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SoaronSobekSobek (DC)
Social Welfare Agency (Gunslinger Girl)Societas EruditorumSociety for Historical Authenticity
Society of Conscious ThoughtSociety of Light (Yu-Gi-Oh)Society of Shadows
Society of the Golden WingSocketSodalitas Quaerito (Miracles)
Sodam YatSofia Constantinas
Sofia Falcone GiganteSokka
SolForceSolaris (DC)Solaris (planet)
Solas (Dragon Age)SolexSolf J. Kimblee
Solid SnakeSollgel IslandSolo (Marvel)
Solomon (Witch Hunter Robin)
Solomon Grundy (DC)Solomon KaneSolomon Petresun
SolovarSolstice (DC)
Soma CruzSombra (Overwatch)Something to Tide You Over
Son GotenSonar (DC)
Songbird (Marvel)Sonic the Hedgehog
Sons of IpswichSons of Loki (Thor: Hammer of the Gods)
Sons of Mithras (Da Vinci's Demons)Sons of SatannishSons of Trigon
Sons of YinsenSons of the SerpentSontarans
Sonya BladeSoranik NatuSorcerer
Sorcerer's of ZeroSorcerer-King
Sorcerer (Dungeons and Dragons)Sorcerer (Gargoyles Video Game)Sorcerer Supreme
Sorcerers' WorldSorcerors (Escaflowne)
SosiquiSoul Cube (Doom)
Soul GemSoul Hunter (Babylon 5)Soul Quest
Soul Reaver (Legacy of Kain)Soul Society (Bleach)Soul World
Souls (The Host)Source (DC)
Source WallSousuke Sagara
Soviet Super-SoldiersSpace-SpawnSpace Ark
Space CabbieSpace Marines (Warhammer 40,000)Space Monsters (Gunbuster)
Space PhantomsSpace RangersSpace Titanium
Space War ISpace Wolves (Warhammer 40,000)Spaceknights
Spacing GuildSpacing Guild HeighlinerSpark
Spark (GI Joe)Spark (Transformers)Spark Man
Spark Man (Mega Man)Spark Man (United Features)Sparkle
Sparrow (Marvel)Spartan (Spartan: Total Warrior)Spartan (Wildstorm)
Spartan FederationSpartoi (Marvel)Sparx (DC)
SpeakSpear (Marvel)Spear of Destiny (DC)
Spear of Triam (Wrath of the Titans)Special CircumstancesSpecial Fire Force
Special Hazardous Operations CyborgSpecial Judicial SquadSpecial Operations Division (Read or Die)
Special Research Projects Administration
Specialist WizardSpecies (alien species)
Species 8472Species 8472 bioshipSpectral Knights
Spectre (DC)Spectre (Mass Effect)Speed (Marvel)
Speed Demon (Marvel)Speed ForceSpeed Metal
Speed Metal (DC)Speed Queen (DC)Speed Saunders
Speedbag by NyneSpell of Humility
Spell of Living StoneSpellbinder (DC)Spellbook of Hope
Spencer MansionSpencer RainSpencer Smythe
Spetznaz Guard Brigade (EndWar)Sphere (Prey)
Sphere (device)Sphere Builders
Spheres of PowerSphinx (Marvel)
SpiceSpice (Batman Films)Spice (Dragon Ball)
Spice BoysSpider-CarnageSpider-Man
Spider-Man's SuitSpider-Man NoirSpider-Slayers
Spider-UKSpider (Arachnia)Spider (DC)
Spider Chain MissileSpider ConwaySpider Girl
Spider GuildSpider MissileSpider Queen (Marvel)
Spider SeekersSpider SocietySpidrax
SpikeSpike (Batman Films)Spike (Buffy-Angel)
Spike (Darkwing Duck)Spike (Mighty Max)Spike Spiegel
Spinner (Bionicle)Spira (Final Fantasy)
Spiral (Marvel)SpireSpirit (G.I. Joe)
Spirit BombSpirit KingSpirit World (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Spirit of the AbyssSpirits of Vengeance (Marvel)Spitfire (Marvel)
Splice o'LifeSplicersSpline (Xeelee Sequence)
Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
SpockSpookhouse (organization)Spore (Marvel)
Sports WorldSportsmasterSpot (Marvel)
Spriggans (Spriggan)Sprite (Marvel)Spruce's General Store
Spy Divas
Spy Network Black Ops Special ServiceSpy RosterSpyke
SpyralSpyre (Marvel)Spyros Pappadimos
Squadron 253Squadron 76Squadron Sinister
Squadron SupremeSquadron of JusticeSquamous Blast
Squaresly, MayorSquat (Warhammer 40,000)Squid (Batman)
Squid (Marvel)Squirrel GirlSsard
St. AlexisSt. CanardSt. Canard University
Stacy DolanStacy MyersStaff Sergeant Ehrlich
Staff Sergeant HermannStaff of Set
Stagg EnterprisesStahma Tarr
Stalker (G.I. Joe)Stallman, Cornelia
Stampede (BraveStarr)StanStan (Creepshow)
Stan (Resident Evil)Stand (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Star-LordStar (Marvel)Star Brand (object)
Star ChildStar City (DC)Star City Slayer
Star CommandStar DestroyerStar Forge
Star MetalStar Metal (Conan Animated)Star Metal (Dragonlance)
Star SapphireStar Sapphire (disambiguation)Star Sapphire Corps
Star of HobokenStar of SorrowStar of Threbe
Starbrand CorpsStarbreaker (DC)Stardust (Marvel)
Starfire (Teen Titans)Starfish IslandStarfleet
Starfleet AcademyStarforce (Marvel)Stargate (device)
Stargate CommandStarhavenStarhawk (Marvel)
Starheart (DC)StarjammersStark
Stark (Farscape)Stark (Marvel)
Stark IndustriesStark Pod (Iron Man: Armored Adventues)Stark Tower
Starkiller (Star Wars)Starkiller BaseStarlight (Marvel)
StarlinerStarling (DC)Starman (DC)
StarmieStarroStarro-tech (Young Justice)
StarscreamStarscream (Armada)Starscream (Beast Wars)
Starscream (disambiguation)Starseed (Known Space)Starway (Heroic Age)
Stasis PodStasis TubeState Alchemist
State Security (Honorverse)Station 3Staton
StavrosStealth Suit
Stecca Fog
Steel ClanSteel SerpentSteel Spider

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