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F.E.A.R. (organization)F/A-37 Talon
FI-3 NeptuneFOWL
FOWL High CommandFOXHOUNDFabian Stankowicz
FabrinaFace Dancer
Faceless HuntersFaceless Ones (Marvel)
FacetsFaction WarFactol Hashkar's Reign
Fafnir (Marvel)FairweatherFairy Tail (guild)
Faith (DC)Falcon
Falcon (Superman (Fleischer))FalconeFalden Abbey
FallenFallen (Destiny)Fallen (Transformers)
Fallen (WoD)Fallen One (Marvel)
False Face Society (DC)False Super SaiyanFaluzure
Familiars (Dark Angel)FangFang (Marvel)
FangoFantastic FiveFantastic Five (Marvel 2)
Fantastic Five (disambiguation)FantasticarFantomex
FantosFaoraFara Island
Farfetch'dFarley Claymore
Farley StillwellFarpoint StationFarragher
Fat Bastard
Fat ClownFat Cobra (Marvel)
Fatal FiveFatal FluffiesFatality (DC)
Fate AlterationFate Alteration EngineFate Averruncus
Father's DayFather (Fullmetal Alchemist)Father (Marvel)
Father BoxFather Time (DC)
Fatso GribbensFaust VIII
Fawcett CityFayth
Fear-RingsFear EffectFear Toxin
FearensideFearsome FiveFearsome Five (DC)
Fearsome Hand of FourFebruary 1
February 10February 11February 12
February 13February 14February 15
February 16February 17February 18
February 19February 2February 20
February 21February 22February 23
February 24February 25February 26
February 27February 28February 29
February 3February 4February 5
February 6February 7February 8
February 9Federal Expeditionary CorpsFederal Reproductive Board
Federal States of AmericaFederated CommonwealthFedora
FeistFel AndarFeldspar
Felicia HardyFelicity HardyFelicity Smoak
Felina FeralFelix De LaceyFelix Faust
FellFellowship of Saint Giles (Dresden Files)Feltrite (RAGE)
Female FuriesFemtoFendahl
Fenix (StarCraft)Fenris (Marvel)
Fenris Wolf (Marvel)Ferai (Primal)
Feral (Marvel)FerengiFerengi Alliance
Ferrin ColosFerris AircraftFerris Boyle
Festering DeathFestum (Fafner in the Azure)
Fever (DC)Fiend
Fiend (Dungeons and Dragons)Fiend with Twenty Faces
Fiery PitFifth Treasure of Rule
Filth Monsters (Chrome Shelled Regios)Fin Fang Foom
FinellaFinesse (Marvel)
Finishing BusterFinn (Star Wars)
FinsterFiore (Fairy Tail)FireStarter (FireStarter)
Fire (DC)Fire BreatherFire Demons (Marvel)
Fire Drake (Spider-Man Unlimited)Fire Flowers
Fire ManFire Man (Captain N)Fire Man (disambiguation)
Fire NationFire PeopleFire Power (Iron Man animated)
Fire Reaper (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Fire Trolls (DC)
FireballFireball (Charmed)Fireball (Chrono Cross)
Fireball (Dragon Ball)Fireball (Dungeons and Dragons)Fireball (Ogre Battle)
FirebendingFirebird (Marvel)Firebugs
FireflightFirefly (DC)Firefly (The Batman)
FiregrassFirehawk (DC)Firelord (Marvel)
Firepower (Marvel)Firestar (Marvel)Firestorm (DC)
Firmus PiettFirst Ancestral RaceFirst Born (DC)
First Contact WarFirst Cybertronian WarFirst Evil
First OnesFirst Order (Star Wars)
First Prime (Stargate)First Robotech War
First SpeakerFirst Treasure of Rule
First of the FallenFirstbornFirstborn (Jericho)
Firstborn (Space Odyssey)Fist of Yog-Sothoth
FitorFive-U-93-RFive Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Five Sepulchers (Poltergeist: The Legacy)FiverFixx
FizzgigFl@mboFlame Keepers' Circle (Ben 10)
Flaming Mirror of TenhFlamingo (DC)Flareon
FlargFlarg (Darkwing Duck)Flash's Costume Ring
Flash (DC)Flash ManFlash Man (Captain N)
Flash Man (disambiguation)Flash MuseumFlash Thompson
Flashbulb MissileFlask PlanFlat-Space technology
FlaxFlea Men
Fleet of FogFleming, USS
Fletch AgronskyFleurs du MalFlexarium
Flies of MordorFlint (Marvel)
Flintheart GlomgoldFlodo SpanFlood (Halo)
Flora ColossusFlora CranleyFlora Mackenzie
Flora McKenzieFlowerFlower (The Lost World)
FluffyFluid of Life
Flux CapacitorFly (Spider-Woman)Flygirl
Flying GraysonsFlying Officer TremayneFlywheels
FocoidsFoddenFoggy Nelson
FoghornFold (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)Folken Fanel
Followers of Apocalypse (Marvel)Followers of RomulusFomor (Marvel)
Food of the GodsFoot Clan
For Your Eyes OnlyForager (DC)Forbidden Zone
Force LightningForced Evolutionary Virus (Fallout)Fordham, Billy
ForeheadForeigner (Marvel)
ForerunnerForerunner (DC)
Forerunners (Halo)Forerunners (The History of the Galaxy)Foreshadow (Lexx)
Forest (Origin: Spirits of the Past)Forest SpeyerForever City of the High Evolutionary
Forever KnightsForever PeopleForfar
Forge (Doctor Who)Forge (Marvel)Forge Project
Forge of Creation (Ben 10)Forgiven (Marvel)Forgotten One (Marvel)
Forsaken (Warcraft)Fortress Maximus
Fortress Maximus (Robots in Disguise)Fortress Maximus (disambiguation)Fortress of Solitude
Fortune Blood
Fountain of DestinyFour Horsemen (Highlander)Four Horsemen of Apokolips
Fourth Reich (DC)FoxFox's Department Store

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