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OerthOffice of Frontier SecurityOffice of Insufficient Evidence
Office of National EmergencyOffice of Naval Intelligence (Halo)Office of Secret Actions
Office of Strategic ServicesOfficer GertalinOfficer Malarky
Officer ParolskyOfficial GuyOfficio Assassinorum
Offspring (DC)Ogdru HemOgdru Jahad
OggarOgre (DC)
Ogre (Marvel)Ogre (Tekken)Ogre Kingdoms (Warhammer Fantasy)
OgremochOgremonOgress (Marvel)
OgriOgun (Marvel)
OhmuOil-Sucking EelsOkoye (Marvel)
Okrtzy RRROktober GuardOkuyasu Nijimura
Ol-VirOlaf ChristiansenOld Chief Wood'nhead
Old Chief Wood'nhead (story)Old Empire (Dune)Old Fletcher
Old Gods (DC)Old Gods (Warcraft)Old Lace (Marvel)
Old Man LoganOld OneOld Ones (Buffy-Angel)
Old Ones (Warhammer 40,000)Old Religion (Merlin)
Old TrampOlduvai Research FacilityOlga
Olga DanilovaOliver Queen (Arrowverse)
Oliver S. LindenbrookOlivia Dunham
Olivia LentzOlivia ReynoldsOlrox
OlsonOlympia (Marvel)
Olympian Gods (DC)Olympians (DC)Olympians (Marvel)
Olympus (Marvel)Olympus GroupOma Desala
Omar (Deus Ex)Omar (Fifth Element)Omecs
Omega-19 (Rogue Ops)Omega-1 NaniteOmega (DC)
Omega (Doctor Who)Omega ClanOmega Flight
Omega Man (DC)Omega MenOmega Red
Omega SquadronOmega class destroyerOmega molecule
OmegahedronOmicron Knife-Suit
Omni-ManOmni-Tek (Anarchy Online)
Omni Consumer ProductsOmni Mind and CommunityOmnic Crisis
Omnicom (DC)OmnicronPsyOmnics (Overwatch)
OmniusOmniverseOnaga (Mortal Kombat)
One-EyeOne-On-One TournamentOne (City of Lost Children)
One (Resident Evil)One Below All
One RingOnigumoOnimar Synn
Onmyou AgencyOnomatopoeia (DC)Onslaught (DC)
Onslaught (Marvel)OnyxOnyx (DC)
OolongOom the MightyOozaru
OozemenOpal City
Opal TanakaOparOperation: Zero Tolerance (organization)
Operation ApocalypseOperation DamOperation Immortalis
Operation Orb (Saga of Tanya the Evil)Operation Treadstone
Ophelia (Gargoyles)Ophelia (disambiguation)Ophelia Sarkissian
Opposition (Darkest of Days)OptaconOptera
OptiluxOptimal SparkOptimus Primal
Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime (Armada)Optimus Prime (Machine Wars)
Optimus Prime (Robots in Disguise)Oración Seis (Fairy Tail)Orana (DC)
Orando (DC)Orange Lantern CorpsOration of Kandalon
OrbOrb (Doctor Who)Orb (Wildstorm)
Orb of AgamottoOrb of AtenOrb of Quite Remarkable Power
Orb of Ra (DC)Orb of the ProphetsOrbital Citizen Community
Orbital Drop Shock TrooperOrbital KnightsOrbital Security Bureau
OrbusOrca (DC)Orchis (Marvel)
Orcs (Warcraft)Orcs (Warhammer Fantasy)Ord (Marvel)
OrderOrder (Charmed)Order of Ancient Mysteries
Order of AureliusOrder of Cryptic Masons (The Librarian)Order of Ecclesia
Order of Hermes (Ars Magica)Order of MagdaleneOrder of Malkuth (Baroque)
Order of PangbocheOrder of PrometheusOrder of Purity (DC)
Order of ReasonOrder of SaladinOrder of St. Overia
Order of St. Vertinez (Priest)Order of TarakaOrder of Whispers
Order of the Axe and CrossOrder of the Black Knights (Code Geass)Order of the Blackened Denarius
Order of the Cross (WildStorm)Order of the Dragon (Dracula)Order of the Flame
Order of the HammerOrder of the Kun-Sun-DaiOrder of the Library of the Neitherlands
Order of the Phoenix (organisation)Order of the Silver Serpent (The Ninth Gate)Order of the Sword
Order of the Van Helsings (DC)Order of the Virtuous BloodOrdinary Guy
Ordinary NecromancyOrdo DraculOrga
Orga (Godzilla)Organ Grinder
OrganianOrganic Core
Organids (Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade)Organization of the ZodiacOrganoid
OriOri MothershipOrichalt (ID-0)
Origami TobiichiOrigin (Stargate)
Orihime InoueOrion (DC)Orion (Marvel)
Orion SyndicateOrions (Star Trek)
Orka (Marvel)Orks (Warhammer 40,000)Orlais
OrlenOrman TaggeOrmazd (Prince of Persia)
Oro (Street Fighter)Oro InvictusOrochi (The King of Fighters)
Orochi GroupOrochimaru (Naruto)
Orphan-MakerOrpheus (DC)Orrgo
OrruksOrson KrennicOrson Randall
Orta Hone HoneOryx (Destiny)OsPhone (The Amazing Spider-Man)
Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)Osborn, Harry
Osiris (DC)Osiris (Destiny)Osiris Club (Hellboy)
Osmund SaddlerOstermarkOswald A. Lisker
OtagakureOtamiOther World
Other World TournamentOtherplaceOthers (DC)
Otherworld (Marvel)OthoOtis
Otis (DC)Otomo (RoboCop)Otto
Otto HechtOtto Straubner
OtwaniOuranOutburst (DC)
Outer GodsOuter PlanesOuter Planets Alliance
Outer Space PatrolOutpost 1
Outriders (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)Outsider (DC)Outsider (Known Space)
Outworld (Mortal Kombat)Overdrive (Marvel)Overkill (G.I. Joe)
OverlandersOverlordOverlord (G.I. Joe)
Overlord (Ravenloft)Overlord (Savage Dragon)Overlord (Transformers)
Overlords (Childhood's End)OvermanOvermaster
OvermindOvermind (Marvel)Overmind (Starcraft)
OverpowerOverthrow (DC)Overwatch (group)
Ovu MobaniOwen Mercer (DC)
Owl (Marvel)Owlman (DC)Owsla
OwslafaOx (Marvel)Oxygen Destroyer
Oya (Marvel)OzOz (Gex)
Oz (disambiguation)Ozwell E. SpencerOzymandias (Marvel)
Ozymandias (Watchmen)
Ozzie WexlerP-BaseP-Chan
PB-3PC BlakePKE Meter
Pacific AerodynePacifica (Fracture)Paco (DC)

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