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Cla'dekCla'monClaire Redfield
Claire TempleClamp CenterClan Akkaba
Clan AskaniClan Yashida (Marvel)Clanker
Clans (Battletech)Clara OswaldClare (Claymore)
ClarenceClarence BoddickerClark Ashton
Clark Kent (Smallville)Clash (Marvel)
Class MClaude BellasariousClaude Morton
Claudio SerafinoClaus
Clay QuartermainClayfaceClaymore (group)
CleaClean Wrestler
CleanersCleaners (Resident Evil)Cleghorn
CleraCletus KasadyCliff Carmichael
Cliff GunsCliff Screechers
Cliff SteeleClifton Thorndike
Climate ConverterClinton, Liz
Cloak of IsisCloak of Levitation
Clock KingClock King (Batman (1966 TV))Clock King (DC Animated)
Clock King (disambiguation)Clocktower (DC)
Cloisters (Doctor Who)CloneClone (The Clone)
Clone ClanClone Troopers
Clone WarsClonebladeClones (City of Lost Children)
Cloud 9 (Marvel)Cloud ContinuityClover (Cloverfield)
Clover KingdomClovisClow Reed
Club ToadCluemasterCoach and Horses Inn
Coalition of Ordered GovernmentsCoast CityCobalt Blue
Cobb Cereal Corporation
Cobra-laCobra IslandCobra Organization
Coda (Wildstorm)Code: Blue
Code Red (Marvel)Codename: AssassinCoffy
Cold SpotCold WarriorsColdcast
ColdfireColdfire (Luke Cage)
Cole MacGrathCole Turner
Colin King (Valiant Entertainment)Collapse (Deus Ex)Collector (Marvel)
Collectors (Andromeda)Collectors (Mass Effect)Colleen Wing
College ProfessorColonelColonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt
Colonel AdyeColonel Castle
Colonel DimitriColonel DyerColonel Feyador
Colonel GroggColonel HellerColonel Jannings
Colonel JorgensonColonel KashirinColonel Masters
Colonel MusgroveColonel NikolaiColonel Salazar
Colonel SlammerColonel TurnerColonel Tusker
Colonel Weissner
Colonel Wyatt-TurnerColonial Drive
Colonial Navy (Colony Wars)Colony (The Atom)Colorless King
ColossusColossus (Fantastic Four 1994 Film)Colossus (Marvel)
Colossus (X-Men Evolution)Colossus RhodesColour Out of Space (Cthulhu Mythos)
Comanche (Marvel)Combine (Half-Life)
Combined Intelligence (Silver Surfer)Comet GuyComet News Company
Comet QueenComfort StationCommand School (Ender's Game)
Command WordCommander AmericaCommander Bennett
Commander BrotonCommander CarterCommander Dogstar
Commander FarragutCommander GherantCommander Harris
Commander IgarCommander KrilCommander Kruge
Commander SegawaCommando 1
Commando 1 & 2Commando 2Commissar Yarrick
Commission of Counter GhoulCommission on Superhuman Activities
Commissioner WahCommon YearCommunications Toad
Company (Heroes)Compass
Composite ManComputer Assisted Biologically Augmented LifeformComputer Council (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)
Computer Elimination Location Intelligence Negation EngineComputo (DC)Conan Antonio Motti
Conan McClellandConcordance Extraction CorporationConduit (DC)
Conduit (Roswell Conspiracies)ConfederacyConfederacy (Starcraft)
Confederacy of Independent SystemsConglomerate (DC)
Conjurer (Bionicle)
Conner McKnightConnie Stromwell
Connor (Buffy-Angel)Connor Hawke
Conrad StaufferConseil
Consensus of PartsConsolidated Cooperation and Relations CommandConsortium (Total Recall 2070)
Constable GroomConstable JaffersConstans
Constant Academy of Magical ArtsConstantine DrakonConstanze
ConstitutionConstitution ClassConstrictor
Constrictor (DC)Constrictor (Marvel)Constrictus
Construct (DC)Consumer GoodsContact (The Culture)
Containment UnitContinental Hotel (John Wick)Continoma Project
Controller (Marvel)Controllers (DC)Converse, Mike
ConvoyConvoy (Beast Wars)Cookie-Cutter Missile
CoolerCooler's Armored Squadron
CooperCooper, Harry
Cooper, KarenCooper (Jurassic Park)Cooperative (Milestone)
Coordinators (Gundam)CopperheadCopperhead (Marvel)
Copycat (Marvel)Cordelia FrostCorey
Corinthian (DC)Corn Crinkles
Cornelia li BritanniaCorneliusCornelius (Planet of the Apes Films)
Cornelius StirkCornell CottonmouthCorona Aurora
Corporal GuntherCorporal HigginsCorporal Merkel
Corporal MuellerCorporation (Marvel)Corpus
Corpus (Warframe)Corran Horn
Corsair (Marvel)Corsi, BartolomeoCortana
Cortexin (DC)CortexiphanCorto Maltese (DC)
CoruscantCorvinus StrainCorvo Attano
Corvus GlaiveCorypheusCosmic Boy
Cosmic CapCosmic CubeCosmic Ghost Rider
Cosmic HulkCosmic KeyCosmic King
Cosmic TreadmillCosmo's DinerCosmo Entelecheia
Cosmo the SpacedogCosmos Colonist Army (Battlezone)Cotati (Marvel)
CottonCottonmouthCottonmouth (Marvel)
Council (DC)Council of 98 (Legendary)Council of Five
Council of GodheadsCouncil of Merlin (DC)Council of Shadows
CountCount (Captain N)
Count DookuCount Lippe
Count NefariaCount VertigoCount Viper (DC)
Count ZarkCount Zaroff
Count von BluchenwortenCounter-Earth (Marvel)Countess Scarlioni
Court of OwlsCourtney WhitmoreCousin Jeffrey
CovenaCovenant (Halo)
Covenant of PrimusCovingtonCrackpotkin Plan
Cracks of DoomCrane (Zoanoid)
Crash ManCrash Man (Captain N)
Crash Man (disambiguation)Crasniye Solleetsi
Crawler (The Descent)Crazy Gang (Marvel)
Crazy JaneCrazy SuesCrease
Creation EngineCreation MatrixCreators
Creators (Guyver)Creature (Ice Queen)Creature Commandos

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