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Cabal (Blood Omen 2)Cabal (Destiny)Cabal (Marvel)
Cabal (disambiguation)Cabal of Pure ThoughtCabal of Scrier
Cabalis NocturnumCabinet Intelligence ServiceCabinet of Shadows (Virgin Comics)
Cable (Marvel)Cabrool NuumCad Bane
Cadre (DC)Cadre KCaesar (Planet of the Apes)
Caesar Anthonio ZeppeliCafe Leonan
Café LeonanCaiera
Cain (I, Vampire)Cain (RoboCop)
Cain NightroadCairo Swordsman
Caitlin FairchildCaitlin SnowCalculator (DC)
Caldari StateCaleb (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Calendar Man
Caliban (Marvel)California Games World
CalimaCallie Briggs
Callisto (Marvel)
Calvin (Life)Calvin Henderson
Calvin Lupus SmytheCalvin RoseCalypso (Marvel)
CamaxtliCamelot (DC)Cameron
Cameron (Terminator)Cameron (Transformers)Cameron Hodge
Cameron Mitchell (Stargate)CammiCamouflage Beast (Primeval)
Camp Hammond (Marvel)Campion
Campion Bond
Campione (Campione!)Canaan (character)Canard Tower
CanardiumCanary Project (The Strain)Canderous Ordo
Candlemaker (DC)CanmoreCanmore, Angus
Canmore, Aron
Canmore, Fiona
Canmore (Gargoyles)
Cannonball (Marvel)CapbearerCapellan Confederation
Capricorn (Inkworld)Caprona
Captain (Hellsing)Captain ActionCaptain Airstrip-One
Captain AlbionCaptain AtlasCaptain Atom
Captain BellamyCaptain BennettCaptain Bewil
Captain Big NastyCaptain BoomerangCaptain Briggs
Captain BritainCaptain Britain CorpsCaptain Campion
Captain ClownCaptain ColdCaptain Colton
Captain CometCaptain Davies
Captain DonahueCaptain EnglehornCaptain Ginyu
Captain GrimalkenCaptain HollyCaptain Hotspur
Captain KagiCaptain KallicCaptain Khurgee
Captain KraseCaptain KreugerCaptain Kusakari
Captain LanelleCaptain LawtonCaptain Mohler
Captain MossCaptain MüllerCaptain Nash
Captain NaziCaptain NemoCaptain Nielsen
Captain PanakaCaptain PhasmaCaptain Prescott
Captain RexCaptain RossCaptain Sarkli
Captain SesslerCaptain Shiner (ThunderCats)Captain Skoda
Captain SmadaCaptain StanleyCaptain Talbot
Captain TurnerCaptain Universe
Captain VervainCaptain Victory
Captain WagnerCaptain WarburgCaptain Yamoto
Captain of the GuardCaptain von Brauchitsch
Captain von SchoenvortsCardassian UnionCardassians
Cardiac (Marvel)Cardinal JinetteCaretaker (Marvel)
CarlCarl (It's Walky)Carl (Robots in Disguise)
Carl DenhamCarl DraperCarl Grissom
Carl MaiaCarl Stantz
Carlie CooperCarlist RieekanCarlo
Carlos Brubaker OliveraCarlos Olivera
Carlos OliveriaCarlton Drake
CarlyCarly (It's Walky)Carmel Maria Shea
Carmilla (Vampire Hunter D)Carmilla Black
Carmine FalconeCarnahanCarnictus
Carol DanversCarol FerrisCarol Hines
Carol SoamesCaroline FrankensteinCarolingians
Carpathian DragonsCarrier (Wildstorm)
Carrington InstituteCarrionetteCarson
Carson BeckettCartagiaCartaphilus (The Ancient Magus' Bride)
CarterCarter (Resident Evil)
Carter Hall (DC)Cartomancy
Cartwright Jones
Casey BrownCasket of Ancient Winters
Casket of the AgesCaspian (Highlander)Cass Blaine
Cassandra CainCassandra LangCassandra Nova
Cassandra PentaghastCassian AndorCassidy Cornell
Cassie CageCassie Sandsmark
CastamirCastaway Corporation
Caster ShellsCastiel (Supernatural)Castithans
Castle DoomCastle Dracula
Castle GrayskullCastle WyvernCastle Yarven
Castle of the CrystalCastletownCastrovalva
CatCo Worldwide MediaCat Grant
Cathay (Warhammer Fantasy)Catherine CobertCathexis
Cathexis (DC)CathyCathy (It's Walky)
Catman (DC)Catspaw (DC)Catwoman
Cavalry Command (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Cave IslandCavorite (Princess Principal)
Cayde-6CeCe BeckCecil, Ned
Cecil CarpenterCecilia ReyesCelareons
Celeste McCauleyCelestial BeingCelestial Digimon
Celestial Intervention AgencyCelestial MinistryCelestial Order
Celestial ToymakerCelestials (Marvel)Cell
Cell GamesCell JuniorsCellular Memory Review (Continuum)
Celsius (DC)Celtic (Yautja)
Cement Machine GunCenobite (Hellraiser)Centauri
Centauri (Babylon 5)Centauri (Last Starfighter)Centauri Prime
Centauri RepublicCentral City (DC)Central City Police Department
Central Organization of Police SpecialistsCentral Robot Control MatrixCentre (DC)
Century BabiesCentury Club (Marvel)Ceph (Crysis)
Cerberus (Marvel)Cerberus (Mass Effect)Cerebrates
Cerebro (Marvel)Ceremony of the SunCeremorphosis
Ceres Project (Neocron)Cerise (Marvel)Cervantes de Leon
Chad KaplanChairface Chippendale
ChakashiChalice (Assassin's Creed)Challenger (Marvel)
Chamber (Marvel)Chamber of LifeChamber of Lost Souls
Chameleon (Marvel)Chameleon CircuitChampion of the Universe
Champions of RajaatChamunda
Chance (Marvel)Channel D
ChanseyChantry (Dragon Age)Chaos
Chaos (Disney's Aladdin)Chaos (Dragonlance)Chaos (Exo-Squad)
Chaos (Sonic the Hedgehog)Chaos (Transformers)Chaos Dwarfs
Chaos EmeraldsChaos Space MarinesChaos Theory
Chaos WastesChaotic Evil
Chaotic GoodChaotic NeutralChar

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