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Praetorian Guard (Spider-Man)Prank (The Batman)
Prankster (Charlton)Prankster (DC)Pratt International
PraxisPraxis (Sanctuary)Praying Gargoyle
Pre-CrimePre Vizsla
PredaconsPredacons (Beast Wars)Predacons (Dreamwave)
Predacons (Robots in Disguise)Predacons (disambiguation)Predator (DC)
Predator (alien)Predator XPremonition
Presence (DC)Presence (Marvel)
PreserversPresident LindbergPresident Skroob
PrestonPreston Payne
Pretorius (The Mask: Animated Series)
PreusPride (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)Pride (Marvel)
Pride TroopersPriest (Fifth Element)Priests of Pama
Priests of RathmaPrima MaculaPrimacron
Primacron's AssistantPrimal (Marvel)
Primal StonesPrimal WarsPrimarchs (Warhammer 40,000)
Prime (Malibu)Prime DirectivePrime Evils
Prime MerlineanPrime SentinelsPrime Wars Trilogy Continuity
Primus (Dungeons and Dragons)Primus (Pirates of Dark Water)Primus (Transformers)
Prince (Prince of Persia)Prince EvilloPrince Gavyn
Prince Kro-TanPrince Olympius
Prince Ra-ManPrince ThunPrince of Orphans
Princess (Conan)Princess Ananka
Princess AuraPrincess FeliciaPrincess Fern
Princess IrulanPrincess LeiaPrincess Projectra
Princess PythonPrincipality of ZeonPrior (Stargate)
Priscilla (Claymore)Prison 42
Private LatimerPrivate MitchellPrivate Wyatt
Prodigium (The Mummy)Proemial GodsProfessor
Professor (Fans)Professor (Superman (Fleischer))
Professor Carter NicholsProfessor ChromedomeProfessor Crackpotkin
Professor ErikProfessor Fran├žoisProfessor Gibbs
Professor HackleProfessor HayashidaProfessor Isokawa
Professor IvoProfessor Kusumi
Professor Lampini's Chamber of HorrorsProfessor MactilburghProfessor Markovitz
Professor MinamiProfessor MoliartyProfessor Murai
Professor OchanomizuProfessor OjoProfessor Oliver
Professor PhobosProfessor PotterProfessor Power
Professor PygProfessor RedwoodProfessor Stanton
Professor ThortonProfessor TirrellProfessor Triffid
Professor WaddlemeyerProfessor WaguraProfessor Whitaker
Professor WinserProfessor X
Professor ZygoteProfionProfiteer
ProgenProgenitor (Homeworld)Progenitor Virus
Progenitors (Marvel)Program: AliceProgressive Aging Syndrome
Project 318Project 7734Project 9
Project AbrahamProject ArcturusProject Ares
Project Ascension (Ascension)Project BackstepProject Cadmus
Project Clockwork (Intelligence)Project Contact
Project Deathspore (RoboCop)Project GatewayProject Gemini
Project HelixProject IETProject Icarus
Project LivewireProject ManticoreProject Mindstorm
Project Monarch (Godzilla)Project New OrderProject Nine
Project Noah (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident)Project Noah (The Passage)Project Origin
Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.Project Paragon
Project PerseusProject Phoenix (Rogue Ops)
Project Purgatory (Marvel)Project Quantum LeapProject Ragna Rok
Project Re-GenesisProject RebirthProject Redstock
Project RehabProject Rising SpiritProject Solo
Project SpitfireProject StarcoreProject Sunset
Project Tic-TocProject TitanProject Vampir Sturm
Project WideawakeProject Zero DawnProles
Prometheans (Halo)Prometheus (DC)Prometheus (Starsiege)
Prometheus (disambiguation)Prometheus ChamberPromethium X
PromicinProphets (Star Trek)
Prosh (Marvel)ProteusProteus (DC)
Proteus (Gargoyles)Proteus (Hercules-Xena)Proteus (Marvel)
Proteus (Marvel Animated)Proteus (disambiguation)Proteus Project
ProtheanProtocanthProtoculture (Macross)
ProtodevilnProtomatterProtomatter (Dungeons and Dragons)
Protomatter (Star Trek)ProtomoleculeProton Missile
Proton TorpedoProtossProty
ProwlProwl (Beast Wars)Prowler (Marvel)
Proxima MidnightProxyProxy (Planescape)
Psi-VirusPsi (DC)Psi Corps
Psi DisruptorPsi DivisionPsimon
Psions (DC)PsiotsPsychic Corps (Command and Conquer)
Psychlo (Battlefield Earth)Psycho-ManPsycho-Pirate
Psycho-Pirate (DC Animated Comics)Psycho-Pirate (disambiguation)Psycho (Max Steel)
Psycho MantisPsycho Rangers
Psychohistory (Foundation)Public Security Section 9Public Surveillance Unit
Puck (Marvel)Puddle Jumpers (Stargate)Puff Adder (Marvel)
Pui PuiPulp Spore
Puma-Dyne LabsPuma (Marvel)Pumpkinhead (character)
Punch (DC)Punchline (DC)Punisher
Punisher (Galactus)Punk MamboPuppet Master (Ghost in the Shell)
Puppet Master (Marvel)Puppeteer (DC)Pure Demon
Purifiers (Marvel)Purifiers (Starcraft)Purity (X-Files)
Purple Comet CrashPurple DragonsPurple Man
Purvis, LarryPutty Patrol
Puzzle Of GodPuzzle of HorusPuzzler (DC)
Pyke SyndicatePym Particles
Pym TechnologiesPyramid Head
PyrefliesPyrian TorchshipPyrians
PyrielPyro (Marvel)Pyrokinesis
PythonaPyxis (Jericho)
Q (Star Trek)Q ContinuumQaynan
QuakemasterQuan Chi
Quantium 40 (Babylon 5)Quantum Eigenstate Device (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths)Quantum Juice (Milestone)
Quantum RealityQuantum SignatureQuantum Surge
Quantum VisionWorks (Supreme Commander)Quantum VortexQuarian
QuarkQuark (Star Trek)Quarks
QuarmerQuarrymenQuartex (Rock Lords)
Quasar (Marvel)Quasielemental
Quasielemental Plane of AshQuasielemental Plane of DustQuasielemental Plane of Lightning
Quasielemental Plane of MineralQuasielemental Plane of RadianceQuasielemental Plane of Salt

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