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Fabian CortezFabian StankowiczFabius Bile
FabrinaFace Dancer
Faceless HuntersFaceless Ones (Marvel)
FacetsFaction ParadoxFaction War
Factol Hashkar's ReignFade (Dragon Age)Fae (Carnival Row)
Faerie (DC)Fafnir (Marvel)Fairies (Fairy Gone)
FairweatherFairy Tail (guild)Faith (Buffy-Angel)
Faith (DC)Faith HerbertFalcon
Falcon (G.I. Joe)Falcon (Superman (Fleischer))
FalconeFalden AbbeyFallen
Fallen (Destiny)Fallen (Transformers)Fallen (WoD)
Fallen One (Marvel)False Face (DC)
False Face Society (DC)False Super SaiyanFaluzure
Familiars (Dark Angel)FandralFang
Fang (Marvel)FangoFantastic Five
Fantastic Five (Marvel 2)Fantastic Five (disambiguation)Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four IncorporatedFantasticarFantomelle
Fara IslandFarfetch'd
Farley ClaymoreFarley StillwellFarpoint Station
FarragherFat Bastard
Fat Clown
Fat Cobra (Marvel)Fatal FiveFatal Fluffies
Fatale (Marvel)Fatality (DC)Fate Alteration
Fate Alteration EngineFate AverruncusFather's Day
Father (Fullmetal Alchemist)Father (Marvel)Father Box
Father Time (DC)
Fatso GribbensFaust VIIIFawcett City
Fear EffectFear ToxinFearenside
Fearsome FiveFearsome Five (DC)Fearsome Hand of Four
February 1February 10
February 11February 12February 13
February 14February 15February 16
February 17February 18February 19
February 2February 20February 21
February 22February 23February 24
February 25February 26February 27
February 28February 29February 3
February 4February 5February 6
February 7February 8February 9
Federal Expeditionary CorpsFederal Reproductive BoardFederal States of America
Federated CommonwealthFedoraFeist
Fel AndarFeldsparFelicia Hardy
Felicity HardyFelicity SmoakFelina Feral
Felix De LaceyFelix FaustFell
Fellowship of Saint Giles (Dresden Files)Feltrite (RAGE)Female Furies
Fenix (StarCraft)Fenris (Dragon Age)Fenris (Marvel)
Fenris Wolf (Marvel)Ferai (Primal)
Feral (Marvel)Ferdinand (DC)Ferengi
Ferengi AllianceFerenginarFerix
Ferrin ColosFerris Aircraft
Ferris BoyleFestering DeathFestum (Fafner in the Azure)
Fever (DC)
Fiend (Dungeons and Dragons)Fiend with Twenty Faces
Fiery PitFifth Doctor
Fifth Treasure of RuleFilth Monsters (Chrome Shelled Regios)
Fin Fang FoomFinella
Finesse (Marvel)Finishing Buster
Finn (Star Wars)FinsterFiore (Fairy Tail)
FireStarter (FireStarter)Fire (DC)Fire Breather
Fire Demons (Marvel)Fire Drake (Spider-Man Unlimited)
Fire FlowersFire ManFire Man (Captain N)
Fire Man (disambiguation)Fire NationFire People
Fire Power (Iron Man animated)Fire Reaper (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Fire Trolls (DC)FireballFireball (Charmed)
Fireball (Chrono Cross)Fireball (Dragon Ball)Fireball (Dungeons and Dragons)
Fireball (Ogre Battle)FirebendingFirebird (Marvel)
Firebrand (DC)Firebrand (Marvel)Firebugs
FireflightFirefly (DC)Firefly (G.I. Joe)
Firefly (The Batman)FiregrassFirehawk (DC)
Firelord (Marvel)Firepower (Marvel)Firestar (Marvel)
Firestorm (DC)Firmus PiettFirst Ancestral Race
First Born (DC)First Contact WarFirst Cybertronian War
First DoctorFirst Evil
First OnesFirst Order (Star Wars)First Prime (Stargate)
First Robotech War
First SpeakerFirst Treasure of RuleFirst of the Fallen
FirstbornFirstborn (Jericho)Firstborn (Space Odyssey)
Fishface (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Fist of Yog-SothothFitorFive-U-93-R
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart TechniqueFive Sepulchers (Poltergeist: The Legacy)Fiver
Fixer (Marvel)FixxFizzgig
Fl@mboFlag-SmasherFlame Keepers' Circle (Ben 10)
Flaming Mirror of TenhFlamingo (DC)Flareon
FlargFlarg (Darkwing Duck)Flash's Costume Ring
Flash (DC)Flash (G.I. Joe)Flash Man
Flash Man (Captain N)Flash Man (disambiguation)Flash Museum
Flash ThompsonFlashbulb MissileFlask Plan
Flat-Space technologyFlatman (Marvel)Flax
Flea MenFleet of Fog
Fleming, USSFletch Agronsky
Fleur-de-Lis (DC)Fleurs du MalFlexarium
Flies of MordorFlint (Marvel)
Flintheart GlomgoldFlodo SpanFlood (Halo)
Flora ColossusFlora CranleyFlora Mackenzie
Flora McKenzieFlower
Flower (The Lost World)Fluffy
Fluid of LifeFlux (Marvel)Flux Capacitor
Fly (Spider-Woman)FlygirlFlying Graysons
Flying Officer TremayneFlywheelsFocoids
FoddenFoggy NelsonFoghorn
Fold (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)Folken FanelFollowers of Apocalypse (Marvel)
Followers of RomulusFomor (Marvel)
Food of the GodsFoolkillerFoot Clan
For Your Eyes OnlyForager (DC)Forbidden Zone
Force (Marvel)Force LightningForced Evolutionary Virus (Fallout)
Fordham, BillyForehead
Foreigner (Marvel)ForerunnerForerunner (DC)
Forerunners (Halo)Forerunners (The History of the Galaxy)
Foreshadow (Lexx)Forest (Origin: Spirits of the Past)Forest Speyer
Forever City of the High EvolutionaryForever KnightsForever People
ForfarForge (Doctor Who)Forge (Marvel)

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