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Chad Kaplan
Chain SumeragiChairface Chippendale
ChakashiChakotayChaldea Security Organization
Chalice (Assassin's Creed)Challenger (Marvel)Challengers of the Unknown
Chamber (Marvel)Chamber of LifeChamber of Lost Souls
Chameleon (Marvel)Chameleon CircuitChampion of the Universe
Champions of RajaatChampions of XandarChamunda
Chance (Marvel)Chandilar
Chang WufeiChannel D
ChanseyChantry (Dragon Age)Chaos
Chaos (Disney's Aladdin)Chaos (Dragonlance)Chaos (Exo-Squad)
Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog)Chaos (Transformers)Chaos Dwarfs
Chaos EmeraldsChaos Space MarinesChaos Theory
Chaos WastesChaotic Evil
Chaotic GoodChaotic NeutralChar
Char (Starcraft)Char (Transformers Japan)Char Aznable
Charger (Bionicle)Charles Ashford
Charles CanmoreCharles Conliffe
Charles Edward PrendickCharles Faversham
Charles GroverCharles HallingfordCharles Marlowe
Charles McNiderCharles Reynolds AinsleyCharles Stanforth
Charles WestonCharles Winlett
Charles zi BritanniaCharlieCharlie-27
Charlie (Jonny Quest)Charlie (King Kong)Charlie (Masters of the Universe Film)
Charlie (Resident Evil)Charlie (SWAT Kats)Charlie (Slimer)
Charlie (The Clone)Charlie (Universal Monsters)
Charlie DeglerCharlie GeresonCharlie Kline
Charlie WeidermanCharlotte Jones (Marvel)Charniputra
Charon (Fire Force)Charon Convention
CharrCharr (Guild Wars)Charred Council
CharybdisChas Chandler (DC)Chase, Cordelia
Chase (Resident Evil)Chase MeridianChase Stein
Chaser John DoeChaste (Marvel)Chateau Richelieu
Chattar LalChattur'gha
Checkmate (DC)CheetahCheetah (DC)
Cheetah (DC Animated)Cheetah (Gold Digger)Cheetah (Super Friends)
Cheetara (ThunderCats)Chemical KingChemo (DC)
Chen (Indiana Jones)
Cherry WilsonChervilCheshire (DC)
Cheshire Cat (Marvel)Chest of CortésChesterfield, Dargon
ChewbaccaCheyarafimChi-Chi (Dragon Ball)
Chico (Universal Monsters)ChiefChief (DC)
Chief Amphibious Reconnaissance Operations NetworkChief Atacama
Chief Detective OkitaChief Guard (Indiana Jones)Chief Inspector Harborne
Chief NishimuraChief Petty Officer GleasonChief Rabbit
Chief TagawaChieftain (Indiana Jones)
Chieftain (Pirates of Dark Water)Chig WarChigs
Children's LandChildren of Ares (DC)Children of Knowledge
Children of ODINChildren of Tomorrow (Marvel)Children of YMIR
Children of the Black Sun (Arcana Studio)Children of the CathedralChildren of the Change
Children of the LightChildren of the VaultChildren of the White Lobe
Chimera (Marvel)Chimera (Resistance)
Chimera AntsChimera Institute
Chimera Sui GenerisChimera strains (Resistance)
ChimerasChina White (DC)Chiropteran
Chiros (Kong)ChissChitauri (Marvel)
Chitauri (Ultimate Marvel)Chizome AkaguroChizuru Kagura
Chloe SullivanChlorophyll KidChoji Akimichi
Chomolonzo (Cursed Mountain)ChopshopChoy
ChozoChris (Slimer)Chris Bradley
Chris KL-99Chris Kent (DC)Chris Redfield
Christian FrostChristie (Dead or Alive)Christine (Proteus)
Christine EverhartChristmas JonesChristopher Blair
Christopher Pike (Star Trek)
Chrollo LucilferChronic Environmental Distress Syndrome
ChronicomsChroniton TorpedoChronological Transformers Books
Chronological Transformers DreamwaveChronological Transformers EvolutionsChronological Transformers Generations
Chronological Transformers IDWChronological Transformers MarvelChronological Transformers Marvel UK
Chronological Transformers Marvel USChronological Transformers Minicon BooksChronological Transformers Minicon Dreamwave
Chronological Transformers New IDWChronological Transformers PaniniChronological Transformers Regeneration
ChronomancerChronomancyChronos (Black Cat)
Chronos (DC)Chronos CorporationChronos Stone
Chronovore (Marvel)Chthon (Marvel)
Chu Sing LingChuck Danton
Chuck WilsonChuckles (G.I. Joe)
Chunk (DC)Church of Artificial IntelligenceChurch of Blood (DC)
Church of Eternal LifeChurch of Humanity (Marvel)Church of Humanity Unchained
Church of ScienceChurch of the Final AtonementChuya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs)
Ci-Kat-ACicada (DC)Cimmerians
CindarrCindy Lennox
Cinnamon (DC)Cipher Key (Riddle of the Sphinx)Cipher Pol
Cir-ElCirce (DC)Circle of Magi (Dragon Age)
Circle of the Black ThornCircus (Karneval)Circus of Crime
Circus of StrangeCiri (The Witcher)Cissie Summerly
Citadel (DC)Citadel (Mass Effect)Citizen V
Citizens Protection BureauCity of BrassCity of Brass (Dungeons and Dragons)
City of Brass (disambiguation)City of the FutureCity of the Space Gods (Marvel)
Civil Cooperation Bureau (Elysium)Cla'dekCla'mon
Clair AokiClaire RedfieldClaire Temple
Claire Voyant (Marvel)Clamp CenterClan Akkaba
Clan AskaniClan McDuckClan Yashida (Marvel)
ClankerClans (Battletech)Clara Oswald
Clare (Claymore)ClarenceClarence Boddicker
Clark AshtonClark Kent (Smallville)Clash (Marvel)
Class MClaude Bellasarious
Claude MortonClaudio SerafinoClaus
Clay QuartermainClayfaceClaymore (group)
CleaClean Wrestler
CleanersCleaners (Resident Evil)Cleghorn
CleraCletus KasadyCliff Carmichael
Cliff GunsCliff Screechers
Cliff SteeleClifton Thorndike
Climate ConverterClinton, Liz
Clive RestonCloak of Isis
Cloak of LevitationClock KingClock King (Batman (1966 TV))
Clock King (DC Animated)Clock King (disambiguation)Clocktower (DC)
Cloisters (Doctor Who)Clone
Clone (The Clone)Clone Clan
Clone TroopersClone WarsCloneblade
Clones (City of Lost Children)Cloths (Saint Seiya)Cloud 9 (Marvel)
Cloud ContinuityCloud FortressClover (Cloverfield)

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