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Space-SpawnSpace ArkSpace Marines (Warhammer 40,000)
Space Monsters (Gunbuster)Space PhantomsSpace Rangers
Space TitaniumSpace War ISpace Wolves (Warhammer 40,000)
SpaceknightsSpacing GuildSpacing Guild Heighliner
SparkSpark (GI Joe)Spark (Transformers)
Spark ManSpark Man (Mega Man)Spark Man (United Features)
SparkleSpartan (Spartan: Total Warrior)Spartan Federation
Spartoi (Marvel)Sparx (DC)Speak
Spear of Destiny (DC)Spear of Triam (Wrath of the Titans)Special Circumstances
Special Hazardous Operations CyborgSpecial Judicial SquadSpecial Operations Division (Read or Die)
Special Research Projects Administration
Specialist WizardSpecies (alien species)
Species 8472Species 8472 bioshipSpectre (DC)
Spectre (Mass Effect)Speed (Marvel)Speed Force
Speed MetalSpeed Metal (DC)Speed Saunders
Speedbag by NyneSpell of Humility
Spell of Living StoneSpellbook of Hope
Spencer Mansion
Spencer RainSpencer SmytheSpetznaz Guard Brigade (EndWar)
Sphere (Prey)Sphere (device)
Sphere Builders
Spheres of PowerSphinx (Marvel)Spice
Spice (Batman Films)Spice (Dragon Ball)Spice Boys
Spider-CarnageSpider-ManSpider-Man's Suit
Spider-SlayersSpider-UKSpider (Arachnia)
Spider (DC)Spider Chain MissileSpider Conway
Spider GuildSpider MissileSpider Queen (Marvel)
Spider SeekersSpider SocietySpidrax
SpikeSpike (Batman Films)Spike (Buffy-Angel)
Spike (Darkwing Duck)Spike (Mighty Max)Spike Spiegel
Spinner (Bionicle)Spiral (Marvel)
SpireSpirit BombSpirit World (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Spirit of the AbyssSpirits of Vengeance (Marvel)Splice o'Life
SplicersSpline (Xeelee Sequence)Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Spookhouse (organization)Sports WorldSpot (Marvel)
Spriggans (Spriggan)Spruce's General Store
Spy DivasSpy Network Black Ops Special Service
Spy RosterSpykeSpyral
Spyros PappadimosSquadron 253Squadron 76
Squadron SinisterSquadron SupremeSquamous Blast
Squaresly, MayorSquat (Warhammer 40,000)Sseth
Ssi-RuukSss'haaSt. Alexis
St. CanardSt. Canard UniversityStacy Dolan
Stacy MyersStaff Sergeant EhrlichStaff Sergeant Hermann
Staff of Set
Stagg EnterprisesStallman, Cornelia
Stampede (BraveStarr)StanStan (Creepshow)
Stan (Resident Evil)Stand (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)Stanisloff
Star Brand (object)Star ChildStar City (DC)
Star CommandStar DestroyerStar Forge
Star MetalStar Metal (Conan Animated)Star Metal (Dragonlance)
Star SapphireStar Sapphire (disambiguation)Star Sapphire Corps
Star of HobokenStar of SorrowStar of Threbe
Starbrand CorpsStarbreaker (DC)Stardust (Marvel)
Starfire (Teen Titans)Starfish IslandStarfleet
Starfleet AcademyStarforce (Marvel)Stargate (device)
Stargate CommandStarhavenStarhawk (Marvel)
Starheart (DC)StarkStark (Marvel)
Stark IndustriesStark Pod (Iron Man: Armored Adventues)Stark Tower
Starkiller (Star Wars)Starkiller BaseStarliner
Starman (DC)StarmieStarro
Starro-tech (Young Justice)StarscreamStarscream (Armada)
Starscream (Beast Wars)Starscream (disambiguation)Starseed (Known Space)
Starway (Heroic Age)Stasis PodStasis Tube
State AlchemistState Security (Honorverse)Station 3
Stealth Suit
Stecca FogSteel ClanSteel Serpent
Steel SpiderSteelbeak
SteinerStelStella Hayward
Stellar SwanSteltekStepford Cuckoos
Stephanie Brown (DC)Stephen BanningStephen Shin
Stephen WexlerSteppenwolf (DC)
Steppin' Razor (Marvel)Steve BurnsideSteve Dalton
Steve HumphreysSteve LombardSteve Martin
Steve TrevorSteven Lang (Marvel)Steven Teague
Stewards of Gondor
Stick (Marvel)
Stigmas (The Legend of the Legendary Heroes)Stingray (Marvel)
Stiyl Magnus
Stone (Chaste)Stone Mask (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)Stone Warriors
Stoneheart GroupStones (Fifth Element)Stones of Power
Storm (Marvel)Stormbreaker (Marvel)
StormtoadsStormtroopers (Star Wars)
Strack IndustriesStrange VisitorStranger (Marvel)
Strangers (Knowing)StrantStrategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations
Stratellites (G. I. Joe)Straw Hat PiratesStrawberry
StraxusStreet Fighting
Street Killer by Ice-T
Stricklander (Trollhunters)Strider
Strigoi (The Strain)Strigoi (Warhammer Fantasy)
Strike Force KobraStrikerStripe
Stripe (Gold Digger)Stripe (Gremlins)Strix (DC)
Strong GuyStryfeStryker's Island
Stuff (The Stuff)Stunner (Marvel)Stunticons
StuntronsSturmStygian Virus
Styles, ChandlerSuadelaSub-Electron Amplifier
Sub-Ether Drive (Outlaw Star)Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)Subcon
Subdermal governorsSublime (Marvel)Substance D
Subterranea (Marvel)Subterranean (Bionicle)
Sue DibnySuicide SquadSuigintou
Suit of SorrowsSuloise Dating
Sultan (Indiana Jones)SumiSummanus
Summanus (Cthulhu Mythos)Summanus (disambiguation)
Sun-EaterSun BoySun Imps
Sunfire (Marvel)Sungirl (DC)Sunglasses Henchman
Sunset BainSunshine DuWittSunspot (Marvel)

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