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Weapon HWeapon P.R.I.M.E.Weapon Plus
Weapon XWeapons MasterWeasel (Marvel)
Weather Report (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)Weather WizardWeatherby Swann
WeaverWeazelWeb War
WeberWeber's WorldWebra Walters
WebspinnerWebwayWedge Antilles
Weed (Plastic Man)Weedle
Weeper (DC)Weeping Angels
Weeping MonkWeird SistersWeird Sisters (Gargoyles)
Weird Sisters (disambiguation)WeirdworldWell World
Well of EchoesWell of Forever
WemicWendell VaughnWendigo (Marvel)
WendolsWendy Marvell
Wendy SmithWereaardvarkWerechicken
WerewolfWerewolf by Night
WerfenWerner von StruckerWes Janson
Wesley (Marvel)Wesley Dodds
Wesley Owen WelchWesley Wyndam-PryceWessel, General Redd
Wet Suit (G.I. Joe)Weyland-YutaniWeyoun
Whale ProbeWheelers
Whip (DC)Whiplash (Marvel)
Whirlwind (Marvel)Whisper A'Daire
WhiteWhite Apes (Barsoom)
White CanaryWhite CouncilWhite Event
White Fox (Marvel)White GuardianWhite Hole
White Hole (Transformers)White Hole (disambiguation)White Lion
White Lotus Society (Mortal Kombat)White MagicianWhite Martians (DC)
White OrphanageWhite Rabbit (Marvel)White Scars
White Star (Babylon 5)White Star (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)White Tiger (Heroes for Hire)
White Triangle (DC)White WalkerWhite Witch
White Witch (DC)White ZetsuWhiteley
Whitey (Darkman)Whitney (The Most Dangerous Game)Whitney Chang
Wiccan (Marvel)
Wicked (Marvel)Wicket W. WarrickWicksteed
Widget (Marvel)Widowmaker (Overwatch)Wiffle Boy
Wig .45WilberryWild Bill (G.I. Joe)
Wild Child (Marvel)Wild Dog (DC)Wild Pack
Wild Weasel (G.I. Joe)Wildebeest SocietyWildfire (DC)
Wildfire (Quality)Wildfire ProjectWildstar (DC)
Wilfred GlendonWilhelm StrasseWilhelm Wilner
Wilhelmina “Billie” ChurchWilhuff TarkinWilkie
Wilkins, Edna Mae
WillWill (King Kong)
Will (Resident Evil)Will MagnusWill Payton
Will TurnerWill o'WispWill o'Wisp (Dungeons and Dragons)
Will o'Wisp (Gargoyles)Will o'Wisp (Quest for Glory)Will o' the Wisp (Marvel)
Willard Decker
William AdamaWilliam BartonWilliam Bell (Fringe)
William BirkinWilliam Boone (Earth: Final Conflict)William Borg
William Burnside (Marvel)William CorvinusWilliam Frankenstein
William RikerWilliam Stryker
William Truman-Lodge
Willie LumpkinWillie Spears
Willis StrykerWillow RosenbergWilma Northrup
WinathWind Dancer
Wing (DC)Winged Monkeys
Wingmen of ThanagarWinifred Burkle
Winn SchottWinnowill
Winston, LorraineWinston (Overwatch)Winter Guard
Winter KnightWintergreen (DC)
Wisdom Inc. (EOE: Eve of Extinction)Wise Man (Unbreakable Machine-Dolls)
Wise Owl (DC)WishWitch-King of Angmar
Witch (Brynhildr in the Darkness)Witch (Emerald City)Witch (Witch Hunter Robin)
Witch Cult (Re:Zero)Witchers (The Witcher)Witchfire (DC)
Witchfire (Marvel)Witchforce FiveWitness (Marvel)
WizardWizard (DC)Wizard (Marvel)
Wizard (disambiguation)Wolf (Yautja)
Wolf Frankenstein
Wolfram & HartWolfram and HartWolfsbane (Marvel)
Wolverine-type SentinelsWolverine (Marvel)Wombatman
Wonder Boy (DC)Wonder GirlWonder Man
Wonder TwinsWonder WomanWong, Lisa
Wong-ChuWong (Marvel)
Wood Elves (Warhammer Fantasy)Wood Man
Wood Man (Captain N)Wood Man (disambiguation)Woods, Cliff
WoolongWoozy WinksWord Bearers
WorfWorkforce (DC)World Championship Wrestling
World Counter-terrorism AgencyWorld Engine (Man of Steel)World Forger
World Government (One Piece)World Martial Arts TournamentWorld Wide Net
World Wrestling EntertainmentWorld Wrestling FederationWorldengine (Marvel)
Worm (Labyrinth)WormsWorms (Monster Rancher)
Worthy (Marvel)Wotan (DC)
Wraith (DC)Wraith (Kree)
Wraith (Primal)Wraith (Stargate)
Wraith HiveshipWrath-AmonWrath (DC)
Wrecker (Marvel)Wreckers (Transformers)Wrecking Ball (Overwatch)
Wrecking Crew (Marvel)
WrestlingWritings of Dramius
Wu (Godzilla)Wunda (DC)Wundagore
Wundarr the AquarianWyatt HalliwellWyatt Wingfoot
Wydell, Lt. GeorgeWyldboys
Wyvern ClanX'HalX, Agent
X, AndrewX-2X-23
X-CorporationX-CutionerX-Factor Investigations
X-MansionX-MenX-Men Marvel Universe Part 1
X-Men Marvel Universe Part 2X-Men Marvel Universe Part 3X-Men Marvel Universe Part 4
X-Men Marvel Universe Part 5X-Men Marvel Universe Part 6X-Men Marvel Universe Part 7
X-Men Marvel Universe Part 8X-Ray GlassesX-Series (Dark Angel)
X-TerminatorX-Terminator (disambiguation)X-Terminators
X Parasite
X the UnknownXa-DuXada-Hgla
Xadia (The Dragon Prince)XaltotunXana
XanatosXanatos, Alexander Fox
Xanatos, PetrosXanatos Enterprises

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