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Tony Stark and his Iron Man Armors in Secret Wars v1 #6.

Iron Man Armor is a battle suit that features in Marvel Comics.



Iron Man Armor Model I in Tales of Suspense v1 #39.

The Iron Man Armor was an advanced suit of armor that was created by Tony stark.

At some point, the criminal Spymaster had stolen the designs of the Iron Man Armor and sold it to Justin Hammer. This led to copies of the suit being created and sold to other parties. Tony Stark only learnt this development after defeating the supervillain Force with Scott Lang aiding him in discovering the person who had stolen the armor designs. This led to Stark as Iron Man embarking on a campaign to target every armored combatant suspected of having his designs.

These militants made use of the Iron Man Armors to attack the western province of the former Eastern Block nation of Transia where they made use of distinctive Starktech to kill civilians. Eventually, Tony Stark learnt of this and sent Iron Man despite the American government not wanting to create an international incident. (Iron Man: Legacy v1 #1)

After his battle with Extremis, Iron Man was badly wounded in the fight against the biologically engineered human. To stop his foe, he requested Maya Hansen to inject him with Extremis in order to gain an advantage against his foe. (Iron Man v4 #4) This led to the creation of a new type of armour whose undersheath was always stored in Tony Stark's body and that he could assemble at any time with only a thought. (Iron Man v4 #5)

During an encounter with the Collective, the Armor was stripped off Tony Stark's body leaving him defenceless. Captain America managed to find the pieces and activated a voice command to re-assemble them where upon he gave an order for them to seek out Stark. (New Avengers v1 #18)

A suit of Iron Man Armour was commandeered and sent to attack a village in Volstok where it killed many people in an attempt to frame Tony Stark. Among those killed was Igor Vanko with his son Anton Vanko having built a device to destroy his fathers killer. The armour was destroyed leaving fragments behind which Vanko used to build his own suit allowing him to become Whiplash as he sought revenge against Tony Stark. (Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1)

During the Red Hulk's attack on the Helicarrier, the massive airship was sent plummeting towards New York City leading to Stark activating the Iron Men Protocols that triggered all the Iron Man Armors in the Armory to active status in order to help against the villains attack as well as help ease the ships descent to a controlled crash. (Hulk v2 #2)

Following the Civil War, Tony Stark and his armour were taken over by Ultron who reshaped their form into a female shape that was based on Janet van Dyne. He then proceeded in his plans to purge the planet of organic life as he deemed them a failure. This led to Starktech 9s activation that was a hybrid intelligence system that used a Model I armour as its vessel and tasked with aiding S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers with a crisis at hand. The unit was initially attacked by Ares who believed it to be Ultron in disguise but Hank Pym helped clarify that Starktech 9 was a fail safe program. The hybrid intelligence revealed that Ultron had commandeered Stark's Sular Experiment that were weather control satellites in development. After the Mighty Avengers destroyed them, Ultron moved to his secondary plan which was to kill the Sentry's wife Lindy Lee and commandeered the various Iron Man Armors that were sent to stall the superheroes. (Might Avengers v1 #4) During the Skrull's Secret Invasion, they unleashed a virus that targeted technology around the globe and in particular against Starktech that paralysed Iron Man in his armor. (Secret Invasion v1 #1)

Following the death of the Queen Veranke, Norman Osborn was hailed as a hero for slaying the alien leader and he was appointed as Tony Stark's replacement heading a new law keeping organization. Director Osborn gained control of all of Stark's former assets including Stark Tower where he had the Ghost break through the security doors giving Norman access to the Iron Man Armors inside of it. From there, he acquired one of he suits that he used to create the Iron Patriot armor which he began to wore as the leader of the Dark Avengers. (Dark Avengers v1 #1)

After going on the run from H.A.M.M.E.R., Stark destroyed his Iron Man Armor designs to prevent them from going into the hands of Norman Osborn. However, he gifted one to Pepper Potts where she adopted the guise of a superhero known as Rescue and was aided by the artificial intelligence program J.A.R.V.I.S..

Following the Inversion, Tony Stark reverted to a point in his personality where he did not fear weapons and indulged in his vices. This led to him releasing Extremis to allow people to the public in San Francisco allowing them to change their appearance into attractive beautiful forms but it required regular payments to Stark. After seeing these traits, Pepper Potts decided to act and initiated a contingency plan set up by Tony Stark in case he ever went down this path. This saw the activation of an artificial intelligence based on his personality at the time and it inhabited a suit of Iron Man Armor where it sought to stop him. The A.I.'s goal was to forcibly erase Tony Stark's personality and replace it with the one that inhabited the Iron Man Armor. (Superior Iron Man v1)

In the aftermath, Stark lost much of his fortune and created a new multipurpose armor named the Model 52. (Invincible Iron Man v2 #1)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Matt Ward went deep undercover into Hydra but became a loyal follower of the terrorist organization. Afterwards, he sought to aid his leader Gorgon by getting the Axiom Protocols that contained Phil Coulson's strategies against Earth's various super-powered beings. During this time, Ward had been using an older model of Iron Man Armor where he came into conflict with S.H.I.E.L.D. and numerous superheroes. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. v1 #5)

After the destruction to Stark Tower, Iron Man Sentries were deployed and managed by an artificial intelligence to guard the site during clean-up operations. They came under attack from Whiplash until he was defeated by the Thing. (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #15)

Stark Unlimited was later attacked by dragon Sadurang of the Asgardian realms who wanted to claim the fortune of Tony Stark after being convinced by Malekith the Accursed. This saw Stark's Iron Man Armor being infected by the dragons which prevented him from using it properly. Tony then decided to shut down the tech and revert to using the Mark I armor that he utilised to defeat Sadurang. (Tony Stark: Iron Man v1 #13) Afterwards, Spymaster commandeered the Iron Man Armors which he turned against Stark until he managed to wrest control away from the villain and return them to the armory. (Tony Stark: Iron Man v1 #14)

Within the virtual Thirteen Floor, Tony Stark crafted a new armour for himself that was to be powered by the eScape itself where it utilised holographic systems to generate its parts. After being re-integrated into his body, he joined the Robot Resistance in order to confront his brother Arno Stark. (Iron Man 2020 v2 #5)


It could build up a charge for a polar magnetic field which could attract any form of metal to the Armor. (New Avengers v1 #6)

There were a number of various armor designs created that included:

  • Model 1 :
  • Model 8 : the Silver Centurion possessed a dual source propulsion system that worked both in and out of atmosphere with an updated navigation computer. A detection unit allowed it to register being detected by the enemy whilst the coating absorbed any signals to prevent being seen. As a result, scanners registered the surroundings whilst a hologram projector blended the armour with the background. (Iron Man v1 #200)
  • Model 23 :
  • Model 29 : the Extremis Armor was created following a transformation by an injection of Extremis that led to the suit being supercompressed and stored in the hollows of the users bones. Thus, they always carried the crucial undersheath of the Iron Man armor within their body. It was wired directly into his brain where it was controlled through thought alone. Vectored repulsor fields were used to remotely call forth the armour parts to assemble around the users body. (Iron Man v4 #5)
  • Model 30 :
  • Model 40 :
  • Model 42 :
  • Model 43 :
  • Model 45 :
  • Model 50 : the Endo-Sym Armor was a fully liquid smart metal that hardened instantly on connection with the building blocks of it being based on a Symbiote. Thus, there was no tech element and the armour was operated on a psionic level where it could form around him on command. (Superior Iron Man v1 #1) The symbiotic biological technology was always connected to him even when separated with him able to remotely operate it to rescue him. (Superior Iron Man v1 #2)
  • Model 51 :
  • Model 68 : a solid hologram virtual armour that simply generated itself around the wearer at any time and was powered by the eScape virtual world. (Iron Man 2020 v2 #5)

It included an armor server that could be activated by voice commands with special command codes allowing for a person to initiate special manoeuvres such as re-assembling broken fragments and finding the wearer. (New Avengers v1 #18)

In a number of cases, the armor was inhabited by an artificial intelligence that aided the user in their operations of the suit.



  • The Iron Man Armor was created by Stan Lee, Larry Leiber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Tales of Suspense v1 #39 (March, 1963).

Alternate Versions

  • In What If? v2 2 #64 (1994), an alternate world had Tony Stark make the Iron Man Armor made for the public that S.H.I.E.L.D. used to create the Iron Guard as a peacekeeping force.
  • In U.S. War Machine v1 (2001) a version of the Iron Man Armors was shown in the adult MAX series. The first shown was the MPI-2100 Mobile Infantry Suit that was designated War Machine but these were used with lethal force against Doctor Doom's armies. As a result, Tony Stark sought to mothball them and instead presented the SI1-211 "Iron Man" as a replacement to serve as his bodyguard.
  • In Bullet Points v1 #1 (2006), an slternate version of events saw the Iron Man Project being an experimental program conducted during World War II to create a superpowered hero to battle the Nazi. It was abandoned due to size constraints of the operator and the extensive surgery needed to link the users heart to the armor. Instead, Project: Rebirth sought to create a super-soldier but this was also abandoned after the assassination of its head scientist Dr. Erskine with the serums secrets being lost. The Iron Man Project was thus reactivated with Steve Rogers volunteering for it leading to him becoming Iron Man.
  • In New Exiles v1 #14 (2009), an alternate world reality had two species native to Earth that included humans and a humanoid saurian race that banded together to survive. The two banded together to become the Sons of Iron who defended their world from threat and wore Iron Man Armor to fight their foes as well as mask their true nature.
  • In Armor Wars v1 (2015), a section of Battleworld named Techtopia consisted of its inhabitants all being equipped with Iron Man Armors. These armors protected the inhabitants from a virus that killed anyone without the use of the life support features of the suits.
  • In Extraordinary X-Men v1 #9 (2016), an alternate future set in A.D. 3549 called Omega World which was a reality where Apocalypse ruled the remnants of the world. By this future, various races were pitted against one another with only the fittest could survive. The Stark-Self were created by Tony Stark and by this point had become the only artificial intelligences in the world that operated in Iron Man Armors who continued the legacy of the Stark-Father. They were one of the few races to survive and were forced to follow the commands of Apocalypse or be destroyed.
  • In Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer v1 #1 (2018), an alternate world was created when Gamora using the Infinity Stones used its powers to merge various individuals with one another leading to Iron Man along with Thor combined into a single entity that had his own unique backstory. This version was Sigurd Stark who was wounded by Dark Elves who wanted him to create Midgard technology for them leading to him working with the captured Dwarf Eitri the Weapon-Smith. Eitri fashioned an Iron Man Armor covered with mystical runes to keep the wearer alive. Thus, Sigurd was empowered with the weapon to help defeat Malekith as he became the superhero called Iron Hammer.

In other media


  • In Iron Man, the Armor made a number of appearances in the 1994 animated series where it was used by Tony Stark in his guise as Iron Man. In "Armor Wars", it was revealed that Stark did not patent the designs of the armor to prevent them from falling into wrong hands. The Ghost by this point had stolen the designs and sold them after being hired by Justin Hammer. The Crimson Dynamo used the schematics to improve his armor where he attacked a base where Iron Man fought the villain only for an accidental nuclear spill was released. After learning that his armor was stolen, an angry Tony Stark could not recover the designs legally due to not being patented and thus as Iron Man embarked on a mission to rid the world of his stolen technology. This led him to pursue any armored person on the planet and use his Negator Packs to destroy the technology.
  • In Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, several different kinds of Iron Man Armors featured in the episode "Shell Games". They were developed and used by Iron Man but a number of the Armors were remotely taken over by Doctor Doom who used them against the Fantastic Four.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the Iron Man Armor featured heavily in the animated series where it was constructed by the teenage Tony Stark by himself following the seeming loss of his father where he used it to secretly operate as the superhero called Iron Man.
  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Armor was created and worn by Tony Stark in the animated series where he operated as Iron Man. The pilot episode revealed that the Mark 6 model was being used by Stark at the time. During the first season finale, the various Avengers were scattered across the Nine Realms with Stark's armor destroyed and him trapped in the land of the Dwarves. He managed to gain their aid and forged a new suit of Iron Man Armor from Uru where he used it to battle Loki who had taken over Asgardian. In "Alone Against A.I.M", Stark had his Iron Man Armours moved from his armory at Stark Tower to Avengers Mansion whilst he also built the new War Machine armour for his friend Rhodes.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the Iron Man Armor was shown to had been created by Tony Stark who used it to operate as Iron Man. It was shown that the armor contained his Pre-Play program that consisted of a list of tactics and strategies of the Avengers for use against their enemies with it scanning targets to provide suggestions to Iron Man. After it was taken by the Cabal, Stark created an upgraded version of it which he called the Stark Probability Engine. In "Crack in the System", Tony developed the Ultron Protocol that closed all Starktech such as the Tower and even made his Armor into a closed localised system. In "Into the Future", the far future ruled by Kang had the Omega Armor that a future Tony Stark had worked on which resided at Avengers Tower. It remained there where the time displaced Tony Stark wore to fight Kang alongside with the stranded Avengers. Following the fight, Stark decided to leave the armor behind despite being tempted to take it back to the present.
  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., the Iron Man Armor was worn by Tony Stark and made its first appearance in this animated series in the episode "Hulk Busted". Stark was shown to had also created a number of Hulkbuster Armors secretly in case the Hulks ever went rogue with them being equipped with Gamma Incinerators. The Leader managed to sneak a robotic drone into Stark Industries where it uploaded a virus that remotely controlled the Hulkbusters turning them against the Hulks as well as Iron Man. Only by working together did they manage to put the armors offline.
  • In Spider-Man, Iron Man Armor appeared in the 2017 animated television series in the episode "Stark Expo". Tony Stark wielded publically as the hero Iron Man and showcased the new Mark 50 armour when the Stark Expo came under attack from Ghost.
  • In Marvel Future Avengers, Iron Man Armor appeared in the setting of the animated television series. It was primarily operated by Iron Man though his artificial intelligence F.R.I.D.A.Y. operated remote ones that were referred to as the Iron Legion. Ares attacked Avengers Tower leading to F.R.I.D.A.Y. deploying the Iron Legion which were easily destroyed. Stark also created other variants such as the Hulkbuster Armor and a stratosphere model for high speed operations. When Norman Osborn helped pass the superhuman regulation law, he had the confiscated the Hulkbuster Armor and when his identity as the Green Goblin was exposed then he attempted to use it to battle the Hulk.


  • In The Invincible Iron Man, the Armor was shown to had been created by Tony Stark after being placed in an iron lung following an injury sustained in an attack made by the Jade Dragons. Their leader Wong Chu demanded that Tony build a weapon to remove the liquid metal that was keeping the ancient city of the Mandarin on the surface as he feared the evil warlord would return. To survive, Tony agreed and him along with Rhodey began work on a weapon from scavenged Stark technology. In reality, he built the first Iron Man Armor that he used to fight off the Jade Dragons and escape with his friend James Rhodes. When asked how did he come up with the design, Tony responded it was something that came to him.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Iron Man Armor made a number of appearances shared continuity setting.
    • In Iron Man, the Iron Man Armor made its first appearance in the 2008 live-action film. The Mark I was constructed by Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen when the two were captured by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.
    • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Iron Armor was used once again by Tony Stark as he operated with the Avengers and the War Machine armor was used by James Rhodes. As part of Avenger operations, Stark created numerous automated Iron Man Armors that were managed by J.A.R.V.I.S. for support efforts with these being known as the Iron Legion. HYDRA managed to replicate the armor and Baron Strucker's forces attempting to manufacture them at their hideout. The Iron Legion was manufactured and maintained at Stark Tower where they had their own colors. After Ultron's activation, he manufactured himself a body from Iron Man Armor and took over the Iron Legion. The HYDRA armors and factory were later co-opted by Ultron to manufacture numerous drones that contained his programming that aided in his goal to devastate the planet.
    • In Spider-Man: Homecoming, a new Iron Man Armor was shown in the live-action film where Tony Stark used a remote controlled one that operated through a WiFi connection allowing him to operate it in America whilst he was in India with him speaking to Spider-Man in it. He later piloted it himself where he sent it along with drones to save a ferry that was damaged in a battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture.
    • In Avengers: Infinity War, Stark had constructed a new version of the armor known as the Iron Man Armor: Mark L that featured in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This version was constructed with advanced nanotechnology that formed into various tools as needed by its wearer. This included forming a booster rocket on the legs for going into space, shaping arms into powerful gun emplacement and even forming blades. It was equipped on the person and formed around them when activated.
  • In Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United, the Armor was primarily used by Tony Stark in the animated movie. Taskmaster was shown to had stolen the Mark 6 Stealth Armor from the Vault at Stark's floating aircraft carrier. After decrypting its security, he modified it for himself and called himself the Ironmaster. Later, Tony built a suit of armor for Captain America that resembled the Iron Patriot suit.

Video games

  • In Iron Man, the Iron Man Armor and its various models appeared in the 2008 video game adaptation of the live-action MCU film.
  • In Marvel Heroes, various models of Iron Man Armor appeared in the MMORPG video game.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, the various models of Iron Man Armors appeared as alternate skins for Iron Man in the fighting video game.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Iron Man Armor appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. Various models of the Armor was utilised by Tony Stark who also constructed Iron Drones that operated at Avengers Tower. Ultron after enhancing himself used his source code to hack the technology of the Tower and take over the Iron Drones to be reformatted to serve him.



Iron Man Armors in All New Iron Manual v1 #1.
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