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Onaga (Mortal Kombat)OncologyOne
One-Above-AllOne-EyeOne-On-One Tournament
One (City of Lost Children)One (Resident Evil)
One Below AllOne RingOnigumo
Onimar SynnOnmyou AgencyOnomatopoeia (DC)
Onslaught (DC)Onslaught (Marvel)Onyx
Onyx (DC)OodOok
OolaOolongOom the Mighty
Opal CityOpal TanakaOpar
Operation: Zero Tolerance (organization)Operation ApocalypseOperation Dam
Operation ImmortalisOperation Orb (Saga of Tanya the Evil)
Operation TreadstoneOphelia (Gargoyles)Ophelia (disambiguation)
Ophelia SarkissianOpposition (Darkest of Days)Optacon
OpteraOptiluxOptimal Spark
Optimus PrimalOptimus PrimeOptimus Prime (Armada)
Optimus Prime (Machine Wars)Optimus Prime (Robots in Disguise)Oración Seis (Fairy Tail)
Orana (DC)Orando (DC)Orange Lantern Corps
Oration of KandalonOrbOrb (Doctor Who)
Orb (Wildstorm)Orb of AgamottoOrb of Aten
Orb of Quite Remarkable PowerOrb of Ra (DC)Orb of the Prophets
Orbital Citizen CommunityOrbital Drop Shock TrooperOrbital Knights
Orbital Security BureauOrbusOrca (DC)
Orcs (Warcraft)Orcs (Warhammer Fantasy)Ord (Marvel)
OrderOrder (Charmed)Order of Ancient Mysteries
Order of AureliusOrder of Cryptic Masons (The Librarian)Order of Ecclesia
Order of Hermes (Ars Magica)Order of MagdaleneOrder of Malkuth (Baroque)
Order of PangbocheOrder of PrometheusOrder of Purity (DC)
Order of ReasonOrder of SaladinOrder of St. Overia
Order of St. Vertinez (Priest)Order of TarakaOrder of Whispers
Order of the Axe and CrossOrder of the Black Knights (Code Geass)Order of the Blackened Denarius
Order of the Cross (WildStorm)Order of the Dragon (Dracula)Order of the Flame
Order of the HammerOrder of the Kun-Sun-DaiOrder of the Library of the Neitherlands
Order of the Phoenix (organisation)Order of the Silver Serpent (The Ninth Gate)Order of the Sword
Order of the Van Helsings (DC)Order of the Virtuous BloodOrdinary Guy
Ordinary NecromancyOrdo DraculOrga
Orga (Godzilla)Organ Grinder
OrganianOrganic Core
Organids (Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade)Organization of the ZodiacOrganoid
OriOri MothershipOrichalt (ID-0)
Origin (Stargate)Orihime Inoue
Orion (DC)Orion (Marvel)
Orion SyndicateOrions (Star Trek)Orka (Marvel)
Orks (Warhammer 40,000)OrlaisOrlen
Orman TaggeOrmazd (Prince of Persia)Oro (Street Fighter)
Oro InvictusOrochi (The King of Fighters)Orochi Group
Orochimaru (Naruto)Orokin
Orpheus (DC)OrrgoOrruks
Orson KrennicOrson RandallOrta Hone Hone
Oryx (Destiny)OsPhone (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)Osborn, Harry
OsiraOsirianOsiris (DC)
Osiris (Destiny)Osiris Club (Hellboy)Osmund Saddler
OstermarkOswald A. Lisker
OtamiOther WorldOther World Tournament
Others (DC)Otherworld (Marvel)Otho
OtisOtis (DC)Otomo (RoboCop)
OttoOtto Straubner
OtwaniOuranOutburst (DC)
Outer GodsOuter PlanesOuter Planets Alliance
Outer Space PatrolOutpost 1
Outriders (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Outsider (DC)Outsider (Known Space)
Outworld (Mortal Kombat)Overdrive (Marvel)Overkill (G.I. Joe)
OverlandersOverlordOverlord (G.I. Joe)
Overlord (Ravenloft)Overlord (Savage Dragon)Overlord (Transformers)
Overlords (Childhood's End)OvermanOvermaster
OvermindOvermind (Marvel)Overmind (Starcraft)
OverpowerOverwatch (group)Ovu Mobani
Owen Mercer (DC)Owl (Marvel)
Owlman (DC)OwslaOwslafa
Ox (Marvel)Oxygen DestroyerOya (Marvel)
OzOz (Gex)Oz (disambiguation)
Ozwell E. SpencerOzymandias (Marvel)Ozymandias (Watchmen)
Ozzie Wexler
PC BlakePKE MeterPacific Aerodyne
Pacifica (Fracture)Paco (DC)Padawan
PaddywhackPadishah EmperorPadmé Amidala
Padraic RatiganPah-Wraiths
Pai AyanokojiPaibok
Paige MatthewsPaikuhan
Palace of Eternity (DC)Paladin (Marvel)Paladins
Paladins (Dungeons and Dragons)Paladins (Jumper)Palantir
PaleobotanyPalificoPallet Town
PalpatinePalpatine Counterinsurgency Front
Pamela VoorheesPan-TransPan (Rise of the Argonauts)
Pan Asian CoalitionPan Ku BoxPan Pacific Defense Corps
PanaceaPanacea Potion
Panama HatPanato, ZaPanayis
PandawaPandawa PlaguePandemic (Marvel)
PanderansPandora's BoxPandora's Box (DC)
Pandora's Box (Terranigma)Pandora's Box (Tomb Raider)Pandora's Box (disambiguation)
Pandora's Temple (God of War)Pandora (Avatar)Pandora (Borderlands)
Pandora (DC)Pandoras (Freezing)Pannacotta Fugo
PanopticonPanopticon (DC)Panserbjørne
PanthaPantheon (Marvel)Pantheon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Panzer KunstPaoloPapa Midnite
Paper Doll (Marvel)Paracelsus (Warehouse 13)Parademons
Paradiso (Bayonetta)Paradox MachineParaelemental
Paraelemental Plane of IceParaelemental Plane of MagmaParaelemental Plane of Ooze
Paraelemental Plane of RainParaelemental Plane of SiltParaelemental Plane of Smoke
Paraelemental Plane of SunParaelemental PlanesParagus
Parallax (DC)Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters
Parasite (DC)Parasite (Faculty)
Parasite (Larva)Parasite (Puppet Master)Parasite (Slither)
Parasite (Unknown Origin)Parasites (Parasyte)Pariah (DC)
Paris CarverParker Industries
Parliament of LimbsParliament of TreesParnell Jacobs

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