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Pnakotic ManuscriptsPo (Kung Fu Panda)Pocket Universe aliens (Andromeda)
PodlingsPoe DameronPoehler
Point Man (F.E.A.R.)Point Singularity Projector
Poison (Bionicle)Poison Ivy (DC)Poke Ball
PokemonPokemon LeaguePokenip
Polar BoyPolar QueenPolaris (Marvel)
PolemachusPolka-Dot ManPolyidus
PonchPontak Hypergland
Pool of Eternity LifePoolePorphyrion (Hercules)
Port BurdockPort MafiaPort Stowe
Portage InitiativePortals (Earth: Final Conflict)
Porter C. PowellPortgas D. Ace
PorthosPorygonPoseidon (DC)
PosiduckPositive Energy Plane
Positive MatterPost-Humans (Ghost in the Shell)
Potion of the Psychotic KillerPow Wow Smith
PowerThug47Power (Dungeons and Dragons)
Power Booster RodPower Booster Rod (It's Walky)Power Booster Rod (disambiguation)
Power BoyPower BrokerPower Company
Power CosmicPower FistPower Girl
Power Man (Marvel)Power PadPower Princess
Power RingPower Ring (Crime Syndicate)
Power Ring (disambiguation)Power WomanPower Word Blind
Power by Ice-T
Powers That Be (Buffy-Angel)
PoxPraetorian Guard (Spider-Man)
Prank (The Batman)Prankster (Charlton)Prankster (DC)
Pratt InternationalPraxisPraxis (Sanctuary)
Praying GargoylePre-CrimePre Vizsla
PredaconsPredacons (Beast Wars)
Predacons (Dreamwave)Predacons (Robots in Disguise)Predacons (disambiguation)
Predator (DC)Predator (alien)Predator X
PremonitionPresence (DC)
Presence (Marvel)PreserversPresident Lindberg
President SkroobPrestonPreston Payne
Pretorius (The Mask: Animated Series)PreusPride (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Pride (Marvel)Pride TroopersPriest (Fifth Element)
Priests of PamaPriests of RathmaPrima Macula
PrimacronPrimacron's AssistantPrimal (Marvel)
Primal StonesPrimal Wars
Primarchs (Warhammer 40,000)Prime (Malibu)Prime Directive
Prime EvilsPrime MerlineanPrime Sentinels
Prime Wars Trilogy ContinuityPrimordsPrimrose
PrimusPrimus (Dungeons and Dragons)Primus (Pirates of Dark Water)
Primus (Transformers)Prince (Prince of Persia)Prince Evillo
Prince GavynPrince Kro-Tan
Prince OlympiusPrince Ra-ManPrince Thun
Prince of OrphansPrincess (Conan)
Princess AnankaPrincess AuraPrincess Felicia
Princess FernPrincess IrulanPrincess Leia
Princess ProjectraPrincess PythonPrincipality of Zeon
Prior (Stargate)Priscilla (Claymore)
Prison 42Private EhrichPrivate Latimer
Private MitchellPrivate WyattProdigium (The Mummy)
Proemial GodsProfessorProfessor (Fans)
Professor (Superman (Fleischer))Professor Carter Nichols
Professor ChromedomeProfessor CrackpotkinProfessor Erik
Professor FrançoisProfessor GibbsProfessor Hackle
Professor HayashidaProfessor IsokawaProfessor Ivo
Professor KusumiProfessor Lampini's Chamber of Horrors
Professor MactilburghProfessor MarkovitzProfessor Minami
Professor MoliartyProfessor MuraiProfessor Ochanomizu
Professor OjoProfessor OliverProfessor Phobos
Professor PotterProfessor PowerProfessor Pyg
Professor RedwoodProfessor StantonProfessor Thorton
Professor TirrellProfessor TriffidProfessor Waddlemeyer
Professor WaguraProfessor WhitakerProfessor Winser
Professor XProfessor Zygote
Progenitor (Homeworld)Progenitor VirusProgenitors (Marvel)
Program: AliceProgressive Aging SyndromeProject 318
Project 7734Project 9Project Abraham
Project ArcturusProject AresProject Ascension (Ascension)
Project BackstepProject CadmusProject Clockwork (Intelligence)
Project ContactProject Deathspore (RoboCop)
Project GatewayProject GeminiProject Helix
Project IETProject IcarusProject Livewire
Project ManticoreProject MindstormProject Monarch (Godzilla)
Project New OrderProject NineProject Noah (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)
Project Noah (The Passage)Project OriginProject P.E.G.A.S.U.S.
Project Paragon
Project PerseusProject Phoenix (Rogue Ops)Project Purgatory (Marvel)
Project Quantum LeapProject Ragna RokProject Re-Genesis
Project RebirthProject RedstockProject Rehab
Project Rising SpiritProject SoloProject Spitfire
Project StarcoreProject SunsetProject Tic-Toc
Project TitanProject Vampir SturmProject Wideawake
Project Zero DawnProlesPrometheans (Halo)
Prometheus (DC)Prometheus (Starsiege)Prometheus (disambiguation)
Prometheus ChamberPromethium XPromicin
Prophets (Star Trek)Prosh (Marvel)
ProteusProteus (DC)Proteus (Gargoyles)
Proteus (Hercules-Xena)Proteus (Marvel)Proteus (Marvel Animated)
Proteus (disambiguation)Proteus ProjectProthean
ProtocanthProtocideProtoculture (Macross)
ProtodevilnProtomatterProtomatter (Dungeons and Dragons)
Protomatter (Star Trek)ProtomoleculeProton Missile
Proton PacksProton TorpedoProtoss
Prototype (Malibu)ProtyProwl
Prowl (Beast Wars)ProwlerProwler (Marvel)
Proxima MidnightProxyProxy (Planescape)
Psi-VirusPsi (DC)Psi Corps
Psi DisruptorPsi DivisionPsimon
Psions (DC)PsiotsPsychic Corps (Command and Conquer)
Psychlo (Battlefield Earth)Psycho-ManPsycho-Pirate
Psycho-Pirate (DC Animated Comics)Psycho-Pirate (disambiguation)Psycho (Max Steel)
Psycho MantisPsycho Rangers
Psychohistory (Foundation)Public Security Section 9Public Surveillance Unit
Puck (Marvel)Puddle Jumpers (Stargate)Puff Adder (Marvel)
Pui PuiPulp Spore

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