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Bähbem FoundationBêlit (Conan)C'Thun
C-3POC-VirusC.C. (Code Geass)
C.J. (Rapper)C24
COSMOS (Spriggan)CV-1000
CYCabal (Blood Omen 2)Cabal (Destiny)
Cabal (Marvel)Cabal (disambiguation)Cabal of Pure Thought
Cabal of ScrierCabalis NocturnumCabinet Intelligence Service
Cabinet of Shadows (Virgin Comics)Cable (Marvel)Cabrool Nuum
Cad BaneCade SkywalkerCadre (DC)
Cadre KCaesar (Planet of the Apes)Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
Cafe LeonanCafé Leonan
Cagalli Yula AthhaCagastersCaiera
Cain (I, Vampire)Cain (RoboCop)
Cain Madhouse
Cain NightroadCairo SwordsmanCaitlin Fairchild
Caitlin SnowCal DurhamCal Kestis
CaladanCalculator (DC)Caldari State
Caleb (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Calendar Man
Caliban (Marvel)California Games World
CalimaCallie Briggs
Callisto (Hercules-Xena)Callisto (Marvel)
CaltikiCalvin (Life)
Calvin HendersonCalvin Lupus Smythe
Calvin RoseCalypso (Marvel)Camaxtli
Camelot (DC)CameronCameron (Terminator)
Cameron (Transformers)Cameron ChaseCameron Hodge
Cameron Mitchell (Stargate)CammiCammy
Camouflage Beast (Primeval)Camp Hammond (Marvel)
Campion BondCampione (Campione!)Cana Alberona
Canaan (character)Canard TowerCanardium
Canary Project (The Strain)Canderous OrdoCandlemaker (DC)
Candra (Marvel)Candyman (character)Canmore
Canmore, AngusCanmore, Aron
Canmore, Fiona
Canmore (Gargoyles)Cannonball (Marvel)Capbearer
Capellan ConfederationCapricorn (Inkworld)
CapronaCaptain (Hellsing)Captain Action
Captain Airstrip-OneCaptain AlbionCaptain America
Captain AtlasCaptain AtomCaptain Bellamy
Captain BennettCaptain BewilCaptain Big Nasty
Captain BoomerangCaptain BriggsCaptain Britain Corps
Captain CampionCaptain CarrotCaptain Clown
Captain ColdCaptain ColtonCaptain Comet
Captain DaviesCaptain Donahue
Captain EnglehornCaptain GinyuCaptain Grimalken
Captain HarlockCaptain HollyCaptain Hotspur
Captain KagiCaptain KallicCaptain Khurgee
Captain KraseCaptain KreugerCaptain Kusakari
Captain LanelleCaptain LawtonCaptain Marvel (Marvel)
Captain MohlerCaptain MossCaptain Müller
Captain NashCaptain NaziCaptain Nemo
Captain NielsenCaptain PanakaCaptain Phasma
Captain PrescottCaptain RexCaptain Ross
Captain SarkliCaptain Scarlet (character)Captain Sessler
Captain Shiner (ThunderCats)Captain SkodaCaptain Smada
Captain StanleyCaptain StingareeCaptain Talbot
Captain TriumphCaptain Turner
Captain UniverseCaptain VervainCaptain Victory
Captain WagnerCaptain Warburg
Captain Wonder (Timely)Captain YamotoCaptain of the Guard
Captain von BrauchitschCaptain von Schoenvorts
Cara DuneCardassian UnionCardassians
Cardia BeckfordCardiac (Marvel)Cardinal Jinette
Caretaker (Marvel)
Carina TivanCarl
Carl (It's Walky)Carl (Robots in Disguise)Carl Denham
Carl DraperCarl Grissom
Carl MaiaCarl StantzCarlie Cooper
Carlist RieekanCarlo
Carlos Brubaker OliveraCarlos OliveraCarlos Oliveria
Carlton DrakeCarly
Carly (It's Walky)Carmel Maria Shea
Carmilla (Vampire Hunter D)Carmilla BlackCarmine Falcone
CarnahanCarnictusCarol Danvers
Carol FerrisCarol HinesCarol Soames
Caroline FrankensteinCarolingiansCarpathian Dragons
Carrier (Wildstorm)Carrington Institute
Carrion (Marvel)CarrionetteCarson
Carson BeckettCartagiaCartaphilus (The Ancient Magus' Bride)
CarterCarter (Resident Evil)
Carter Hall (DC)Carth Onasi
CartomancyCartwright Jones
Casey BrownCasey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Casket of Ancient WintersCasket of the Ages
Caspian (Highlander)Cass BlaineCassandra Cain
Cassandra LangCassandra NovaCassandra Pentaghast
Cassian AndorCassidy CornellCassie Cage
Cassie ChanCassie Sandsmark
Cassiopeia (League of Legends)Castamir
Castaway CorporationCaster Shells
Castiel (Supernatural)Castithans
Castle DoomCastle DraculaCastle Grayskull
Castle WyvernCastle YarvenCastle of the Crystal
CastletownCastrovalvaCatCo Worldwide Media
Cat GrantCatalina Flores
Cathay (Warhammer Fantasy)Catherine CobertCatherine Halsey
CathexisCathexis (DC)Cathy
Cathy (It's Walky)Catman (DC)Catseye (Marvel)
Catspaw (DC)CatwomanCavalier (DC)
Cavalry Command (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Cave IslandCavorite (Princess Principal)
Cayde-6CeCe BeckCecil, Ned
Cecil CarpenterCecilia ReyesCelareons
Celeste McCauleyCelestial BeingCelestial Digimon
Celestial Intervention AgencyCelestial MinistryCelestial Order
Celestial ToymakerCelestials (Marvel)Cell
Cell GamesCell JuniorsCellular Memory Review (Continuum)
Celsius (DC)Celtic (Yautja)
Cement Machine GunCenobite (Hellraiser)Centauri
Centauri (Babylon 5)Centauri (Last Starfighter)Centauri Prime
Centauri RepublicCentaurians (Marvel)Central City (DC)
Central City Police DepartmentCentral Organization of Police SpecialistsCentral Robot Control Matrix

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