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For other uses of this name, see Fortress Maximus (disambiguation).

Fortress Maximus is an Autobot Headmaster.


U.S. Animated

Built by Spike Witwicky from the long-abandoned surface city of the Hive. Spike engineered it that he became the head of Cerebros, who became the head of Fortress Maximus. It could transform to a battle station/spacecraft. When last seen, Fortress Maximus was on Nebulos, back after helping defeat the Decepticons on Cybertron.

Marvel U.S., Marvel U.K.

An Autobot commander who grew weary of the war against the Decepticons, and took a contingent of like-minded soldiers to Nebulos. They planned to live peacefully among the natives, but the machinations of Lord Zarak led to the Nebulans attacking them. To secure peace, Fortress Maximus and several other Autobots surrendered their heads to the Nebulan authorities. However, when Decepticons led by Scorponok attacked (foolishly summoned by Zarak), Maximus and his fellows became binary-bonded with Nebulans to become the Headmasters. Fortress Maximus was bonded with Galen, leader of the World-Watchers, and together they battled the Decepticons.

However, both Fortress Maximus and Galen grew weary of the war and the destruction it wreaked on Nebulos, opting to leave so that the Decepticons would follow. Answering a distress signal from Goldbug, they headed towards Earth. En route, Fortress Maximus was upgraded, doubled in size with more weapons, while Galen now combined with the smaller robot Cerebros to form the new Maximus' head. Galen died in battle with Scorponok within Mount St. Hilary, resulting in Spike Witwicky becoming Maximus' new head. Spike only intended their merger to be temporary, so that he could find his brother Buster- following his finding Buster and the battle with an Underbase-empowered Starscream, Spike left the Autobots. Fortress Maximus' headless body was left behind on the Ark.

Spike failed to realize the nature of his bonding to Maximus until the Decepticon Pretender Beasts tried to kill him, forcing him to save himself by becoming Fortress Maximus again. The body was returned to the Ark again, until Spike was forced once again to become Maximus to battle Galvatron after the Ark crashed (thanks to Ratchet). During that battle, Maximus reacted to Spike's reluctance to be Maximus by seizing total control once they combined- however, unable to defeat Galvatron without Spike's help, the two agreed to join forces. Fortress Maximus/Spike resolved himself to being the last Autobot on Earth, and Spike stored his body in the crashed Ark.

After Megatron was revived, he disabled Fortress Maximus' headless body. However, after he was upgraded by Cobra, Spike was able to sneak aboard the Ark and become Fortress Maximus again. Unable to defeat Megatron, Maximus and Spike both flung themselves through the ship's power core to destroy it.


The giant transtector formed from the combination of Fortress (already combined with his smaller transtector body) with his base/spacecraft.


Autobot co-commander with Ultra Magnus for a time after the Micromasters were created. Weary of the war on Cybertron, Maximus at one point had entered voluntary shutdown, in the hopes of outlasting it- but found that it yet continued when he reawakened. He eventually decided to leave Cybertron with a cadre of like-minded Autobots and settle on Nebulon, where he eventually became a Headmaster.


The More Than Meets the Eye guidebooks suggest that Spike Witwicky will become Fortress Maximus' Headmaster partner at some point in the Dreamwave continuity.

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