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Praetorian Guard (Spider-Man)Prank (The Batman)
Prankster (Charlton)Prankster (DC)Pratt International
PraxisPraxis (Sanctuary)Praying Gargoyle
Predacons (Beast Wars)Predacons (Dreamwave)Predacons (Robots in Disguise)
Predacons (disambiguation)Predator (DC)Predator (alien)
Predator XPremonition
Presence (DC)Presence (Marvel)Preservers
President LindbergPresident SkroobPreston
Pretorius (The Mask: Animated Series)PreusPride (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Pride (Marvel)Priest (Fifth Element)Priests of Pama
Priests of RathmaPrima MaculaPrimacron
Primacron's AssistantPrimal Stones
Primal WarsPrimarchs (Warhammer 40,000)Prime (Malibu)
Prime DirectivePrime EvilsPrime Merlinean
Prime SentinelsPrime Wars Trilogy ContinuityPrimords
PrimrosePrimusPrimus (Dungeons and Dragons)
Primus (Pirates of Dark Water)Primus (Transformers)Prince (Prince of Persia)
Prince EvilloPrince Gavyn
Prince Kro-TanPrince OlympiusPrince Ra-Man
Prince of OrphansPrincess (Conan)
Princess AnankaPrincess FeliciaPrincess Fern
Princess LeiaPrincess ProjectraPrincipality of Zeon
Prior (Stargate)Priscilla (Claymore)
Prison 42Private LatimerPrivate Mitchell
Private WyattProdigium (The Mummy)Proemial Gods
ProfessorProfessor (Fans)Professor (Superman (Fleischer))
Professor Carter NicholsProfessor Chromedome
Professor CrackpotkinProfessor ErikProfessor Fran├žois
Professor GibbsProfessor HackleProfessor Hayashida
Professor IsokawaProfessor Ivo
Professor KusumiProfessor Lampini's Chamber of HorrorsProfessor Mactilburgh
Professor MarkovitzProfessor MinamiProfessor Moliarty
Professor MuraiProfessor OliverProfessor Phobos
Professor PotterProfessor PygProfessor Redwood
Professor StantonProfessor ThortonProfessor Tirrell
Professor TriffidProfessor WaddlemeyerProfessor Wagura
Professor WhitakerProfessor WinserProfessor X
Professor ZygoteProfion
ProfiteerProgenProgenitor (Homeworld)
Progenitor VirusProgenitors (Marvel)Program: Alice
Progressive Aging SyndromeProject 318Project 7734
Project 9Project AbrahamProject Arcturus
Project AresProject Ascension (Ascension)Project Backstep
Project CadmusProject Clockwork (Intelligence)
Project ContactProject Deathspore (RoboCop)Project Gateway
Project GeminiProject HelixProject IET
Project IcarusProject LivewireProject Manticore
Project MindstormProject Monarch (Godzilla)Project New Order
Project NineProject Noah (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)Project Noah (The Passage)
Project OriginProject P.E.G.A.S.U.S.
Project ParagonProject Perseus
Project Phoenix (Rogue Ops)Project Purgatory (Marvel)Project Quantum Leap
Project Ragna RokProject Re-GenesisProject Rebirth
Project RedstockProject RehabProject Rising Spirit
Project SoloProject SpitfireProject Starcore
Project SunsetProject Tic-TocProject Titan
Project Vampir SturmProject WideawakeProject Zero Dawn
ProlesPrometheans (Halo)Prometheus (DC)
Prometheus (Starsiege)Prometheus (disambiguation)Prometheus Chamber
Promethium XPromicin
Prophets (Star Trek)Prosh (Marvel)Proteus
Proteus (DC)Proteus (Gargoyles)Proteus (Hercules-Xena)
Proteus (Marvel)Proteus (Marvel Animated)Proteus (disambiguation)
Proteus ProjectProtheanProtocanth
Protoculture (Macross)ProtodevilnProtomatter
Protomatter (Dungeons and Dragons)Protomatter (Star Trek)Protomolecule
Proton MissileProton TorpedoProtoss
ProwlProwl (Beast Wars)Prowler (Marvel)
Proxima MidnightProxyProxy (Planescape)
Psi-VirusPsi (DC)Psi Corps
Psi DisruptorPsi DivisionPsimon
Psions (DC)PsiotsPsychic Corps (Command and Conquer)
Psychlo (Battlefield Earth)Psycho-ManPsycho-Pirate
Psycho-Pirate (DC Animated Comics)Psycho-Pirate (disambiguation)Psycho (Max Steel)
Psycho MantisPsycho Rangers
Psychohistory (Foundation)Public Security Section 9Public Surveillance Unit
Puddle Jumpers (Stargate)Pui PuiPulp Spore
Puma-Dyne LabsPuma (Marvel)
Pumpkinhead (character)Punch (DC)Punisher
Punisher (Galactus)Punk MamboPuppet Master (Ghost in the Shell)
Puppet Master (Marvel)Pure DemonPurifiers (Marvel)
Purifiers (Starcraft)Purity (X-Files)Purple Comet Crash
Purple DragonsPurple Man
Purvis, LarryPutty PatrolPuzzle Of God
Puzzle of HorusPym Particles
Pym TechnologiesPyramid Head
PyrefliesPyrian TorchshipPyrians
PyrielPyro (Marvel)Pyrokinesis
PythonaPyxis (Jericho)
Q (Star Trek)Q ContinuumQaynan
Quan ChiQuantium 40 (Babylon 5)
Quantum Eigenstate Device (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths)Quantum Juice (Milestone)Quantum Reality
Quantum SignatureQuantum SurgeQuantum VisionWorks (Supreme Commander)
Quantum VortexQuarianQuark
Quark (Star Trek)QuarksQuarrymen
Quartex (Rock Lords)Quasielemental
Quasielemental Plane of AshQuasielemental Plane of DustQuasielemental Plane of Lightning
Quasielemental Plane of MineralQuasielemental Plane of RadianceQuasielemental Plane of Salt
Quasielemental Plane of SteamQuasielemental Plane of VacuumQuasielemental Planes
Quasimodo (Marvel)QuasimodoxQuasipower
QuasitsQuatre Reberba WinnerQube
Queen's Companions (Atlantis: The Lost Tales)Queen BansheeraQueen Bee (Justice League of America)
Queen CallistaQueen CleaQueen Desira
Queen IndustriesQueen Taramis
Queen of FablesQueen of HeartsQueen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

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