005.

Marvel U.S.

Leader of the Dinobots, who had his alternate form reconstructed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex by the Ark's computer to battle Shockwave. Revived in modern times by Ratchet, Grimlock soon found he had little tolerance for the other Autobots's methods, particularly their protection of humans (which he considered weak and worthless). He operated nearly independent of Optimus Prime, eventually leading his troops to secede from the Autobots altogether after the creation of Omega Supreme.

After Prime's death, Grimlock returned to take command of the Autobots. Although the Autobots refused to accept him at first, they were swayed after he saved their lives by defeating Trypticon. Unfortunately, Grimlock quickly became a tyrant, sending the Autobots on petty missions such as capturing the "traitors" Blaster and Goldbug. He also focused their efforts on rebuilding the Ark so they could abandon Earth. Just as some of the Autobots were on the verge of mutiny, Fortress Maximus, followed by the reborn Optimus Prime, came onto the scene. Prime regained Autobot leadership effortlessly.

Grimlock was badly damaged by an Underbase-empowered Starscream, but was later rebuilt as a Pretender by Ratchet. However, the other Dinobots remained in stasis, and Grimlock became more and more determined to revive his most loyal troops. Eventually, he went AWOL, taking a ship to Hydrus Four to find a miracle cure known as nucleon. Testing nucleon himself and finding no (immediate) ill effects, he used it to not only restore the Dinobots, but all of the Autobots in stasis aboard the Ark. Around the same time, he began to experience periods where his motor systems would briefly lock up.

Grimlock returned to Cybertron just in time to join the battle against Unicron. As Optimus Prime lay dying after the battle, he chose Grimlock as his successor. Soon afterwards, Grimlock froze up entirely, metamorphosing into a new form due to the nucleon. Hi-Q was able to accelerate his transformation, and Grimlock emerged more powerful than ever- but unable to transform. Grimlock led the Autobots for a short time- irritating Prowl, who believed he was a better leader- until Optimus Prime was revived again by the Last Autobot.

Sometime afterward, the nucleon was purged from Grimlock's system, restoring his original form. He led a largely independent team of Firestormers, Autobots battling the Second Generation Decepticons. However, as the battle with Jhiaxus' forces intensified, he deferred to Optimus Prime's leadership.

Marvel U.K.

Shortly after seceding from the Autobots, Grimlock and the Dinobots encountered the human mechanoid Centurion. Grimlock survived until at least 2006.


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