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C.C. (Code Geass)C.J. (Rapper)
CLU 2COSMOS (Spriggan)CV-1000
CYCabal (Blood Omen 2)
Cabal (Destiny)Cabal (Marvel)Cabal (disambiguation)
Cabal of Pure ThoughtCabal of ScrierCabalis Nocturnum
Cabinet Intelligence ServiceCabinet of Shadows (Virgin Comics)Cable (Marvel)
Cabrool NuumCad BaneCade Skywalker
Cadre (DC)Cadre KCaesar (Planet of the Apes)
Caesar Anthonio ZeppeliCafe Leonan
Café LeonanCaiera
Cain (I, Vampire)Cain (RoboCop)
Cain NightroadCairo Swordsman
Caitlin FairchildCaitlin SnowCalculator (DC)
Caldari StateCaleb (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Calendar Man
Caliban (Marvel)California Games World
CalimaCallie Briggs
Callisto (Marvel)
Calvin (Life)Calvin Henderson
Calvin Lupus SmytheCalvin RoseCalypso (Marvel)
CamaxtliCamelot (DC)Cameron
Cameron (Terminator)Cameron (Transformers)Cameron Hodge
Cameron Mitchell (Stargate)CammiCamouflage Beast (Primeval)
Camp Hammond (Marvel)Campion
Campion Bond
Campione (Campione!)Canaan (character)Canard Tower
CanardiumCanary Project (The Strain)Canderous Ordo
Candlemaker (DC)Candra (Marvel)Canmore
Canmore, AngusCanmore, Aron
Canmore, Fiona
Canmore (Gargoyles)Cannonball (Marvel)Capbearer
Capellan ConfederationCapricorn (Inkworld)
CapronaCaptain (Hellsing)Captain Action
Captain Airstrip-OneCaptain AlbionCaptain Atlas
Captain AtomCaptain BellamyCaptain Bennett
Captain BewilCaptain Big NastyCaptain Boomerang
Captain BriggsCaptain BritainCaptain Britain Corps
Captain CampionCaptain ClownCaptain Cold
Captain ColtonCaptain CometCaptain Davies
Captain DonahueCaptain Englehorn
Captain GinyuCaptain GrimalkenCaptain Holly
Captain HotspurCaptain KagiCaptain Kallic
Captain KhurgeeCaptain KraseCaptain Kreuger
Captain KusakariCaptain LanelleCaptain Lawton
Captain MohlerCaptain MossCaptain Müller
Captain NashCaptain NaziCaptain Nemo
Captain NielsenCaptain PanakaCaptain Phasma
Captain PrescottCaptain RexCaptain Ross
Captain SarkliCaptain SesslerCaptain Shiner (ThunderCats)
Captain SkodaCaptain SmadaCaptain Stanley
Captain TalbotCaptain Turner
Captain UniverseCaptain VervainCaptain Victory
Captain WagnerCaptain Warburg
Captain YamotoCaptain of the GuardCaptain von Brauchitsch
Captain von SchoenvortsCardassian Union
CardassiansCardiac (Marvel)Cardinal Jinette
Caretaker (Marvel)
CarlCarl (It's Walky)
Carl (Robots in Disguise)Carl DenhamCarl Draper
Carl GrissomCarl Maia
Carl StantzCarlie CooperCarlist Rieekan
CarloCarlos Brubaker Olivera
Carlos OliveraCarlos Oliveria
Carlton DrakeCarlyCarly (It's Walky)
Carmel Maria SheaCarmilla (Vampire Hunter D)
Carmilla BlackCarmine FalconeCarnahan
CarnictusCarol DanversCarol Ferris
Carol HinesCarol SoamesCaroline Frankenstein
CarolingiansCarpathian Dragons
Carrier (Wildstorm)Carrington InstituteCarrionette
CarsonCarson BeckettCartagia
Cartaphilus (The Ancient Magus' Bride)Carter
Carter (Resident Evil)Carter Hall (DC)
CartomancyCartwright Jones
Casey Brown
Casket of Ancient WintersCasket of the AgesCaspian (Highlander)
Cass BlaineCassandra CainCassandra Lang
Cassandra NovaCassandra PentaghastCassian Andor
Cassidy CornellCassie Cage
Cassie SandsmarkCastamir
Castaway CorporationCaster Shells
Castiel (Supernatural)Castithans
Castle DoomCastle DraculaCastle Grayskull
Castle WyvernCastle YarvenCastle of the Crystal
CastletownCastrovalvaCatCo Worldwide Media
Cat GrantCathay (Warhammer Fantasy)
Catherine CobertCathexisCathexis (DC)
CathyCathy (It's Walky)Catman (DC)
Catspaw (DC)CatwomanCavalry Command (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)
Cave IslandCavorite (Princess Principal)Cayde-6
CeCe BeckCecil, NedCecil Carpenter
Cecilia ReyesCelareonsCeleste McCauley
Celestial BeingCelestial DigimonCelestial Intervention Agency
Celestial MinistryCelestial OrderCelestial Toymaker
Celestials (Marvel)CellCell Games
Cell JuniorsCellular Memory Review (Continuum)Celsius (DC)
Celtic (Yautja)Cement Machine Gun
Cenobite (Hellraiser)CentauriCentauri (Babylon 5)
Centauri (Last Starfighter)Centauri PrimeCentauri Republic
Central City (DC)Central City Police DepartmentCentral Organization of Police Specialists
Central Robot Control MatrixCentre (DC)Century Babies
Century Club (Marvel)Ceph (Crysis)Cerberus (Marvel)
Cerberus (Mass Effect)CerebratesCerebro (Marvel)
Ceremony of the SunCeremorphosisCeres Project (Neocron)
Cerise (Marvel)Cersei LannisterCervantes de Leon
Chad Kaplan
Chairface ChippendaleChakashiChalice (Assassin's Creed)
Challenger (Marvel)Chamber (Marvel)Chamber of Life
Chamber of Lost SoulsChameleon (Marvel)Chameleon Circuit
Champion of the UniverseChampions of RajaatChampions of Xandar
ChamundaChance (Marvel)

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