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FiendFiend (Dungeons and Dragons)Fiend with Twenty Faces
Fiery Pit
Fifth DoctorFifth Treasure of Rule
Filth Monsters (Chrome Shelled Regios)Fin Fang Foom
FinellaFinesse (Marvel)Finishing Buster
Finn (Star Wars)Finster
Fiore (Fairy Tail)FireStarter (FireStarter)Fire (DC)
Fire BreatherFire Demons (Marvel)Fire Drake (Spider-Man Unlimited)
Fire FlowersFire Man
Fire Man (Captain N)Fire Man (disambiguation)Fire Nation
Fire PeopleFire Power (Iron Man animated)
Fire Reaper (Yu-Gi-Oh!)Fire Trolls (DC)Fireball
Fireball (Charmed)Fireball (Chrono Cross)Fireball (Dragon Ball)
Fireball (Dungeons and Dragons)Fireball (Ogre Battle)Firebending
Firebird (Marvel)FirebugsFireflight
Firefly (DC)Firefly (G.I. Joe)Firefly (The Batman)
FiregrassFirehawk (DC)Firelord (Marvel)
Firepower (Marvel)Firestar (Marvel)Firestorm (DC)
Firmus PiettFirst Ancestral RaceFirst Born (DC)
First Contact WarFirst Cybertronian WarFirst Doctor
First EvilFirst Ones
First Order (Star Wars)First Prime (Stargate)
First Robotech WarFirst Speaker
First Treasure of RuleFirst of the FallenFirstborn
Firstborn (Jericho)Firstborn (Space Odyssey)Fishface (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Fist of Yog-Sothoth
FitorFive-U-93-RFive Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Five Sepulchers (Poltergeist: The Legacy)FiverFixer (Marvel)
Flame Keepers' Circle (Ben 10)Flaming Mirror of TenhFlamingo (DC)
FlareonFlargFlarg (Darkwing Duck)
Flash's Costume RingFlash (DC)Flash (G.I. Joe)
Flash ManFlash Man (Captain N)Flash Man (disambiguation)
Flash MuseumFlash ThompsonFlashbulb Missile
Flask PlanFlat-Space technologyFlatman (Marvel)
FlaxFlea Men
Fleet of FogFleming, USS
Fletch AgronskyFleur-de-Lis (DC)Fleurs du Mal
FlexariumFlies of MordorFlint (Marvel)
Flintheart GlomgoldFlodo Span
Flood (Halo)Flora ColossusFlora Cranley
Flora MackenzieFlora McKenzie
FlowerFlower (The Lost World)
FluffyFluid of LifeFlux (Marvel)
Flux CapacitorFly (Spider-Woman)Flygirl
Flying GraysonsFlying Officer TremayneFlywheels
FocoidsFoddenFoggy Nelson
FoghornFold (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)Folken Fanel
Followers of Apocalypse (Marvel)Followers of RomulusFomor (Marvel)
Food of the GodsFoot Clan
For Your Eyes OnlyForager (DC)Forbidden Zone
Force (Marvel)Force LightningForced Evolutionary Virus (Fallout)
Fordham, BillyForehead
Foreigner (Marvel)ForerunnerForerunner (DC)
Forerunners (Halo)Forerunners (The History of the Galaxy)
Foreshadow (Lexx)Forest (Origin: Spirits of the Past)Forest Speyer
Forever City of the High EvolutionaryForever KnightsForever People
ForfarForge (Doctor Who)Forge (Marvel)
Forge ProjectForge of Creation (Ben 10)Forgiven (Marvel)
Forgotten HeroesForgotten One (Marvel)Formicoids
FormicsForrestalForsaken (Warcraft)
Fortress Maximus
Fortress Maximus (Robots in Disguise)Fortress Maximus (disambiguation)Fortress of Solitude
Fortune Blood
FoundationFountain of DestinyFour Freedoms Plaza
Four Horsemen (Highlander)Four Horsemen of ApokolipsFourth Doctor
Fourth Reich (DC)FoxFox's Department Store
Fox Avenue
Fox MulderFractured HumansFrancine Frye
Francine LangstromFrancis "Frank" Bartholomew ParkerFrancis Fanny
Francis PeacockFrancis Scott Key Fitzgerald (Bungo Stray Dogs)Francisco Scaramanga
FrancoFrancois DervalFrank
Frank (King Kong)Frank (Resident Evil)
Frank AndrewsFrank Archer (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Frank Drake (Marvel)Frank ElgynFrank Glenn
Frank Griffin (Doctor)Frank KellyFrank Mannering
Frank WendellFrankensteinFrankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein, Arbogast
Frankenstein, Victor (disambiguation)Frankenstein (DC)
Frankenstein (Godzilla)Frankenstein (Universal Monsters family)
Frankenstein (Universal Monsters town)
Frankenstein MonsterFrankieFrankie (DC Animated)
Frankie CallumFrankie Raye
Franklin (Indiana Jones)Franklin RichardsFranklin Stern
Franklin StormFranz KroegerFranz Sanchez
Fraternal Order of the Raven
Fraternity of AssassinsFraternity of RaptorsFrax
Frax (Power Rangers Time Force)Freak (Marvel)Freak (Spawn)
Fred23Fred Clarkson
Fred Duncan (Marvel)Fred S. Wilson
Fred StickleyFred VIIFreddy Freeman
Freddy JollyFreddy KruegerFrederic, Baron
Frederick FoswellFrederick GrayFrederick Strauss
Frederick TraversFrederick UttersonFrederico
Free For All TournamentFree Jaffa NationFree League
Free Republic of the LandreichFreedom Fighters (DC)
Freelancers (Anthem)Freelancers (Continuum)
Freemen (El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron)
FremenFremy Speeddraw
Frenchie (Marvel)Fresh Air
Friday (Marvel)Frieda Goren
Friedrich Von Roehm
Friedrich von HechtFriedrich von SchoenvortsFriendly Four
Friends of HumanityFrieza
Frieza BeamFrieza Planet 79Frigga (Marvel)
Fright (DC)Frightful FourFringe Division
Frisson ChemicalsFritzFrix
FrostFrost (Mortal Kombat)
Frost Giants (Marvel)Frost Salamanders
Frostbite (G.I. Joe)FrostyFrozen Reaches
Fu Manchu (Marvel)Fujin (Mortal Kombat)Fujisaki
Fulcrum (Chuck)Fulfillment SpellFulton Balcus

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