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OuranOutburst (DC)Outer Gods
Outer PlanesOuter Space PatrolOutpost 1
Outriders (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Outsider (Known Space)
Outworld (Mortal Kombat)Overdrive (Marvel)Overlanders
OverlordOverlord (Ravenloft)Overlord (Savage Dragon)
Overlord (Transformers)Overlords (Childhood's End)Overman
OvermasterOvermindOvermind (Marvel)
Overmind (Starcraft)OverpowerOverwatch (group)
Ovu MobaniOwen Mercer (DC)
Owl (Marvel)Owlman (DC)Owsla
OwslafaOxygen DestroyerOya (Marvel)
OzOz (Gex)Oz (disambiguation)
Ozwell E. SpencerOzymandias (Marvel)Ozymandias (Watchmen)
Ozzie Wexler
PC BlakePKE MeterPacific Aerodyne
Pacifica (Fracture)Paco (DC)Padawan
PaddywhackPadishah EmperorPadmé Amidala
Padraic RatiganPah-Wraiths
Pai AyanokojiPaibok
Paige MatthewsPaikuhan
Palace of Eternity (DC)Paladin (Marvel)Paladins
Paladins (Dungeons and Dragons)Paladins (Jumper)Palantir
PaleobotanyPalificoPallet Town
PalpatinePalpatine Counterinsurgency Front
Pamela VoorheesPan-TransPan (Rise of the Argonauts)
Pan Asian CoalitionPan Ku BoxPan Pacific Defense Corps
PanaceaPanacea Potion
Panama HatPanato, ZaPanayis
PandawaPandawa PlaguePandemic (Marvel)
PanderansPandora's BoxPandora's Box (DC)
Pandora's Box (Terranigma)Pandora's Box (Tomb Raider)Pandora's Box (disambiguation)
Pandora's Temple (God of War)Pandora (Avatar)Pandora (Borderlands)
Pandora (DC)Pannacotta FugoPanopticon
Panopticon (DC)PanserbjørnePantheon (Marvel)
Panzer KunstPaoloPapa Midnite
Paper Doll (Marvel)Paracelsus (Warehouse 13)Parademons
Paradiso (Bayonetta)Paradox MachineParaelemental
Paraelemental Plane of IceParaelemental Plane of MagmaParaelemental Plane of Ooze
Paraelemental Plane of RainParaelemental Plane of SiltParaelemental Plane of Smoke
Paraelemental Plane of SunParaelemental PlanesParagus
Parallax (DC)Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters
Parasite (DC)Parasite (Faculty)
Parasite (Larva)Parasite (Puppet Master)Parasite (Slither)
Parasite (Unknown Origin)Parasites (Parasyte)Pariah (DC)
Paris CarverParker Industries
Parliament of LimbsParliament of TreesParnell Jacobs
Pars (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)Parsec, TyPassione (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
PastmasterPatPat (Buffy)
Pat DuganPat Kerrigan
PatamonPatch (Jonny Quest)
Patch (Night of the Big Beat)Patch Tribe (Shaman King)Patchwork Man
Pathfinder (Mass Effect)Patience PhillipsPatolli (Black Clover)
PatricePatricia Bauer
Patricia GroberPatricia Robertson (Marvel)
Patrick BradyPatrick West
Patrick ZalaPatsy WalkerPatty Spivot
PaulPaul (Proteus)Paul Ames
Paul AtreidesPaul GambiPaul Kirby
Paul Kirk (DC)Paul KramerPaul Latham
Paul MontfordPaul SmithPaul Stewart
Paul StokerPaul WestfieldPaula Brooks
Paula von GuntherPauly MazzuchelliPax Cybertronia
Pax Dei (DC)Pax EconomicaPaxton Fettel
Pazuzu (The Exorcist)Peacekeeper Command CarrierPeacekeepers (Farscape)
Peacemaker (DC)PearcePeek-a-Boo (DC)
Pegasus Device
Pegasus Galaxy (Stargate)Peggy CarterPei (Marvel)
PendorPenelope SmallbonePenguin (DC)
Peni ParkerPentacle (DC)Penthesilea (Warriors: Legend of Troy)
People of the Way (Andromeda)Pepper PottsPer Degaton
Peregrine (Marvel)Perez
Perez, MartinPergamum Codex
Perpetua (DC)Perpetual Holographic Avatar Nano Tech Offensive MonsterPerrikus
Perry WhitePerry White (Fleischer Superman)
Personal by Ice-TPersuader (DC)Persuasion (Marvel)
Pete RossPete Wisdom
Peter ArgylePeter BishopPeter Corbeau
Peter DrakePeter DruryPeter Fleming (The Cape)
Peter FrankensteinPeter GambiPeter Jenkins
Peter LenglePeter MerkelPeter Merkel Jr.
Peter Petrelli
Peter RookerPeter V. HigginsPeter W. Lengle
Peter YarbroPeters ManorPeterson
Petra (Marvel)Petra Laskov
Petra WilliamsPetrie's IslandPetrox Corporation
Petrox ExplorerPetrusitePeyton Wells
PhaederPhaeton (Exo-Squad)
Phaeton CityPhalanx (Marvel)
Phantom (Bionicle)Phantom (The Spirits Within)Phantom Books (The Mystic Archives of Dantalian)
Phantom GirlPhantom LadyPhantom Ranger
Phantom StrangerPhantom TroupePhantom Zone
Pharah (Overwatch)Pharos HerculesPharzoof
Phasing CrystalPhastos
PhenixPherkardPheta 7
Phil CoulsonPhil Urich
Philippus (DC)Phillip AmesPhillip Blumburtt
Phillip EvansPhillip Vandamm
Phillips (Doctor Who)Phillips Laboratory
Philosopher's Stone (Alone in the Dark)Philosopher's Stone (Fullmetal Alchemist)Phineas Horton
Phineas SharpPhist, DeuteronomyPhlebiac Brothers
Phobia (DC)Phoebe
Phoebe (Gargoyles)Phoebe (Greek Myth)Phoebe (disambiguation)
Phoenix Force (Marvel)Phoenix GatePhoenix Guard (G.I. Joe)
Phoenix LabsPhoenix ProjectPhoenix Unit
Phosphorus RexPhotonikPhotoplasmic Converter
Phyla-VellPhyllis AllenbyPhysically Independent Neural Network
PiccoloPicotech Regenerative Ordnance with a Tactically Evolving Adaptation Network
Picture NewsPiece of EdenPied Piper (DC)

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