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50,000 years ago50,000 years from now500,000 years ago
500,000 years from now500 million years ago500 million years from now
50 Cents: Get Rich or Die Tryin" (Album)50 million years ago
50 million years from now50th Century50th Century BC
51st Century51st Century BC52nd Century BC
53rd Century BC54th Century BC55th Century BC
569 BC56th Century BC57th Century BC
58th Century BC59th Century BC5 billion years ago
5 billion years from now5 million years ago5th Dimensional Imps
60,000 years from now600 million years ago
60 million years ago60th Century60th Century BC
61st Century BC62nd Century BC63rd Century
63rd Century BC642 BC64th Century BC
65865th Century BC666
666 (Christian)666 (Kingdom Come)666 (disambiguation)
66th Century BC67th Century
67th Century BC68th Century68th Century BC
69th Century BC70,000 years from now700 Wonders of the Universe
700 million years ago70 million years ago
70th Century BC712713
714715716 BC
71st Century BC72272nd Century BC
73673773rd Century BC
74074th Century BC75,000 years ago
75375775th Century
75th Century BC761762
76776th Century BC771 BC
77th Century BC78th Century BC
7979th Century BC80,000 years from now
800 million years ago
80 million years ago80th Century BC
87887th Century
90,000 years from now
900 million years ago90 million years ago
98698th Century
A'larsA.D.A.M. (Sonic the Hedgehog)A.E.G.I.S. (The Tick)
A.F. Arret
A.R.M.O.R.A.T.O.M. Exosuit
AI WarAMAZOAM (I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream)
APE (Darling in the Franxx)APTX 4869APU
ARCAM CorporationARMSARM (Total Annihilation)
ASC Rumble BeeAT-AT WalkerAT-ST
AV7A (Naruto)Aang
Aaron (Resident Evil)Aaron Davis (Marvel)
Aaron VricellaAaroniero ArruruerieAasimar
Abaddon the DespoilerAbathur (Starcraft)Abbey Chase
Abby HollandAbby SinianAbdul Alhazred
Abdul Alhazred (Marvel)Abdul Alhazred (disambiguation)Abe Sapien
AbelAbel (Matrix)
Abel (disambiguation)Abel NightroadAbh
Abigail BrandAbigail WhistlerAbin Sur
AbkaniAble CrownAble Cuvier
Abner DoolittleAbner JenkinsAbner Ravenwood
Abomination (Marvel)AbominusAbra
Abra Kadabra (DC)Abraham CorneliusAbraham Erskine
Abraham Lincoln (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)Abraham SetrakianAbraham Whistler
Abraxas (Marvel)AbraxisAbsalom (Darksiders)
Absolute (Dawn of Magic)AbsorbasconAbsorbing Man
Abstergo IndustriesAbyssAbyss (Conan Animated)
Abyss (DC)Abyss (Dungeons and Dragons)Abyss (Judaism)
Abyss (Marvel)Abyssal LordsAcademy City (A Certain Magical Index)
Academy of Art and BerserkernessAcademy of Prescient Justice
Academy of the Arcane ArtsAcantiAccelerator (A Certain Magical Index)
Accretia EmpireAce
Ace (DC)Ace (DC Animated)Ace (Resident Evil)
Ace ChemicalsAce LondonAce o' Clubs
Ace the Bat-HoundAchebe (Marvel)Achelois
Acheron EmpireAchilles MiloAcnologia
Acolytes (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)Acolytes (Marvel)Acrata (DC)
Ad Dei LucemAda WongAdam
Adam (Buffy-Angel)Adam (Doctor Who)Adam Frankenstein (I, Frankenstein)
Adam IIAdam Jensen (Deus Ex)Adam Kane
Adam MonroeAdam Project (Soldier)Adam Strange
Adam WarlockAdam X the X-TremeAdamantium
Addams Forte Chevalier
Adeline WilsonAdepta Sororitas
Adeptus CustodesAdeptus Mechanicus
AdityasAdjustment Bureau (The Adjustment Bureau)Admiral Ackbar
Admiral DaalaAdmiral Winfield
Adria (Stargate)Adrian Chase
Adrian ShephardAdric
Adrienne FrostAdurists (The Devil's Tomb)Advanced Idea Mechanics
Advent (SotSE)Adversary (Marvel)
AdzeAegeus (DC)
Aegis ShieldAen ElleAeon Illuminate
Aereons (X-COM)AerialbotsAeroTech Industries (Space: Above and Beyond)
AerodronesAeryn SunAfanc (Merlin)
AfterHours (album)AfterHours by NyneAfter Colony
Afterlosing by NyneAgamottoAgatha
Agatha (Pokemon)Agatha De LaceyAgatha Faversham
Agatha HarknessAge (Heroic Age)Age of Apocalypse
Age of SorrowsAged GenghisAgent (Marvel)
Agent (The Matrix)Agent 47
Agent BrownAgent H
Agent HinkelAgent JAgent Jackson
Agent JohnsonAgent JonesAgent K
Agent Karen LacyAgent KramerAgent L

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