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Coach and Horses InnCoalition of Ordered GovernmentsCoast City
Cobalt BlueCobb Cereal Corporation
Cobra-laCobra (Marvel)
Cobra CommanderCobra IslandCobra Organization
Coda (Anthem)Coda (Wildstorm)
Code: BlueCode Red (Marvel)Codename: Assassin
Cold SpotCold Warriors
ColdcastColdfireColdfire (Luke Cage)
Cole MacGrath
Cole TurnerColin King (Valiant Entertainment)Collapse (Deus Ex)
Collective ManCollector (Marvel)Collectors (Andromeda)
Collectors (Mass Effect)Colleen WingCollege Professor
Colleges of Magic (Warhammer Fantasy)ColonelColonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt
Colonel AdyeColonel Castle
Colonel DimitriColonel DyerColonel Feyador
Colonel GroggColonel HellerColonel Jannings
Colonel JorgensonColonel KashirinColonel Masters
Colonel MusgroveColonel NikolaiColonel Salazar
Colonel SlammerColonel TurnerColonel Tusker
Colonel Weissner
Colonel Wyatt-TurnerColonial Drive
Colonial Navy (Colony Wars)Colony (The Atom)Colorless King
ColossusColossus (Fantastic Four 1994 Film)Colossus (Marvel)
Colossus (X-Men Evolution)Colossus RhodesColour Out of Space (Cthulhu Mythos)
Comanche (Marvel)Combine (Half-Life)
Combined Intelligence (Silver Surfer)Comet GuyComet News Company
Comet QueenComfort StationCommand School (Ender's Game)
Command WordCommander AmericaCommander Bennett
Commander BrotonCommander CarterCommander Dogstar
Commander FarragutCommander GherantCommander Harris
Commander IgarCommander KrilCommander Kruge
Commander SegawaCommando 1
Commando 1 & 2Commando 2Commissar Yarrick
Commission of Counter GhoulCommission on Superhuman Activities
Commissioner WahCommon YearCommunications Toad
Company (Heroes)Compass
Composite ManComputer Assisted Biologically Augmented LifeformComputer Council (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)
Computer Elimination Location Intelligence Negation EngineComputo (DC)Conan Antonio Motti
Conan McClellandConan the BarbarianConcordance Extraction Corporation
Conduit (DC)Conduit (Roswell Conspiracies)Confederacy
Confederacy (Starcraft)Confederacy of Independent SystemsConglomerate (DC)
Conjurer (Bionicle)
Conner McKnight
Connie StromwellConnor (Buffy-Angel)Connor Hawke
Conrad Stauffer
ConseilConsensus of PartsConsolidated Cooperation and Relations Command
Consortium (Total Recall 2070)Constable GroomConstable Jaffers
ConstansConstant Academy of Magical ArtsConstantine Drakon
ConstanzeConstitutionConstitution Class
ConstrictorConstrictor (DC)Constrictor (Marvel)
ConstrictusConstruct (DC)Consumer Goods
Contact (The Culture)Containment UnitContinental Hotel (John Wick)
Continoma ProjectController (Marvel)Controllers (DC)
Converse, MikeConvoyConvoy (Beast Wars)
Cookie-Cutter MissileCoolerCooler's Armored Squadron
Cooper, HarryCooper, KarenCooper (Jurassic Park)
Cooperative (Milestone)Coordinators (Gundam)Copperhead
Copperhead (G.I. Joe)Copperhead (Marvel)Copycat (Marvel)
Cordelia FrostCoreyCorinthian (DC)
Corn CrinklesCornelia li Britannia
CorneliusCornelius (Planet of the Apes Films)Cornelius Stirk
Cornell CottonmouthCorona AuroraCorporal Gunther
Corporal HigginsCorporal MerkelCorporal Mueller
Corporation (Marvel)CorpusCorpus (Warframe)
Corran HornCorsair (Marvel)
Corsi, BartolomeoCortanaCortexin (DC)
CortexiphanCorto Maltese (DC)Coruscant
Corvinus StrainCorvo AttanoCorvus Glaive
CorypheusCosmic BoyCosmic Cap
Cosmic CubeCosmic Ghost RiderCosmic Hulk
Cosmic KeyCosmic KingCosmic Treadmill
Cosmo's DinerCosmo EntelecheiaCosmo the Spacedog
Cosmos Colonist Army (Battlezone)Cotati (Marvel)Cotton
CottonmouthCottonmouth (Marvel)
Council (DC)Council of 98 (Legendary)Council of Five
Council of GodheadsCouncil of Merlin (DC)Council of Shadows
CountCount (Captain N)
Count DookuCount Lippe
Count NefariaCount VertigoCount Viper (DC)
Count ZarkCount Zaroff
Count von BluchenwortenCounter-Earth (Marvel)Countess Scarlioni
Court of OwlsCourtney RossCourtney Whitmore
Cousin JeffreyCovena
Covenant (Halo)Covenant of PrimusCovington
Crackpotkin PlanCracks of DoomCrane (Zoanoid)
Crash Man
Crash Man (Captain N)Crash Man (disambiguation)
Crasniye SolleetsiCrawler (The Descent)
Crazy Gang (Marvel)Crazy JaneCrazy Quilt (DC)
Crazy SuesCreaseCreation Engine
Creation MatrixCreatorsCreators (Guyver)
Creature (Ice Queen)Creature Commandos
Creed DiskenthCreeper (DC)Creeplings
CreepshowCreepshow CreepCrescent (Marvel)
Crest (Taboo Tattoo)Crime BibleCrime Doctor (DC)
Crime MasterCrime Syndicate of AmericaCrimson
Crimson BrigadeCrimson Clan RobotCrimson Denizens
Crimson DynamoCrimson FoxCrimson Gem of Cyttorak
Crimson GuardCrimson KingCrimson Viper
CrinothCrisis on Infinite EarthsCrispus Allen
Crites (Critters)Crix Madine
CrockerCroix Meridies
CromCrom-YaCromartie (Terminator)
Cross-Species VirusCross Technological EnterprisesCrossbones (Marvel)
Crossfire (Marvel)Crowley (Supernatural)Crush
Crush (DC)CrushboneCrusnik
CryNet Enforcement and Local LogisticsCryonsCryotube
Crysis weaponsCrystal (Bucky O'Hare)Crystal (Marvel)
Crystal ChamberCrystal PeakCrystal Skull (Indiana Jones)
Crystal Skull of AkatorCrystal Touch
CrystalineCthonian (Battlezone)Cthugha

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